Sexual Freedom all over the Bible

Bible Sexuality and Christianity

Sexual Context is important when reading the Bible to learn about the Bible's sexual attitude.

Always keep in mind that: in Genesis that God made everything and said it was Good. Gen 1:31  God designed the animal kingdom and is not hung up with their sexuality. We can learn a lot about God by studying how he made and designed the animal kingdom, including the animal sexuality and patterns of living. Animal still believe God when He said it was Good. Animals are not ashamed of their nudity or sexuality as are humans. When God said it was good, that also includes every detail of our sexuality, our bodies, our sex organs, our sexual fantasies, our nudity, our sexual enjoyment was all built in to our sexual design. All designed by a pure and Holy God. Just like the animals, Adam and Eve were not given a list of sexual do's and don't. God was not hung up with our sexuality. Human nature is good, not evil, it the "sin principal" part that is bad. The unloving, unkind, unforgiving, uncaring, selfish, prideful, greety part. God is love. The whole law can be roll up into, love God, love others, love yourself. Today, we are under the Law of Love.

All sex in the Bible was "unprotected and unsafe" sex. Most all the "sex rules" had a practical purpose behind it, related also to the unsafe and unprotected sex issues. Not to make sex evil or a sin. Today, protected sex would solve many of the same problems. Even today if a person wrote a rule book about unprotected and unsafe sex it may be similar to the Bible. But if they wrote a practical rule book on sexual for humans using condoms and birth control pills and tying of our tubes, and modern medical cures for some STD's, better knowledge of sexuality, and good hygenie, the rule book could be very different and more liberating then in the Bible. Sexuality is not evil in itself or having sex with others is not evil. Even with the unprotected sex in the Bible, they were much more sexually liberated, then are the Christians of today.

Today many religious people are just reading the Bible with out trying to understand the context and the practical reason why they did or said what they said back in the Bible days We don't need to turn our minds off when we read the Bible. We need to read the whole Bible to see the whole picture and not just take a few verses out of context and let that define our sexuality. We need to understand the "why" and the context and then see if we can use modern technology to solve the "why" and be able to expand our sexual enjoyment and meet people's needs in a more loving way.

In the OT, in the book of Esther, the King's Queen was told to come with just with a crown on her head to show off her sexual beauty to the visiting men so they could admirer her sexy body. The queen was busy with her women's meeting and did not come, so she was dethroned as queen. Then, to find another new queen to take her place, they gathered up all the virgins and gave them all beauty treatments for a year, as well as prepare them for a night of sex play ( Sex Contest)  and great sex with the king. The King's enuches were castrated so they would not get the wives of the king pregnant. How did Esther learn how to sexual please the King, my gues she lived with her old cousin and had sex with him and he taught her had to sexual please the king. The most beautiful and sexiest in bed with the king became the new queen. Esther won the position as the new queen. She won the beauty and sex contest. She was the sexiest women in bed with the king. Kings took great pride in showing off his beautiful sexy wives with little or no cloth, to other men that visited them.

Most all the Godly people of the OT would be kicked out of the local Church.

Esther would have had great guilt trip put on her for be sexual trained by different men and for winning the sex contest. Because she won the sex contest she became queen and later on, saved all the Jews from death. God designed it for her to win this sex contest.

King David, a man after God own heart, would be kicked out of the local Church , would have been divorce over 25 times and would be an atheist because of the guilt trip the church would put on him. God himself gave David all his many wives 2 Sam 12:8 unlimited single girl available to him. God himself promotes polygamy.

King David would have been sued for sexual harassment when he danced almost nude, exposing, himself to his handmaidens. God did not punish David for dancing nude, but did punish, Micah, one of his wives, for critiquing him for sexually expose himself to his handmaidens, God punished her and making her childless. David was NOT punished.

