Masturbation Is Required

Masturbation Is Required

People who don’t masturbate are less sensual
I have met a few women in my life who said that they have never had an orgasm. All of those women were firmly against masturbation. Masturbation is the art of turning yourself on, and if you can’t turn yourself on, how can you expect someone else to do it? Orgasms are complex reactions that are different almost every time. People who don’t explore the art of sexual ecstasy when alone will be less skilled at achieving sexual pleasure even when they are with someone else.

People who don’t masturbate tend to be less relaxed during sex
If someone is unable to touch or stimulate their sensitive sex organs themselves, they will also be uptight when someone else touches them. Also, if they are unpracticed at touching themselves, they will be helpless in instructing their partner on how they like to be touched. Finally even though the other partner is often of the opposite sex, people who can’t touch themselves are often less skilled at touching others.

People who don’t masturbate tend to find sex disgusting
We are taught from a young age that sex and sex organs are gross and to be hidden. People who don’t explore their sex organs through masturbation, tend to hold-on to the fear and disgust about sex organs. By masturbating with a positive attitude, people come to accept themselves and their bodies which allows them to be more comfortable when they are naked with their partner.

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