Masturbation Highlights From Many Christians Leaders on the Web

Many Christians leaders agree that masturbation is not a sin. Masturbation is a gift of God.

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Instead of trying to stop people from mastur-bating, the church should be encouraging them to do so. Christian minister David McKay*

Masturbation is the safety valve on the sexual pressure cooker, that stops us from exploding in unacceptable or inappropriate ways. Masturbation is the universally legitimate way to satisfy your sexual appetite without indulging in something else, which may not be as legitimate. If there was more Masturbation, there would be a lot less incest, fewer rapes, less infidelity in marriage, etc. . A lot more than adultery occurs when people refuse to Masturbation. Pedophilia, incest, rape, homosexuality, bestiality, all of these practices seem to be tolerated more by a church which refuses to speak the liberating truth about masturbation.

(Matt. 5:28) The mistake is that people have confused " thinking about sex" with "lust". Lust is actually wanting to do something that you know is wrong. But the sin is not in desiring sex (since that is as universal a desire as the desire for food), nor is it in fantasizing about sex. The sin is in wanting to actually perform an act to satisfy your sexual appetite that you believe is wrong, and then refraining from doing it only out of fear about what people would think or do if they found out.

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From Karla,

I'm attending a Baptist College now and in one of the classes that I am taking, happened to be taught by pastor. I like and respect him greatly. I spoke with him about how I felt and the trouble it was causing me and he told me this and I hold this as being a wonderful way to explain and lose the uncertainty that has always plagued me about this issue. He told me that we are to be concerned with the God/Man/Man issue. When we wander if something is a sin, consider this:

Are you hurting God? Are you hurting someone else? Are you hurting yourself?

Which brings me to the point that has already been discussed, if your spouse is hurt, or upset about you engaging in masturbation then yes, you are committing a sin by hurting someone else, but if you are honest and there aren't any difficult feelings then I believe that it's not a sin.

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...To some degree, attitudes about masturbation are cultural. ....

I am recalling a discussion which I heard of between ministers from Africa and America where this issue came up. The African ministers (good solid, God-loving conservative evangelicals, all) were very surprised that the American pastors struggled with this issue. One (a very devout young man who was studying in America and wife was still in Africa) said matter-of-factly, and with a great deal of puzzlement, "Why should I be distracted by sexual thoughts all day? When the sack is full, one empties it!"


8. Is Masturbation a Sin?

The only mention of masturbation in the Bible would possibly be Lev. 15:16-18, 32-33; 22:4 and Deut. 23:10-11. It is interesting to notice that none of these passages refer to the emission of semen as a sin. In fact, such an emission has fewer consequences than a woman's menstruation.

I would conclude, therefore, that masturbation is not a sin and is no more regulated in the Bible than relieving oneself or menstruating. This is unsurprising, since the overwhelming majority of human beings do masturbate at some point in their lives (and the rest, someone once said, are lying); if it was a sin, then, it seems to me, it would have been mentioned.

Thus, I tell people if they don't feel guilty about doing it, then it is not a problem. On the other hand, if they do feel guilty, then perhaps they shouldn't. The principles of Romans 14 come into play: on matters of individual conscience, if the conscience is not clear, then for that individual it is a sin.

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"I don't believe a loving God would put a raging fire in an immature kid and then damn him for doing what he can't help doing"Dr James Dobson "Focus on the Family"(5)

Surveys have consistently shown that more than 95% of males engage in masturbation, particularly during adolescence. (Some say the remainder are lying!) Dr Dobson of "Focus on the Family" notes that there is absolutely no controversy on these figures from any source!