When David was dying he could not get his body warmed up. So they got the most beautiful nude virgin to lay on Dave's body to hope to simulated his body functions and get him warmed up. He did not have sex with her, because like most dying men they are not thinking about sex but dying. Most are also impotent anyway.

The main thing the church preached about King David, one time adultery,  is the one time he stole a man's wife by having the man killed. Yes, this was wrong of Dave and God punished him and restored him to himself. The Churches ignores the rest of his life and activities.

God himself  gave David all his wives and said if he wanted more, all he had to do was to ask for more and God would have given him all the wives he wanted. 2 Sam 12:8

Solomon would have been divorced 700 times because of his 700 wives and 300 concubines (sex partners). Solomon's problem at the end of his life, was that he married (pagan kings would give   Solomon some of their pagan daughters as a wives so Solomon would not conquer them and wipe them out)  ungodly foreign wives who worshiped other deities, idol, gods.

Israel would be put in jail for walking around totally nude for 3 years.

Abraham would be put in jail and kicked out of church and divorce 4-5 times for having sex with at least 4 concubines and a handmaiden. Also he married his sister and in marriage gave his wife to 2 different Kings so they could sex with her.

Jacob had sex with another women on his wedding night and a week later got his second wife so he had sex with two women and those 2 wives gave their handmaidens to him to have sex with them. One time the first wife paid the second wife so she could have a turn to have sex with Jacob.

Ruth basic jumped in bed with Bowas. After she spend the night in his bed with him he decide he wanted to marry her.

The two spies spend days at the prostitutes house Rahab , and many church people probably think they only were talking to her for days, but Jewish people would know they would have enjoy her sexually and she liked them so much she saved their lives and the 2 spies liked her so much they saved her whole family. They were not hung up sexually, they just enjoyed themselves. Of course, today, they would go to jail and maybe kicked out of the church and maybe divorced, if they had wives.

Song of Solomon was about a very beautiful maiden with 2 lovers. Very lusty story. Very sexy Book in the Bible praise sexual enjoyment that Married Solomon was trying to sexually seduce single girl to become  his 141's  wife. But they were NEVER marry in the book SOS because in SOS 8:10 she was still a virgin, meaning they were not married. Jews had sex in the middle of their wedding day to prove she was a virgin.

Solomon could have unlimited virgin available to him. SOS 6:8

Jesus enjoyed rather to hang around prostitutes, then to hang around the legalistic religious leaders of the day. Jesus was nude on the cross and appear mostly or all nude to them after the resurrection, telling Thomas to put his hand in the holes. Jesus took his cloth off to wash the disciple's feet, he put a towel around which he used to dry there feet, as a child they would bath in the river or lake nude.

God use man's penis as a sign, that Jewish people were special people. This shows that they did not spend all there time hiding their penis's from others. Others would ask, "What happen to your penis? "They would bath in rivers and lakes nude, they would fish in the nude, they played sports in the nude. They did not have many change of cloth as we do today. They were not all hung up with nudity as we are today.

God created  Adam and Eve run around nude. God had a better plan. 100% nudist. God is not ashamed of our nudity. Adam unclear and un-forgiven and guilty conscious caused him to put on fig leaf. Rom 14:14 , if you think something is a sin, to you it is a sin. But to the pure all things are pure. tit 1:15 We are pure in Christ. We have a clear conscious, forgiven in Christ. Nudity is not evil in itself. It is God design, and he said it was good. God plan was openness and honesty, not cover up and hiding things. God made our beautiful body to show off his great design, and we try to cover it up and hide it in shame.

Nudity-- today's Christians should all be nudist. We are NEW Creations in Christ same as Adam and Eve were NEW creation in Christ. We should all be nude like Adam and Eve were nude.

Judah had regular unprotected sex with prostitutes. He did not think it was a sin. He feels he did sin by not giving Tamara to his third son to have sex with her.

