Masturbation Why Is It So Popular

Masturbation is a gift of God. Sex is a gift of God to us. Sexual lust is not evil lust, it is God designed human nature. Evil lust is hurtful and harmful to humans. Masturbation is healthy. Masturbation is good. Masturbation is God designed. Masturbation is good for you. Masturbation is for everyone to enjoy.

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Why Masturbation is So Popular

1. It is so easy to do--no special skills need to be taught, despite the argument of Dr. Elders. (Reference is a Surgeon General of the US appointed in the Clinton administration, who was dismissed after stating publicly that children should be taught ABOUT masturbation, which was alleged to mean children should be taught TO masturbate.)

2. No special equipment is needed, although a lotion, KY jelly, a leather thong, or steel cock ring can enhance the pleasure.

3. It can be done anywhere that is private or semi-private- Sometimes the risk of being discovered heightens the excitement.

4. It doesn't take a large amount of your time to whack off--unlike improving your mind or building impressive biceps.

5. Any number can play--All alone, several guys fooling around in a circle jerk, a JO club, or with one special buddy.

6. It can be done very quietly--just an intake of breath at the crucial moment--or fortissimo--"I'm cumming, I'M CUMMING, OH GOD I'M CUUUUMMMMMIIINNNGGG!" rendered in tenor or baritone, but if rendered jointly by tenor and baritone becomes positively antiphonal.

7. In its simplest form (alone), you can be completely selfish and not worry about the emotional or physical needs of anyone else. (Was it good for you too, Dear?)

8. There is no financial cost involved--masturbation, like butterflies, is free.

9. It doesn't ruin your liver like alcohol or run your lungs like tobacco.

10. It's safe--you don't get VD or AIDS.

11. It isn't fattening--All that fist action must burn some calories.

12. It is relaxing after a long tension filled day.

13. It isn't against the law--Some acts may still be prohibited by consenting adults, but there has never been a law against the simple jerk-off. (Has there?)

14. It isn't even immoral. (Those fundamentalist who think it is immoral do it anyway and lie about it, which makes it OK.)

15. The building up and then the intense burst of pleasure is a tremendous psychological high without drugs.

16. It doesn't produce unwanted children, thus contributing to the elimination of child abuse.

Masturbation Statistics

Female masturbation frequency

More than twice a day. (188) 8%

Twice a day. (97) 4%

Once a day. (294) 12%

Every other day. (367) 15%

Twice a week. (357) 15%

Once a week. (272) 11%

Once every two weeks. (159) 6%

Once every three weeks. (66) 2%

Once a month. (120) 5%

Once every two months. (42) 1%

Once every three to six months. (70) 3%

Less than once every six months. (41) 1%

Less than once a year. (68) 2%

I have never masturbated. (158) 6%

Male masturbation frequency

More than twice a day. (325) 9%

Twice a day. (386) 10%

Once a day. (1013) 28%

Every other day. (744) 20%

Twice a week. (541) 15%

Once a week. (202) 5%

Once every two weeks. (116) 3%

Once every three weeks. (35) 0%

Once a month. (58) 1%

Once every two months. (17) 0%

Once every three to six months. (14) 0%

Less than once every six months. (17) 0%

Less than once a year. (35) 0%

I have never masturbated. (40) 1%

Sexual Health and Aging


I am a widow -- many of my friends are widows too. We recently heard a lecture about healthy, graceful aging and the speaker gave many good ideas such as diet and exercise, social contacts, and masturbation, that she named as part of self care, especially for care givers of terminally sick husbands. She claimed that masturbation often has a happy effect on their grief stricken moods and is a healthy habit. One woman in the audience said it was better for her than the dismal support groups, although the support groups did a lot for her coping in the first place.

I am an older woman who was raised thinking masturbation was a sin. What are your views on the value of masturbation specifically for the caregivers and widows from a medical viewpoint?

It must have taken some courage to write this letter, even though you remain anonymous. I'm going to try my best to discuss this sensitive subject because there may be other older readers who are interested. Sex is a God-given gift for our well-being (my theological opinion!) and is not a sin when not abused and in the right context.

People know from experience that sex is a great stress reliever. Sexual orgasm releases endorphins in the brain -- chemical substances that relieve pain and result in a "runner's high." A study has shown that patients with arthritis who had regular sex had less pain. Another study of 119 men and 40 women at Yale showed that those who enjoyed sexually intimate relationships had less arterial blockage.

The two studies above were about sexual relations which of course is entirely different than masturbation. It probably can never be as fulfilling and satisfying as sex between two people who love each other, but when you're widowed, you don't have many options.

Will masturbation improve your health and make you live longer? There is no evidence for that, but there is good evidence for the other things she suggested, good diet, exercise and social support network.

Rebekah Wang-Cheng, MD

12 September 2000
Last updated 18 September 2000

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Dr. Wang-Cheng is Professor of Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Her medical advice column, "Dear Dr. Becky," appears biweekly in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

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