Nudist Naked Truth Journal of a Christian Nudist




Nudist Naked Truth Journal of a Christian Nudist

26th August 2005, 08:30 PM

The Naked Truth - Journal of a Christian Nudist

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Most Christians today would assume that to merely look upon the unclothed form of anyone other than one's spouse would be an occasion for sin. This however, is an idea that comes from our culture rather than from any appeal to logic or a careful examination of scripture or early church practice. As a biblically conservative Christian who was raised in a home where seeing other family members nude was common and never considered a big deal, I have actually taken the time to test my experience against Christian teaching about the body. In the 30-some years I have been studying scripture, Christian philosophy, Church history and theological anthropology, I have yet to come across a cogent argument that seeing others in the state in which God created them is morally wrong. To be sure, some have proposed such arguments, but they have all failed to hold up to serious scrutiny. I therefore became a nudist (or "naturist" as some prefer to say.)

I now endeavor to be "salt and light" and to represent the truth of the Gospel of Christ among a growing sub-culture here in the U.S.A. that regularly chooses to recreate "au natural." Whether among casual skinny-dippers or year-round nudist club residents, myself and other Christians are beginning to have an impact on this often un-churched people group. The obstacle to faith for some is that many Christians wrongly condemn their nudism. My task is to show that the Gospel is true and worthy of believing in spite of the false ideas of these misguided Christians. Please pray that many nudists will come to a saving knowledge of Christ and that they may find churches that will welcome them.

From time to time I will post my experiences and specific prayer requests on this blog. I use the same screen name "stringsinger" on a number of Yahoo! groups and naturist/nudist forums, so you may find my posts elsewhere on the net. Try Google-ing "stringsinger+nude" or some similar variation.




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