Sexual Benefits Many Health Benefits

Masturbation is a gift of God. Sex is a gift of God to us. Sexual lust is not evil lust, it is God designed human nature. Evil lust is hurtful and harmful to humans. Masturbation is healthy. Masturbation is good. Masturbation is God designed. Masturbation is good for you. Masturbation is for everyone to enjoy.

The Healing Powers of Sex

Sex makes you younger - it's true!

Masturbation & Sex For Good Health

Advantages of MASTURBATION By Ph.D Albert Ellis (50 Advantages) 5 pages of Sexual Advantages, Emotional Advantages, Healthful Advantages, Relational Advantages, and others.

Modern Sex Research Says This About MASTURBATION 23 Benefits By Manfred F. Martino a College Professor.

Why is MASTURBATION so Popular. Page 14 - 15 reasons. /PopularSolo.htm">/PopularSolo.htm

The Healing Power of Sex. Celibacy can be hazardous to your health.

Masturbation is required

Solo Ejaculations Maintain Healthy Prostate For Men

MASTURBATION has a lot Going for it

Is Masturbation Healthy?

Ask The Healthy Devil SUBJECT: Masturbation Posted: November 22, 1996 QUESTION: I have been masturbating for at least once a week for the past few years. May I know whether this good for my health or would it affect my future ...

Christianity and Sexuality. Where did the Christian view of sexuality come from?(all four locations should have the same thing)

Promiscuity linked to stronger immune system

Masturbation and The Church---A sin or a wonderful Gift from God?

Index has a lot more information about masturbation and the Christian.

Society for Human Sexuality

Abstinence taught in more U.S. sex-education classes Screws Up our Youth

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