Samson was full of the Holy Spirit before and after he had unprotected sex with a non-temple prostitute. The Holy Spirit left him after he disobeyed God by cutting his long hair. His problem was not sex but marrying an enemy, ungodly idol worshipping women and letting her cut his hair.

Polygamy was always popular when ever the Jews ruled over themselves. In the NT they were being ruled by the Romans and had to live under some Roman restrictions. But there were still polygamy in the NT and there is nothing in the OT or the NT saying that it is wrong and a statement that God, himself, gave Dave all the wives he wanted. In the NT in one church the elders had to have just one wife because they were too busy taking care of the welfare program that they did not have time to take care of many wives and many children. It was not a sin, just a job requirement for that special job. Just another Bible verse taken out of context.

God promote polygamy Nu 31 he gave 12,000 soldier 16,000 virgin girl to be their concubines. This clearly prove God himself promote polygamy. 

God promote polygamy if a brother has 7 brothers and they all died in battle by law he would have to marry all 7 brothers wives.  Gen 38: 1-11  Deut 25:5

Even Paul in the NT told husbands and wives to make sure that they don't deprive their spouse's sexual needs. Paul was against sexual starvation. He saw the important of meeting each person's sexual needs. He said that loving your spouse is the same as loving yourself. If your spouse is sexually fulfilled, then you probably have a happy spouse to live with. If they are sexually or affectionately lacking, then you may have a sexually frustrated spouse.

There are many more examples of sexuality in the Bible, look at the other web sites listed.

In the NT its says that the whole law is rolled up into: love God with all you heart, soul, and strength.(In contrast of love any other "deity" or idol worship of the day.) Love others as you love yourself and to love yourself as a wonderful creation of God, made in his image. Look at all things with the eyes on the "Law of love".

Also "to the pure all things are pure" tit:1:15 and "that all things are lawful to me" Rom 13:9 " Don't call unclean what God has called clean".Acts 10 - 11 Sexuality is not evil in itself. We are pure in Christ. God made sexuality and said it is Good. NEW creation in Christ 2Cor 5:17

Also, there is good lust and bad lust. Jesus himself lusted, this is, of course was a sample of good lust. Loving sexual lust or loving sexual fantasies are normal and healthy for you. Loving Sexuality is not evil or loving sexual thoughts are not evil. This is part of God designed human nature, which God said was good. Bad or evil lust are lust that want to do harm to others, or lust for greed, lust to get even with someone, or lust after other gods. Evil imaginations are imaginations to hurt, harm, or do some injustice to others or to imagine about other deities gods.

"The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes," can also mean the lust of the "sin principal" to lust to do wrong to people, hurt and harm people, tread people unfair, etc. Also lust of the eye can be lust to own more material possessions, lust for money, to want to own or steal another men's wives. Remember that "the love of money is the root of all evil" not the love of sex.. I think many churches have changed that verse to say," love of sex is the root of all evil". When lust is mentioned, all they can think of is sex, the love of money or lust for material things does not even enter their thoughts. Jesus had a lot to say about the evils of the love of money and little to say about unprotected sex.

2 Cor. 10:5(read the NIV) about "casting down imagination" has nothing to do with sexual thoughts, the context is other doctrines that Paul was talking about. It is very normal and healthy to have loving sexual fantasies.

Mt. 5:27 "look at a women lust in your heart…adultery" was more then sexual lust or love, Jesus was talking to men who in there heart wanted to seduce another man's wife or to steal the wife from him, to made her their own wife. More along the line of looking to do the actual act of unprotected and with out the husband's permission to have sex with her or to steal her outright from her husband. This would be an offensive sin against the husband, the owner of the women. It is Not just admiring a beautiful sexy women, this is normal and very healthy for a male to desire and not evil. Also Mt.. 5:27 is a contradiction of God designed human nature, which He said was good, a very good design. Like other seemingly contradiction you need to look more deeply into the context to understand the true reason and purpose for the statement. In the sermon on the mount, Jesus started talking to his disciple and close follower, Then the tone changes, as if He is walking around the crowd that was gathering and seeing people hearts and talking right at certain people as a result of seeing there heart's condition. Jesus spoke different to unbelievers then he did to his disciples. His Disciple were not planning on going out and stealing another man wife. Also, adultery does not come from the eyes, but it is from the heart. To the pure all things are pure. I can see a beautiful sexy women and think that she is God's wonderful design and very beautiful to look at and very greatly praise God for the gift of sexuality and beautiful women. Another person looks selfishly at a sexy women and see only what she can do for him. Mutual love making is seeking to meek each love and sexual and affection needs, vs. just getting your sex need meet, not caring to meet the other person needs.

