Nude Body Painting (and nude artist's guide)

Body painting is a form of expression used by people who like to be naked to communicate feelings and ideas about the human body by using the body itself as the canvas. Such ideas may sometimes be of a sexual nature, but that is only a small part of the possible range of thoughts that can be expressed in this way.

It shouldn't be very surprising that people who like to be naked also like to paint bodies or have their own painted. It is a fairly common pastime at nudist/naturist gatherings and events, and other festive occasions where naked people are found.

A naked body makes a pretty good canvas for creative expression. In fact, the expanded possibilities for self expression that are possible when one doesn't wear clothes form one of the chief attractions of being naked for some people.

What people who are interested in the body as an expressive medium have in common with those who just like to be naked is a certain attitude towards the body. An attitude that is more detached and objective than "normal". An attitude that accepts, without flinching, the body for what it is, and then uses it to realize new concepts of "corpo-reality".

Is body painting an erotic thing? Clearly, it can be, just as certain choices in clothing can be erotic. However, it need not be any more erotic than other, non-erotic forms of appreciation of the body for its own sake.

Make Up Artist's Opinion on Paints

As a Make-up Artist and Body painter I feel it is important that you think of the Health and Safety Aspect of what you are doing. Some of the comments are recommending non-cosmetic art supplies and products for use on the skin. This is an extremely unadvisable thing to do. I have approached many art supplies manufacturers and been told in no uncertain terms that the products are NOT safe for use on human skin! Cosmetic products (such as Mehron, Kryolan, Fardel and Grimas Body and Face paints) have conformed to US and EC regulations for cosmetic products.

Using art products on a model which have not been tested and OK'd could result in a hefty law suit landing on your lap if the model develops contact dermatitis as a result or misses a modeling assignment due to an allergic reaction. More importantly you could do real damage to someone by simply not thinking. There are hundreds of fantastic safe products available on the net and from Theatrical and Professional Make-Up retailers. So please think before you paint!

Oh and the thing about not covering the whole body is not true. It is perfectly safe to do so... someone has been watching too much James Bond (Goldfinger!) In the world of fetish some people clad themselves entirely in rubber with nothing but a small straw sticking out of their mouths to breathe, all that happens is they sweat a lot. Most make-up is breathable to a certain extent, although if it is very thick a model may sweat. Dri Clor or a really powerful anti-perspirant applied first will do the trick, followed by a good dose of spray sealant once you are finished.

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