Swingers Many Sex Partners Over Life Time

I have never heard any minister tell the truth about Song of Solomon.

Why can't one Christian minister tell the truth? Why do they intentionly lie And mislead people about the truth that is in the Bible.



So 8:8 "We have a little sister too young for breasts. What will we do if someone asks to marry her? 9 If she is chaste, we will strengthen and encourage her. But if she is promiscuous, we will shut her off from men. F16 " Young Woman: 10 "I am chaste, and I am now full breasted.


So 6:8 There may be sixty wives, all queens, and eighty concubines and unnumbered virgins available to me.


Married man, King Solomon,  With God’s wisdom, the wisest man on earth, can enjoy nude and oral sex with  “unnumbered virgins available to”  him. (but no sexual intercourse because the father will make more money selling the virgin daughters. This is what the Bible teaches why not tell the truth of  the Bible teaches. Why lie?


Married man, King David, a “man after God’s own heart”, had over 20 wives and concubines and like Solomon he had unnumbered virgins available to him also.


2 Samuel 12:8

I gave you his house and his wives and the kingdoms of Israel and Judah. And if that had not been enough, I would have given you much, much more.


God clearly promotes polygamy by clearly stated that HE, God,  gave David many wives and would give him as many wives as he wanted. Unlimited amount of wives. Just like Solomon had an unlimited amount virgin available to”  him to have as many wives as he wanted.


The only reason you do not read about a  lot of polygamy in the NT was because they were under Pagan Roman rule, and they were not conquering nations so they could pass out another 32,000 virgin girls to all the solders   (Nu 31) lots of surplus women so they all could have many wives and concubines.


In the NT They had to obey the Pagan Roman laws of “one man and one women”  and not the Polygamy Hebrew marriages.


Also remember the law that said that a brother had to marry his dead brothers wives. What if he had 7 brothers die in battle and he already had 5 wives? He would then, by Jewish law, have 12 wives forced on him even against his will. God even force some people to be polygamist against there will.


God clearly is pro-polygamy and pro-public nudist and pro-public sex with many women. 100% of God creation was pro-public nudist and pro-public sex with many partner. God creation still supports this to today. God clearly be pro-polygamy. Of I already know the Bible verses that you are going to take out of context to create contradiction.


Solomon was never married to the women in the book of SOS. In the last chapter in 8:8 she is still a virgin. Still not married to anyone.


This is very clear because she still is a virgin near the end of SOS and Jewish married women have sex on there wedding day to prove that they are a virgin.


She may have never married Solomon, the older man, who already had 60 wives and 80 concubines at  the time.  She was also  in love with a local shepherd boy her own age when Solomon showed up. Solomon was a great lover of women and she was very tempted but she still loved the shepherd boy her own age. She never married the married man, Solomon in the book of SOS.


My Bible notes explain that she had 2 lovers, Solomon and a local shepherd boy. Both had sexy nude dates on her bed with her nude and have oral sex, but no sexual intercourse at all. She was still a virgin at the end of SOS which clearly means she is not married to anyone.


SOS truth is about a married man trying to sexually seduce a single virgin girl, a lot younger then him, by enjoy nude date on her bed and enjoying oral sex, but no sexual intercourse.


The lessen we learn from SOS is that single virgin girls can enjoy nude dates enjoy oral sex with 2 different lover and make passionate love and still remain a virgin if they are of marrying age (after 12 year of age or after they have breast as she did. But her younger sister had no breast.




Daughters of the Bible days had to obey their fathers. If their father told them to have sex with a gang of guys,  as Lot told his 2 daughters to do, (the angel never told Lot that he was wrong to tell his daughters to have gang sex, but that they had a better plan to solve the problem by blinding the gang) then they had to obey the father  without question. But most of the time they were told to be virgin until marriage because the father made a lot more money by selling a virgin. It was a money issues. The moral issues was not anti-sex but was about obeying your father. Jewish  girl to avoid vaginal sex (not break her hymen) would have oral sex and anal sex instead.



Men had total control over there owned women. Ex 21:4 a man loans one of his wives to another man to have sex with the other man. This is clearly understood without question. The law in Ex 21:4 does not question if he can do that it is confirming he had every right to do it. Ex 21:4 only gives guide line for loaning one of your wives to meet another mans sexual needs and if he has children by you wife then who would own the children? The answer is given in Ex21:4 the owner of the children is the same as the owner of the wife. The man or master who loans the his wife to have sex with another man is the owner of the children.


So that clearly mean when you loan another man your wife or one of your wives, and the other man get your wife pregnant then the child is owned by the owner of the wife and not the other man your wife was having sex with.

As you wife swap with another couple and you wife get pregnant by the other man you will still own the child and not the other husband who got your wife pregnant. Per God’s law in Ex21:4. This would have been the same law in Jesus day because he lived  under the law.


Today we still have the same sexual freedoms they had in the OT and at creation before Adam sinned. Of pro-open public nudist, pro- open public sexuality with many partners just like God’s creation shows and bear witness to daily,  then and still shows us today. Animals minds were not corrupt and not full of shame and guilt over there nudity and open public sexuality, only Adam and Eve minds were corrupted lie from satan, in thinking that nudity and sex was full of shame and guilt, faulty corrupt thinking per Titus 1:15. Only humans because of human corrupt mind has man made fault shame and man made faults guilt trip over nudity and public sex with many partners. The animals never got this corrupt thinking over nudity and sex only man did. Titus 1:15 God never told man to hide their body, that was totally man made ideal when Adam’s mind was corrupt with faulty thinking believing Satan lie when he was in the state of confusion and faulty thinking full of lie from satan. Why do we still follow man made corrupt faulty thinking of corrupt mind Adam and still push this man made shame and guilt trip on others over public nudity and public sex with many partner. God clearly shows us with the Bonobo Chimp who never go Adams corrupt thinking about public nudity and public sex with many partners just like the Bonobos do daily and have a very loving and peaceful society.


 Jesus did not come to change our sexual freedom but to encourage us to be more loving. Any anti-sex rule in the NT is total misunderstood and taken out of context and intentionally lied about just like the lies told about SOS.


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