Naturist Nudity vs Sex by ZNS


To understand naturism, it is vitally important to understand that naturists do not associate nudity with sex. The common world view is that nudity leads to sex and that the two are forever intertwined, but the entire naturist philosophy is founded on the fact that this is not true.

Naturists follow the same moral principals as the rest of the world, and in some cases, even stricter moral principals. Whether at home or in social settings, behaviour is never openly sexual and the lifestyle itself has nothing at all to do with sex. Naturists do all the same things that other people do, like house-cleaning, cooking, watching TV, sporting activities, socialising and talking; We just feel more comfortable and more free doing those things in the nude. Our motivation for nudity is entirely non-sexual, which is why naturism is praised as such a family-friendly way of life that is suitable for all ages.

Like any other "normal" people, naturists obviously still enjoy their sexuality, but as with everyone else, there is a time and place for it. Naturism is not about public sex, exhibitionism or voyeurism. When the common person on the street sees breasts or genitals, the brain's first reaction is a sexual one. When a naturist see breasts or genitals, the brain reacts in the same way that it would to the viewing of someone's hand or the back of their head - it's no different because we see those things as just another body part. It's a matter of mental conditioning, and those who attack or ridicule the naturist lifestyle only do so because they don't understand the truth behind it.

Many people struggle with the concept of nudity being acceptable where children are concerned, but this is only because of that widespread psychological conditioning that "nudity is sex". Once a person sees that this is not true, they will begin to see that hiding nudity from children actually causes more damage than good. It is commonly known, as a result of serious studies by many renowned psychologists in the last century, that children who grow up in openly nude environments do not suffer any ill-effects whatsoever. In fact, in most if not all cases, children raised as nudists or naturists seem to grow up to be better adjusted, more stable, and less sexually-obsessed than the rest of their peers. Where other people tend to think about sex whenever they see nudity, those raised as naturists just see what's natural, which any sensible person would agree is a much healthier state of mind to live in. There are additional articles on this site that tackle this issue, from a psychological perspective, so be sure to read more and do your own research before reaching any conclusions.

Sexuality is a matter of intent and action, not a state of dress. Nudity is not sex, but rather a natural state of being. The difference is important.

It is also important to realise, especially if you're considering becoming a naturist, that the lifestyle is about being comfortable. This includes the freedom that naturists have to be nude around each other without having people making sexual advances. Naturists do not expect other naturists to see them as sexual objects, and to do so will generally lead to problems. So, if your only interest in naturism is based on sexual motivation, please don't bother.


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