Nude/Naked Boating Guide

(NC)β€”In Canada, studies show boating is a safe family activity. Almost every problem we hear about is the result of a stupid decision – mixing alcohol with boating and/or ignoring safety regulations. There are some very simple ways to keep you and your family safe while boating.

The most common accident to passengers and crew is falling overboard. In fact, 40% of all fatal boating accidents arise from this. It can be avoided if boaters make sure they have good footing and a good hand-hold at all times. If you need to move around in the boat, hold on to both sides and keep your weight low.

Don't mix alcohol and water. In a Red Cross Society study, two-thirds of boating injury victims – where the blood alcohol level was recorded – had consumed alcohol. Almost 40% had an alcohol level above the legal limit. In addition to being illegal, it's clearly a dangerous idea to operate a boat and drink.

Always carry enough Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs) for each person on board. For water-skiing, fishing or simply cruising, PFDs are absolutely essential. It's now even easier to find the ideal PFD because they're available in a wide array of colours and patterns. Choose one to match your swimsuit or boat and make sure it fits properly! The Red Cross Society study noted 92% of boating-related drowning victims were not wearing a PFD or lifejacket correctly!

Boating, practiced by smart boaters is safe. U.S. statistics show boating is twice as safe as biking, five times as safe as driving and 24 times as safe as scuba diving. By practicing safe boating, you're guaranteed to have a great time boating all summer long. 

Boating is the activity of traveling by boat. In particular, it refers to the recreational use of boats, typically focused on the traveling itself, as opposed to activities just using the boat, such as fishing, waterskiing or sailing. Even so, it encompasses a wide variety of activities, ranging from taking a rowboat on the pond of a city park, to kayaking on the open sea. Boating is an extremely popular activity, and there are millions of boaters worldwide. Sailing is a category of boating that uses wind-powered vessels, while powerboating uses motorized vessels.

The obvious initial requirement for boating is a boat. There is an entire industry devoted to supplying both large and small vessels for boaters. There also is an entire industry devoted to supplying boat loans to people that cannot afford to purchase a vessel outright. Most smaller boats are stored at home and carried to the water on boat trailers, where they are floated from launch ramps leading down into the water. The smallest boats and kayaks may simply be carried by hand or by lashing it to the top of an automobile. Larger boats are kept at marinas, which offer a tie-up protected from the weather and a variety of support services, such as fuel, equipment and so forth.

Most boat trips begin and end in one day, while longer trips are typically called cruises. While other activities may be planned as part of the trip, for many boaters the purpose is simply to enjoy being out on the water; drinking and partying are proverbial as part of the experience.

Being a recreational activity, most boating is done in calm protected waters and during good weather. Even so, conditions can change rapidly, and a small vessel can get into life-threatening difficulties. The coast guards of most nations include boating safety and rescue as part of their charter.

Boating is also lesser used as a term to describe a common position of feline relaxation. The term is used in American households to in relation to the appearance of how a cat looks when its front legs are tucked beneath it. In this position, the cat looks as if it has no appendages, yet sits tucked in and appears to float on the carpet as a boat would on water. Thus arose the term boating. Usage: "Check it out, your cat's boatin'!"

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