Nudity More Comfortable & Practical

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Nudity is often more comfortable and practical than clothing

1. There are times when clothing is physically uncomfortable. Nudity, on the other hand, is often much more comfortable.

2. For many activities, nudity is often far more practical than clothing. Bernard Rudofsky writes: "The custom of wearing a bathing suit, a desperate attempt to recapture some of our lost innocence, represents a graphic expression of white man's hypocrisy. For, obviously, the bathing suit is irrelevant to any activity in and under water. It neither keeps us dry or warm, nor is it an aid to swimming. If the purpose of bathing is to get wet, the bathing suit does not make us wetter. At best, it is a social dress, like the dinner jacket." 1 Yet Americans spend $900,000,000 each year on bathing costumes.2

3. Clothing also restricts movement, and encumbers the athlete. Studies done by the West German Olympic swim team showed that even swimsuits slow down a swimmer.3


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