Nudist Children Country Summers as a Kid

Country Summers as a Kid  

Some of the greatest moments of my life were during those hot summer months when I was barely a teenager. My parents both worked full time and my sister often went to visit relatives out of state for the summer. We lived way out in the country. Since our big farm house didn't have air conditioning, the summer months quickly brought the temperature inside the house to a sticky 85 degrees. Most of the time I tried to beat the heat by wearing only a pair of shorts and a t-shirt; until one day I discovered that I would feel much cooler if I simply wore nothing at all!

I also realized that our house, and the fields surrounding it, offered complete privacy while my parents were at work. Not only was our nearest neighbor a mile away, anyone who drove down the dusty roads towards our house would be spotted several minutes before they finally arrived. I had a revelation!

On a hot July morning at the age of 12 I experienced a RUSH of freedom when I took off everything but a pair of sandals and walked into the summer afternoon sunshine!

Almost quivering with excitement, I exited the house and stood fully exposed on our back porch for a moment, almost expecting to hear a *gasp* -- or at least the giggle of a surprised on-looker. But, there was only the sound of the birds and the warm breeze whisping through the trees.

Feeling a little more daring, I walked straight through our open yard. Still naked, feeling a little timid, but too thrilled with the moment to care about my fears, I kept walking further away from the house. The sun was shining bright on my blonde hair and pale skin. I glanced down at my prepubescent penis jiggling back and forth with each step; it practically glowed in the sunlight, confirming my new-found freedom. Still, with no gasps or giggling from anyone but perhaps myself, I continued across an open field for a half mile, until I arrived at a muddy pond where I liked to catch frogs. I caught a few.

In the distance I saw the mailman performing his daily ritual of sending a cloud of dust into the air as he went to and from our house with the usual junk mail. He couldn't see me; so I just sat naked on the rocks, protected by the shade of a cottonwood tree, and watched him drive away.

I felt as though I had just earned a "rite of passage" by conquering the conformity of clothing. This was not only freedom, but a personal statement.

The walk home was as exhilarating as the walk to the pond. I decided to take the "long" way, following the tree rows that outline the mile-wide fields. After a few detours I had casually streaked around three miles of open fields before finally reaching the back yard where my bare moon first met the bright sun just a few hours earlier -- pure joy for the 12 year old kid that I was.

Since that day, many a summertime has met my naked flesh. At 12, at 13, 14, and still 15 through 18, if the weather was warm and I was by myself, and in the mood, I took long country walks in the nude. There is no joy quite like it. The last time I went outside naked was shortly before leaving for college. Throughout my college years, I sometimes thought about what it would be like to not only re-live my moments as a streaking kid, but to enjoy it with the company of others. No shame, no fear, and no clothes!

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