Today we are still under the "law of Love" and we can expand our sexual love because of condoms and birth control pills and tying of our tubes, and modern medical cures for some STD's, better knowledge of sexuality, all these create a different context then the old Bible days. Loving sex play can meet important need that we have as well as create strong loving bonds between people.

I feel drug use and alcohol use gives sexuality a bad name. A lot of STD's are at the drug and Bar scene. People are too drunk to even put on a condom or pay attention to what they are doing..

Swinging Married couples have a very low rate of STD's, almost none. Being sober and using condoms and birth control pill, as well has increasing your knowledge about STD's, sexuality can be a lots of fun and very loving activity we can enjoy together to meet each others needs for love and sexual fulfillment.

The Divorce rate of swinger is a low 5% compared to strict religious people of 30-35%. Sexual fulfillment is very important to many people. Loving Swingers let their spouse expand their sexual love to others meeting their need as well as another's needs and having a lot of fun in the process. Causing stronger marriages not weaker.

Where as strict religious marriage create a slavery, bondage, trapped feeling and if one expands their sexual love to anyone else, then they get angry and jealous as if they own the person as a slave or a piece of property and they are the master. They say they love you , but if you have sex with anyone else, they will divorce them. This is not love, but it is," I own you as a slave". They become inflexible and say they will not share you with anyone, and if they can't have 100% of you , then they divorce you and take all your money, and go find another slave to be master over. Where is the true love and understanding? Is this why the divorce rate is 35% compare to 5% for the swingers. Is it, "they will know us by our love" or is it "they will know us by our sexual inflexibility and anti-sex and legalistic attitudes".

Adultery against God was the worshipping of another "deity" and turning your back away from God. Fornication was the sexually using your body in the worship of another deity. The Cultic Temple prostitutes would seduce the men to come into the temple to worship a fertility god, deity and they would then get the promise of good farm crops. Some times, some would get pregnant and they give the human baby as a human sacrifice to the deity, god. (1Cor10:8 Num. 25:1-9). Adulterous nation is a nation that turned their backs on God. Nothing to do with sexuality.

Adultery, It was a sin against the man not God, a married women should not have unprotected sex with another man with out permission from her husband or master, because this may cause an offense to him or unprotected sex may cause a baby and could not keep the blood line or birth line clear. Genealogies were very important in the OT. Jealousy of the other man because maybe he would try to steal his wife away from him. Women were property owned by the master or owner. In the OT, masters did give wives to there servants for 7 years and if the servant got their freedom on the 7th year then the master would give the wife to someone else.

Today with protected sex and birth control and letting husband know that we are not stealing his wife just enjoy mutual sexual enjoyment, the husband may give permission for sexual enjoyment to the spouse at her or his pleasure. In the Bible married men would have unprotected sex with non-temple prostitutes or servants or slaves or handmaidens and they did not call that adultery.

