Masturbation In Islam Maybe  a Sin to Them. Not a Sin to God

Is masturbation a sin? Islam teaches it is. It is very clear that masturbation is very healthy and a gift of God. Just like sexuality is a gift of God. The same sexual: lust, fantasies, thoughts, are use in both. NOT any 40+ Bible writers or Jesus called masturbation a sin.

  Re: Masturbation is a wonderful gift from God for us to enjoy. - by islam280 on 4:40PM Wed 10/16/02


>>>>>- by islam280 >>>>in islam it is forbidden even though it is hard to stop....the prophet mohamed said (not verbatim) that those who entertain(i forgot the translation word) themselves for the desire with their hands will come in judgement day with their hands tied...>>>>>>>>>>>>


*******inkaboutit reply*****  Finally some truth. Anti-masturbation is a Islam teaching. Know wonder why I can't find it in the Christian Bible. Gnostic heresy and Islam teaching is trying to force its teaching upon Christians.  Some Christians, unknowingly, are teaching Gnostic heresy and Islam teaching to other Christians, thinking it is Christian.
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