Nude Boating - Tips and Suggestions

Nude Boating - Tips and Suggestions  

Anchoring: Boats will be anchoring up for buff parties. Remember that our sailboat friends need six feet of water because of our keels. If you have never spend the weekend on the hook it can be quite peaceful and a new good experience for all mariners. There will be plenty of good local advice from some of our very experienced cruisers to offer good advice and techniques to do so. This is how I learned from an old salty dog sailor.
  • Chartering: There are many charters that offer clothing optional cruises but don't advertise because of there textile business. 
  • Charts: Charts are available mail order from West Marine Boat/U.S. and my favorite store Bluewater Books and Charts
  • Clothing: Yes I get asked this question from time to time about our weekend buff parties. This is a buff party and not a clothing optional gathering. This is not a spectator sport and only for those who embrace the true spirit of naturism.
  • Coordinates: Approximate flotilla locations are available from members of our different flotillas. You need to correspond with somebody in the group and go from there. The Nautical Naturist site is an information site only to promote nude boating recreation. 
  • Costs: There are no costs to join our group. It's as free as the wind. The Nautical Naturist is simply a clearinghouse of information to promote nude recreational boating. The web site is hosted on my business server so there is no cost to us. This will be my full time job to live on my boat in the Caribbean buff style when I retire. 
  • Drinking: Yes I like to drink island drinks along with beer. Be a sober skipper and never operate any vessel under the influence. It is legal to drink while anchored or on the hook as we say. It 's considered the same as being at the dock. Even operating a small craft like a Jet Ski or a dinghy can get you arrested for DUI if you had too much to drink.
  • Drugs: Zero tolerance a USCG term. The U.S. Coast Guard will seize your vessel and it will cost you more in legal fees than the boat is worth in most cases. Drugs are not allowed on my boat and we do not want then in our flotilla group. If you can not leave home without then don't visit us.
  • Flotilla: What is a flotilla? Webster's definition of a flotilla is "A little fleet; a fleet of small vessels." Nautical Naturist Flotilla's are small groups of boaters that meet up in those private beaches and anchorage's to sunbathe au natural. Many of our flotilla's call it taking the beach head first with our little naked fleet. The other none naturist textile boats will simply pick an other location along the beach with no problems. Strength in numbers and so far it has worked very well. Our local state watercraft division and local US Coast Guard have not given us any warnings as long as we keep our flotilla out from the main stream of boating traffic. 
  • Food and Provisions: Breakfast food, lunch sandwiches, snacks maybe some campfire type food, etc ... and don't forget the water.
  • GPS: My favorite is the small waterproof Garmin 48 handheld GPS and is about $180.00 street price. The unit receives 12 channels and a moving map with nautical navaids. Very easy to use and a perfect first time unit or a good backup spare on any boat. Makes a great gift for your favorite Captain.
  • Ice: Important for cold beer. We found the best ice for boats. TECHNI-ICE stays frozen for days.
  • Legality: It is not illegal to be nude on your boat. However if you are anchored within 3 miles of a municipality you maybe asked to leave or put on some clothes. The worst thing we have ever experienced was asked nicely to anchor a mile further out from the city of Cleveland on Lake Erie. The USCG will never say anything, as long there is no illegal activities going on. 
  • Kids: Hey what about kids. Well our group preference is leave them at home with grandma!
  • Message board: The message board is a great place to check for different activities scheduled and to place your own questions, comments or concerns.
  • Music: We enjoy different types of music. Please be considerate of the volume with your nearby neighbors. We have many beautiful quiet pristine anchorages. All the attendees, one way or the other will handle the music volume. Anchor further out if you need the loud volume and be courteous to the flotilla.
  • Photography: It is not kewl to dink around the boats and shoot pictures of people that you don't know. So we don't like it or allow it. It is acceptable to take private photos with your guest if every body has allowed it. We will not photograph or post any photos on the Internet with out their expressed permission. Use common sensense and courtesy when having that Kodak moment.
  • Schedule: Check the schedule of events and the message board for different activities going on. 
  • Sex: The issue on sex is the same as your home. What you do at home in the privacy of your bedroom is the same as your v-berth on your boat. Open swingers are not what we are about. This is not a sex party. You don't have sex in your front yard with the neighborhood watching and we don't expect to see it on the water or ashore on the beach.
  • Swingers: Our organization is not a swinger organization. We are about promoting nude recreational boating and the site is a free information clearing house to do so. There are many sites that have written information on the issues of nudity and sex not being the same. 
  • Trash: Well as the old saying goes "you pack it in ... you pack it out" We do not liter our beautiful waterways and beaches. Take a extra trash bag and form a liter gathering party at every beach you visit. We do and in the buff of course.
  • Weather: Well I get asked questions about this all the time. Weather is subject to change and don't mess with Mother Nature.
  • Water sports: Jet skis, dinghy's, rafts, noodles, anything that floats. If you got em bring em.

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