Naturist and Christianity by ZNS


Pray nude. That's when you're most humble.

With Zimbabwean society's moral “standards” being largely based on Christianity, it's important to address the issue of casual nudity from a Christian perspective. Many people who argue against naturism do so by taking a “moral” stand, claiming that nudity is shameful or that it promotes lust and perversion. With a bit of common sense, anyone who is capable of thinking for themselves will soon figure out that this isn't true, and some of the issues on this topic are discussed from a psychological point of view in the article Why I Wish I Was Raised A Nudist. Unfortunately, when it comes to matters of faith, many people refuse to think for themselves and can only see as far as what they “think” the Bible says.


The sad truth however, is that generation after generation of Christians have largely been misled by human interpretation of scripture that has been taught in church and handed down through the ages. This is a bad habit that most churches and church leaders fall into. Since they were taught in a “the Bible says” manner, many church leaders continue to teach the same misconceptions without first checking for themselves what the Bible actually says. This leads to a general state of unintended deception perpetrated by well-meaning Christians who honestly believe that they are right. The good news, for anyone who has felt trapped by supposedly Christian teachings, is that there is light at the end of the tunnel. So, before you start condemning yourself for going against God's wishes and before you denounce naturism from a Christian stand-point, first do your own research to determine what God really says about human nakedness, rather than just swallowing the false teachings of “leaders” whom you have trusted to advise you all your life. Even church leaders can be wrong. They're only human. Think for yourself and read the scriptures as they actually are, without anyone else's interpretation clouding your judgement.

I don't want to reinvent the wheel, so I won't be going into great depth on Bible scripture in this article. There are several links at the bottom of this article which will provide you with more in-depth study from a Biblical perspective. I will however, highlight a few major points that every Christian should consider.

Be like children. Naked and unashamed.
  1. When God created the world, mankind was naked and God showed His approval by stating that His creation was very good. Not just “good”, but “very good”. Adam and Eve were stark naked when God said this. Many will argue that this was before the fall of mankind, but since God is unchanging, are we to suppose that something which He said was “very good” suddenly became evil? This argument doesn't hold up.
  2. Jesus even asks why we worry about clothes, and compares us to the flowers which are unclothed in nature.
  3. All Christians would agree that God would never instruct one of His children to sin. Why therefore, does God instruct Isaiah to go around naked for three years? The simple answer is that nudity is not sinful.
  4. Using the same example, God doesn't tell Isaiah to be careful about offending anyone else with his nudity. Isaiah goes naked without paying any thought to whether or not other people are “offended” by his natural state. Those who argue that nudity is shameful, or that it may cause another Christian to fall, have no sound argument on this point, because the instruction for Isaiah to be naked came directly from God. Furthermore, from a psychological perspective, we already know that hiding the naked body directly leads to increased sexual curiosity and obsession, while exposing nudity causes it to be accepted in a matter-of-fact way, without any sexual implications.
  5. Man was created in God's image. Our naked bodies are God's creation. By claiming to be offended by God's most beautiful creation, how can any Christian fail to realise that this is a direct insult to God?
  6. All Christians would agree that God is the epitome of truth, transparency and openness. God does not like things to be hidden, because to hide things is tantamount to deception. Yet most Christians will fail to make this connection when nudity is concerned.
  7. Clothing was a direct product and result of sin. It came about to cover shame. Since that shame came from sin, it must have come from Satan. Shame does not come from God. Therefore, we cannot claim to be living in Christ if we still live in shame. Being free of this shame is part of the freedom that Christ bought for us. He paid for our sins, and since shame came from sin, He also logically paid for our shame. Why do we as Christians still fight against that freedom then? Since sin and shame are so intertwined, to be free of sin must also mean that we are free of shame.
  8. When we look at fashion today, and the money that is wasted on it, can we really believe that God wants us to be this way? We, and our children, are driven by a desire to have the best clothes – this is not from God.
  9. These are only a few points to ponder, and are based entirely on my own opinions. If you are Christian and truly want answers, I urge you not to simply take what I say for granted. Take the time to do your own research and make your own decisions. Read, study and pray until you have your own answers. All I encourage you to do is to think for yourself and find out what God really said on the issue. The links which follow will provide a good starting point for further study.

Personally, I am entirely convinced that most Christians and Christian churches have been gravely misled, which has only served to impose imprisonment on Christians and to take away the very freedom from sin and shame that Christ died for. This deception has caused countless Christians to live their lives with guilt and shame, feeling that they will never be “good enough” for God, when in actual fact, they are aiming for a false “perfection” that I don't believe God ever expected. That said, what is right for me may not be right for someone else. It is something you need to study, pray about and come to your own conclusions. You can live the way God created you or you can live the way the fashion industry dictates. Decide for yourself.

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