If a married women had unprotected sex with a man without permission from her husband this was call adultery. She was under the authority of her husband. If a husband wanted her to have sex with another, she was to obey her husband with out question

People should look at the whole Bible and see that most sexual rule had a very practical reason for them relating to unsafe and unprotected sex and other reasons, to meet a need at that time and that sexuality is not bad or evil. Sexuality was/is a basic need of people and God is not overly hung up with it as is the church of today. We don't need a few anti-sex basis people to dictate the sexual doctrine to everyone else, but to use our mind to see the context of sexuality in the Bible and be more flexible with sexuality and the Law of love. To be open minded in how we can meets each other sexual needs in love and not be so hung up over sexuality. I believe The Family has had a much more open mind in this area. Maybe we should learn from them. If we were more open mind and loving maybe our divorce rate would not be 35%.

Each of us has a different sex drive and sex appreciation .

1) Some have a high sex drive with a lot of sexual enjoyment and great pleasure.

2) Another group have a lower sex drive with lower appreciation for sexuality.

3) And others just not that interested in it, may had some bad experience.

4) To the lowest group where sexuality just causes pain and discomfort and hurt just to think about it.

Group 3 and 4 mostly control the anti-sex feelings, backed by faulty teaching about sexuality and they are not concern about the truth, but more concern about keeping the anti-sex rules of the day. Even if you explain the context of the Bible and explain the sexuality in the Bible, they are not interested in hearing it. They don't want anything to change from the present anti- sexual, repressive attitude of today.

Often people in groups 3 and 4 marry people groups 1 and 2, often opposites attract. To understand this more check out web site: Hypnosis Motivation Institute the books, Relationship Strategies-John G. Kappas, Ph.D and Improve Your Sex Life and video tape Relationship Strategies: The Video 2 hours are well worth buying. After 10 years of marriage, this information greatly helped me to understand my spouse and how they think and why they respond the way they do. Another book that helped me was His needs, Her needs.

I think the real battle is lack of understanding of the Bible and its context and understanding the practical reason "why" and that sex is not evil in itself. Also, because some people have a much lower desire for sexual enjoyment and do not want any change from the strict repressive sexual teaching of today. They rather pass judgement on others who desire more sexual enjoyment as being less spiritual. In the past with unprotected sex there was a need to have some more restrictions then today's context of modern inventions and knowledge. Today we can take advantage of modern times an be able to express love to one another in a deeper way and meet each other's sexual needs more freely. We are under the Law of Love, why not expand it into the sexual area also. 

God is very pro-nudist

Genesis 1:31

Then God looked over all he had made, and he saw that it was excellent in every way God created 100% of all God’s creation 100% open public nudist plant, animals,  and humans. Plant and animal are still 100% nudist. Only corrupt thinking humans  try to hide there body. God way and God desire is that 100% of his creation be nudist.

Man disobey God. Adam and others obey and believe Satan lie then and now.

Titus 1:15

Everything is pure to those whose hearts are pure. But nothing is pure to those

who are corrupt and unbelieving, because their minds and consciences are defiled.

Romans 14:14

I am convinced, being fully persuaded in the Lord Jesus, that nothing is unclean in itself. But if anyone regards something as unclean, then for that person it is unclean.

God is very pro-sex from God creation

Genesis 1:31

Then God looked over all he had made, and he saw that it was excellent in every way God creation 100%, by God’s design,  has sex in open public view. God made  animals  and humans, both one male and one female, 100% public nudist and open public sex for  both animals and humans. Most all (98%) God created animals have many sex partners  over a life time, even though God made them one male, one female, but by God’s build in instinct  they have many sex partners, including humans by God build in instinct.

God is very pro-sex by being pro-polygamy

God creation build in instinct for 98% including humans, to have many sex partners.  Most Godly men had sex with many women. King David the man after God’s own heart had 25 to 100 wives and God would have give him as many (unlimited) sex partner as he wanted.

2 Samuel 12:8

I gave your master's house to you, and your master's wives into your arms. I gave you the house of Israel and Judah. And if all this had been too little, I would have given you even more.

King David only real sin was taking another man’s wife with out his permission. God gave David all his many wives and would have given him as many (unlimited) as he wanted.

