Naked Children & Nudism

Children & Nudism  

One of the greatest concerns for opponents of childhood nakedness is child molestation.

Yet, could it be possible that preventing children from being exposed to nakedness actually contributes to that problem?

Careful analysis says, "yes" and my next book will show how.

Evidence is beginning to emerge that by NOT allowing children to experience natural nakedness, that is, playing and doing their ordinary activities naked with children of the opposite sex, actually contributes to many adult sexual problems.

Denying children natural nakedness can be shown to theoretically influence the compulsion to sexual promiscuity, incest, voyeurism and exhibitionism, pornography and even a poor body self-image.

It is likely to even be a contributing factor in homosexuality.

It needs to be emphasized that no adult sexual aberration is caused by a single factor.

However, the role the denial of natural nakedness to children is certainly a very important contributing factor.

But, what is the connection? Psychologists and psychiatrists, especially those connected with universities, need to design and conduct studies to isolate the effects of childhood nakedness on adult psychology and report their findings in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Then we will have strong evidence that backs up or refutes the benefits of children growing up with nakedness.

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