Nudist Tips

Nudist Tips  

Swimming Nude is Better! You don't have to fight the waves to keep your swimming suit on. The water feels better against your bare skin than a wet swimming suit. When you get out of the water, a swimming suit stays wet and feels bad. When swimming nude, you won't get sand in your suit. 

Fewer Clothing and Laundry Hassles. Nudity reduces laundry costs. Fewer washings reduce wear and fading, which in turn reduce how often you need to buy new clothes. Eating nude considerably reduces the chances of spilled food staining and ruining your garments. Deciding what to wear becomes a trivial decision instead of an often stressful decision.  Travelling for nude recreation cuts down on the amount of luggage that you need to carry. Nude backpacking reduces the amount of gear you need to carry on your back.

A 'swimming pool', 'swimming bath', or 'wading pool' is an artificially enclosed body of water intended for recreational or competitive swimming, diving, or for other bathing activities that do not involve swimming, e. play, wading, water exercise, floating around on inner tubes, or merely cooling off on hot days. In some parts of the world, a swimming pool for private use is considered a status symbol (an indoor private pool even more so). Swimming pools can be constructed either above ground (generally constructed from plastic and metal), or in the ground (usually formed either out of reinforced concrete and lined with special plaster, or prefabricated sectional walls and a vinyl liner).

Artificial swimming pools are known to have been built by the ancient Greeks and Romans who used them for athletic training in the palestras as well as for nautical games and military exercises. Roman emperors had private swimming pools in which fish also were kept, whence the Latin word for pool, 'piscina.'

Public pools are often found as part of a larger leisure centre or recreational complex. These centres often have more than one pool, e. an indoor heated pool, an outdoor saltwater or unheated chlorinated pool, a shallower 'children's pool', and a paddling pool for toddlers and infants. There may also be a sauna area. In the swimming pool area and/or in the sauna area there may be one or more jacuzzis.

If a swimming pool (sometimes combined with facilities for allied sports and activities, such as a diving tank) is located in a separate building, the building is called a "natatorium".

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