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Christian Bible Reference Cliff Leitch said

Yes, you are right. The original New Testament Greek word was "porneia." Older Bibles translated it as "fornications," but the best translation into modern English is often "sexual immorality:"

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“Yes, you are right.” You don’t agree with me you just humor me.
“but the best translation into modern English is often "sexual immorality:"

You are 100% wrong. It is the worst and false teaching making sex the focus when worshipping a pagan fertility god is the real  focus and the real  reason God got so angry and killed more then 50,000. 1 Cor 10:8, Nu 25:1-9, Nu 31

On a Christian forum someone ask ,”What does fornication mean?” ,  8 out 10 said “sex outside one man one women marriage or single sex” 100% wrong definition.

 Months later on the same forum, another person ask ,:What does “sexual immoral” mean?  10 people had 10 different definitions as if no one knew it should be the same as fornication. In this definition they added everything you can think about sexuality was included.  WORST THEN 100% wrong definition.

This force man made religion into the definition trying to remove the pagan fertility worship and change the focus to sex and make God design sexuality evil. God gave all creation sexual freedom at creation. God’s build in instinct in all creation, 2 Sam 12:8. SOS 6:8

 Go back and read the oldest greek, Hebrew  texts will be more correct. The newer text changed because following false tradition of men teaching. The newer it is the worst in the case of sexuality.

Many others would agree:

The Bible 

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FREE  Book Sex in the Bible the untold truth  vidoes & web site

Many other books I added them to the bottom.

 All over the Bible we see Godly men and women have lot of sexual freedom in meeting their sexual desires and needs. Most all of them create major contradictions to your false definitions. 

When you properly research every sexual situation the WHOLE Bible you clearly see you have the wrong definition for all Bible sexual terms creating major contradiction all over the place..

Many other religion people who have taken the time to research the whole Bible discover that you have the wrong definitions. 

JW’s change the greek to meet their false teaching you have done the same thing. Your wrong definitions does not even fit in the Bible at all.

Why not just read one of my web sites and tell me I am wrong. I disagree with all your sexual teaching. It is NOT from the real Bible teaching but from False “tradition of men “ teaching.From the corrupt Catholic Church  and Muslim sexual false teachings.

You are no different then the Jews who follow their Jewish leader for the last 2000 year saying Jesus is not the Messiah. If any of them did proper research in the whole Bible they would discover truth. You do the exact same then they do. You blindly follow your religion leaders for the last 1000 years and people fears to disagree with “traditions of men” teaching.

Most Christians are ignorance of what the Bible really teaches. Most sermons jump around the Bible taking things out of context because they do not take the time to study the correct context.

Christian Bible Reference Cliff Leitch said

Many of the mentions of porneia may have been allusions to the pagan sexual rituals were a constant temptation to Jews and Christians in Biblical times. I have included 2 definitions below.

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You said “many”,  wrong, it is 100% or all 39 fornication’s verses either talk directly in the same verse or in context of the culture because the Biggest religion of the Bible days was all around them was BAAL pagan fertility god worship. You see it everywhere in the Bible.

 This was a major violation of 1st command, to not worship any other pagan gods.  This is super, super major number one sin is this. By doing this you don’t go to heaven. NOT sex per se.

On the other hand I can show many places in the Bible where your wrong definition create contradiction and send most all Godly men to hell. Clearly showing you have the wrong definitions.

Ruth and Boas had sex before they were marriage. That is Jesus life line. You would call this fornication and send both Ruth and Boas to hell.. But . they did not worship any pagan fertility god. But had sex outside marriage. NOT any sin at all.

Solomon had lots of NUDE sex play with a virgin girl before marriage.(They were not married in SOS she is still a virgin in SOS 8:10 At the time he had 60 wives and 80 concubines. SOS 6:8  You would call this fornication and send Solomon to hell. But  he did not worship any pagan fertility god. But had sex outside marriage. NOT any sin  at all.

Solomon had lots of wives and concubines, only at the end of his wife did he take on pagan wives and gave into their desire to worship their pagan gods. But before his old age there was nothing wrong having many wives. SOS 6:8 he could have unlimited sex partners or wives. You would say he is an adulterer and kick him out of church.

One reason they did not lots of polygamy in the NT was because they were under pagan  Roman rule they could only have one wife. God wants polygamy and sexual freedom to have many sex partners and many wives and concubines. Today we obey pagan Roman rules NOT God’s rules.

King David, man after God’s own heart, God himself gave David many wives and said if he wanted more he would have all he wanted. 2Sam 12:8 He could have unlimited sex partners. God himself promoted polygamy and concubineage. Which you bad month both.

Judia had sex with Tamara outside marriage you would call that fornication and incest  send both to hell with your false definition. But you would send him to hell but  he did not worship any pagan fertility god. But had sex outside marriage.

Samson had sex with prostitute he was full of the Holy Ghost. This was NOT any sin. But you would send him to hell, but  he did not worship any pagan fertility god. But had sex outside marriage.

On my web page and in many book they point many more examples like these.

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Fornication =NOT = “single sex”,  Paul called “fornication” was only one meaning ,not ten,  the joining in with the pagan fertility god worship, compare 1Cor 10:8 with Nu 25: 1-9 Nu 31:18,35.

Adultery  is NOT sexual swingers, NOT wife swapping, NOT polygamy,  Ex 21: 10-11. Ex 21:4-6

Sexual Freedom  God gave sexual freedom to all at creation for all times  Gen 1, 2 Sam 12:8, SOS 6:8

Nudist God wants all creation to be nudist. Christians should all be nudist to reflex they are “NEW CREATION” Both Adam, Eve, Christians, are NEW CREATION IN CHRIST. Gen 1:31, Titus 1:15,

If Adam ate from “tree of (eternal) life” all humans would be nudist today per God’s desire & creation design. 2 Cor 5:17, Ro 14:20, 1Cor 10:23, Act 10:13

Law  Christians are NOT under the Mosaic  laws, but under the law of Love only.Jas 2:12, Ro 7:4,Ro 13:9, Gal 5:14, 2Jn 1:6

Masturbation is NOT a sin.  Lev 15: 16-18 clearly, no sin offering required. NOT sin. NOT sin in whole Bible

Concubine and polygamy not sin. God clearly promoted both in the Bible. Du 25:5 Nu 31,

Incest  God clearly is very pro-incest at creation and Noah Ark. Gen 1:31 Lev 18 focus was pagan worshipers, today Christians are not under law Jas 2:12, Ro 7:4,Ro 13:9, Gal 5:14, 2Jn 1:6

Prostitution-Not a sin—Great women are Bible heroes were Prostitutes. Rahab, Jesus followers,

Pornography  Today Nude female, xxx photos & videos is NOT sin,  is not “Porno”graphy. In the Bible, “Porno”graphy was images and photos of pagan fertility god used in worship, of a pagan goddess. This was fornication.  1Cor 10:8 with Nu 25: 1-9 Nu 31:18,35.

God wants all humans to be nude with sexual freedom 


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