Dr James Dobson from "Focus on the Family" writes: "It is my opinion that masturbation is not much of an issue with God. It is a normal part of adolescence which involves no one else. It does not cause disease. It does not produce babies, and Jesus did not mention it in the Bible. I'm not telling you to masturbate, and I hope you won't feel the need for it. But if you do, it is my opinion that you should not struggle with guilt over it. Why do I tell you this? Because I deal with so many Christian young people who are torn apart with guilt over masturbation; they want to stop and just can't. I would like to help you avoid that agony." (5)

Dr James Dobson in his video "Peer Pressure and Sexuality" explains that over time, the hormonal pressure inside a boy can increase to the point where even a girl simply walking into the room can trigger off an irreversible chain of events in his mind. The desire for sexual expression becomes so strong that he invariably masturbates resulting in the hormonal pressure then dropping again.

Over time, the sexual pressure builds again and the boy will feel compelled to express the sexual pressure in his body again no matter how strong his determination was to 'never do it again'. (paraphrased from the video) The best advice seems to be that if a boy finds the need to masturbate, then to accept it as a normal part of his being.

Dr. James Dobson says that boys from Christian / church backgrounds often have additional problems with masturbation. Since boys from these backgrounds are taught that there is an after-life and they will be held accountable for their life here on earth, many become plagued with unrelenting guilt over masturbation.

He goes on to say that many boys (including Christians) find masturbation absolutely uncontrollable. The boy feels he has sinned and asks God to forgive him and promises not to do it again. Sooner or later though, the accumulating hormonal pressure becomes all encompassing and he will find he is unable to keep his promise to God.

What does a boy say to God on the 300th time he has failed to live up to his promise to stop? This boy is in incredible pain. He feels bad about himself and "those" thoughts and guilt that don't stop even when he is church! The pain becomes so great that we lose the young man to the church and to God because he simply has to escape from it.

Dr Dobson summarizes with the statement: "Masturbation is all encompassing!" Boys and parents need to understand that masturbation (in Dr. Dobson's words) "is a inevitable developmental stage - it is going to happen!" He concludes with the statement: "If it happens to you, I wouldn't worry too much about it because I don't think it has much to do with your relationship to God"

Gerald Coates, in his book "Kingdom Now" writes:

"Over this whole issue of masturbation, we have to face the fact that the Bible is completely silent about it. Those who lived 2,000 years ago had all the same basic desires and inclinations of a twentieth-century human being. The New Testament (as well as the Old Testament) continually directs us not to get drunk, rob, murder and swindle. Few believers have ongoing problems in those areas! It is amazing therefore that one thing most Christians experience, to some degree or other, is not actually even mentioned." (6)

...masturbation for the purpose of self control, is something altogether different. The act in and of itself is not wrong. When someone is under pressure to the point of distraction, whether single or married, it is often better that they relieve themselves - for at that point no mental stimulation is necessary."(6)

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Masturbation is required

People who don't masturbate are less sensual. I have met a few women in my life who said that they have never had an orgasm. All of those women were firmly against masturbation.

Masturbation is the art of turning yourself on, and if you can't turn yourself on, how can you expect someone else to do it? Orgasms are complex reactions that are different almost every time.

People who don't explore the art of sexual ecstasy when alone will be less skilled at achieving sexual pleasure even when they are with someone else.

People who don't masturbate tend to be less relaxed during sex If someone is unable to touch or stimulate their sensitive sex organs themselves, they will also be uptight when someone else touches them.

Also, if they are unpracticed at touching themselves, they will be helpless in instructing their partner on how they like to be touched. Finally even though the other partner is often of the opposite sex, people who can't touch themselves are often less skilled at touching others.

People who don't masturbate tend to find sex disgusting We are taught from a young age that sex and sex organs are gross and to be hidden. People who don't explore their sex organs through masturbation, tend to hold-on to the fear and disgust about sex organs. By masturbating with a positive attitude, people come to accept themselves and their bodies which allows them to be more comfortable when they are naked with their partner.

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Solo Ejaculations Maintain Healthy Prostate For Men

Solo Sex is Good For You: When you consider the health benefits, it makes sense that smart, sexy men would opt for lots of solo sex. First, erections are good for erections: Each time you have an erection, you recharge the penis with tissue-nourishing oxygen that ultimately keeps you going longer, stronger, This is even more vital for older men who have fewer nighttime erections to provide the oxygen replenishing.