King Solomon had over 1000 wives and concubines and unlimited amount of virgin available to him.  The bad thing he did was to let some of his pagan wives worship there pagan gods.

Song of Solomon 6:8

There may be sixty wives, all queens, and eighty concubines and unnumbered virgins available to me.

God attitude is the same for today also.

When ever Hebrews rule over themselves they always had polygamy

and legal non-cultic pagan temple prostitutes. In the NT and other time they were ruled over by Non-Hebrews they had to follow ungodly rules. Both Pagan Egyptians and Pagan Roman did not want the Hebrews to  populate too much in fear they would get too many and over power them. God is pro-polygamy because God wanted them to out number the pagans.

God made law that at times would force polygamy even if people did not want it. If they when to war and  a man had 7 bothers and all 7 died in battle, then he would be forced into polygamy and marry all 7 wives.

Gen 38 That was God’s law. God is very pro-sex with many partners, pro-polygamy. By God’s creation and by God made  laws.

In Ex 21:4 one boss man lets another servant man borrow one of his wives to have sex with as an employee benefit.

The first man always is the owner of the wife and the second man is never the owner of the master’s wife  but has lots of sex with his wife, even it is ok to get the masters wife  pregnant. But the owner of the  his wife  keeps both his wife and his wife’s children when the second man leaves the boss’s employment.

This is not adultery nor any sin at all.

Exodus 21:3, 4

If he comes alone, he is to go free alone; but if he has a wife when he comes, she is to go with him.  If his master gives him a wife and she bears him sons or daughters, the woman and her children shall  belong to her master, and only the man shall go free.

Many  Concubines was God’s reward to Hebrews that fight good in battle. The more wives you had the greater honor.

God reward both soldiers and priests with concubines or many sex partners. God’s reward. God is pro-sex with many sex partners as a reward from God.

Numbers 31:25 The Lord said to Moses, 26 "You and Eleazar the priest and the family heads of the community are to count all the women and animals that were captured. 27 Divide the spoils equally  between the soldiers who took part in the battle and the rest of the community. 28 From the soldiers who fought in the battle,….. 31 So Moses and Eleazar the priest did as the Lord commanded Moses.  32 The plunder remaining from the spoils that the soldiers took was 675,000 sheep, 33 72,000 cattle,  34 61,000 donkeys 35 and 32,000 women who had never slept with a man. (they used sex to worship  their pagan sex god. God wanted all women that did not worship the pagan sex god.)

God attitude is same today. Very pro-nudity and very pro-sex. Many religious leaders take many Bible  text out of proper context to mislead you about God’s attitude about nudity and sexuality. The Bible can  be taken out of context but God’s creation is very clear. God is very pro-nudity and pro-sex proven by his creation and that is clear.

They take 1 Cor 6 & 7 out of the proper context. Paul is just suggesting that because the men are tempted to have sex with the pagan temple prostitutes they should have at least one wive to help meet their sexual needs instead of being tempted to join in worshipping the fertility sex page god with the pagan prostitutes.  Men had sexual freedom in both OT and NT to have sex with single girls, but not to join them in sex orgies to worship their pagan sex gods. Compare Number 25: 1-9  and 1Cor 10:8. It is not against man sexual freedom but against join sex worship with pagan prostitutes (there was over 2000 pagan prostitutes  in Corinth alone.)

1 Cor 10:8

Neither let us commit fornication, as some of them committed, and fell in one day three and twenty thousand.

They say that over 10 million family members greatly enjoy loving sexual Relations with a loving family member.

If you have enjoyed a  loving Sexual relation with a loving family member,  please share your story with us in my Guest Book.   Thanks a lot for sharing.

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  God is very: pro-private and public nudity,  pro-private and public  sex,                                        pro-sexual freedom,                  pro-sexual swingers,                                                pro- loving prostitutes,             pro-loving polygamy,                                                pro-masturbation,                      pro- loving incest .


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