Second, many urologists consider three or four ejaculations a week good medicine for the prostate, since each ejaculation empties the prostate of built-up secretions (kind of like the way a sneeze clears the nose). Throw in the psychological benefits you get from having orgasms and you've got an equation for sexual health. And it makes no difference whether you're having intercourse or masturbating--as far as your body's concerned, a climax is a climax.

...I find additional confirmation. It comes from Ken Goldberg, M.D., in Volume II No. 4 of Prime Health and Fitness: "Finally, although I know this one will be tough to face, try to ejaculate regularly. Because the prostate provides some of the fluid in semen, ejaculation may help keep it well-drained. You can consider that a prescription."

One or two fully satisfying ejaculations a week should be sufficient--even fewer if your semen production is low. (Quoted from Celebrate The Self -- The Magazine of Solo Sex, Jan.- Feb. 1997)...

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I have not read one persons take on the Christian counselor who said that in his counseling sessions when the subject of masturbation came up, When he asked the question if the husband and wife fantasized while mutually masturbating the majority of them said yes. His question to the listening audience was this, "If masturbation outside marriage is sin because men or women fantasize then how can it not be sin if the married couple fantasizes while mutually masturbating? This same Christian counselor also said that 95% of the young men that he questioned who claimed to be Christian who admitted to masturbation did not participate in pre-marital sex.

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Religion doesn't play an inhibiting role anymore; people are still practicing their faith and not having conflicts between the religion and masturbation: Research would tend to disagree with any statement that says religion is no longer negatively influencing the ability of humans to explore and enjoy, guilt-free, their sexuality (particularly sex play enjoyed in solitary). The Janus Report on American sexuality shows a direct correlation between religious preference and participation in masturbation. In answer to the survey statement, "Masturbation is a natural part of life and continues on in marriage," 63% of Protestants and 67% of Catholics either agreed or strongly agreed. However, this contrasts with 75% of Jewish respondents who agree or strongly agree and 77% of respondents with no religion. Protestants and Catholics who disagreed with the statement were twice as numerous as those who were Jewish or had no religion. Interestingly, the Janus report found that enjoyment of masturbation was much more prevalent in the West and Northeast parts of the U.S. than in the Midwest or South where church-going is more popular. Survey findings in Sex in America do not cover relationships between masturbation and religion but there is one survey question, relating to masturbation and guilt (page 167), which reveals that masturbators are more often than not subject to guilt when they pleasure themselves. Guilt, as we know, is often, if not usually, associated with religious training.

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That's when Lori and I (Paul) REALLY started to pray and study about it; when it's your kids, saying "I'm not sure, so don't do it" just don't cut it! After a lot of study of both the Bible and the biology, and a lot of prayer, we came to the mutual conclusion that masturbation was not wrong for singles; in fact we came to the realization it was a good thing because it could help them stay away from fornication.

...Lori found some excerpts from Patsy Rae Dawson's book "Why God's People Make the Best Lovers". (I'll post a link to it later.) She has a different take on the authority over spouses body found in 1 Cor 7:4. She explains that the scripture uses a Greek word combination known as an ellipsis, a comparison of two things which are both true, but one has the priority. In other words, we have power over our own sexuality, but our spouse has GREATER power. With regards to masturbation this suggest that husbands and wives can masturbate as long as doing so does not cheat their spouse sexually. I'll admit that this idea was uncomfortable for me, and still is to some extent, but having studied it, I can find no fault with her reasoning.

So, I am forced to conclude that it's not a sin for a married person to masturbate. I must also conclude that it's not necessarily a sign of a problem in the marriage.

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A lot of men are starving for sexual stress tension release. All they can think about is sex. Just like the man dying of thirst. All he can think of is water. Just like the man who is starving for food. All he can think about is what he is starving for. Starvation causes people to be out of control. Masturbation can help prevent the out of control sexual starvation for the sexual stress tension release that's needed.

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Regular Masturbation helps greatly

Regular Masturbation has helped me to be a better Christian. It Has helped me to stay a virgin before marriage at age 27 and has greatly helped me to stay sexually faithful to my wife for over 20 years of marriage. Without regularly masturbation I would have failed many times and probably been divorced a long time ago. I have been offered sex by beautiful women a number of times, both when I was single and during marriage and have been able to turn them down with God's help and regular masturbation to control my very strong sex drive.

Because of God help and masturbation, I was able to completed more of the 12 steps needed to have a close intimacy bonding with my wife during dating, that created a very strong bond before marriage, without having sexual intercourse. Regular masturbation permits a high sex drive person to be under control and not out of control and meet one of the burning passions of the need for sexual stress tension release.

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95% did not participate in pre-marital sex.

I have not read one persons take on the Christian counselor who said that in his counseling sessions when the subject of masturbation came up, When he asked the question if the husband and wife fantasized while mutually masturbating the majority of them said yes. His question to the listening audience was this, "If masturbation outside marriage is sin because men or women fantasize then how can it not be sin if the married couple fantasizes while mutually masturbating?

This same Christian counselor also said that 95% of the young men that he questioned who claimed to be Christian who admitted to masturbation did not participate in pre-marital sex.

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Compares some of the characteristics of sin and Masturbation.

Some sins shorten life.---- Research shows that M... helps people live longer and happier.

Sin does not give a sense of well being in children.---- Research shows that children who M... have a higher sense of well being and desire for personal development.

Some sins cause pain.---- Research shows that M... relieves pain. It releases endorphins, a natural pain reliever relaxes the whole body.

Some times sex sins can lead to aids which hurts the immune system.----Research shows that M... is a booster of the immune system.

Some sins cause emotional disorders. ---- M... causes no emotional disorders. Research has shown M... and sex is very important for good mental health, for relaxation.

Research shows that the lack of sexual enjoyment or lack of sexual stress tension release (M...)can causes irritability, insomnia, psychosomatic disorders, depression, and even hopelessness leading to suicide.

Sin causes stress.--- M... removes or reduces stress.

Sin is pleasurable for a short season only, then causes some conflicts and consequences. --- M... is pleasurable for a lifetime with no conflicts or consequences. It has over 50 health benefits for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Sin clouds the mind and thinking. --- M... clears the mind and bring back clear thinking.

Resentment toward God for not having a marriage partner to meet the need for sexual release torment. --- God meets the sexual stress tension release needed with M... at puberty, when He gave sexuality as gift. Praise goes to God for giving fun and enjoyable Gifts and meeting our needs.

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If it is acceptable to God, why not accept yourself. Don't call unclean what God calls clean. "Get up, Peter; kill and eat them." 14 "Never, Lord," Peter declared. "I have never in all my life eaten anything forbidden by our Jewish laws." 15 The voice spoke again, "If God says something is acceptable, don't say it isn't." 17 Peter was very perplexed. What could the vision mean?

In Acts 10:15 God declared to Peter that unclean things to be clean, this includes many things which would also include masturbation. In Acts 10:17 Peter was doubting what it meant, and in Act 10:20 (11:12) he was told doubt nothing. One example was in Act 10:28 where it was unlawful to eat with Gentile, that also was made clean and lawful.

Peter was condemned by fellow believers in Acts 11:1-3. You may be condemned by fellow believers about masturbation, until they understand and do their own research for themselves.

1 Cor 6:12 All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any. (12 You may say, "I am allowed to do anything." But I reply, "Not everything is good for you." And even though "I am allowed to do anything," I must not become a slave to anything.)

1 Cor 10:23 All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not. (23 You say, "I am allowed to do anything"--but not everything is helpful. You say, "I am allowed to do anything"--but not everything is beneficial.)

Paul explained that all thing are lawful to him. This would also include masturbation. ," I must not become a slave to anything. Is not basic needs of life like going to the toilet, or eating food, or sleeping , or having sex with your wife, or meeting a basic need of sexual stress tension release by way of masturbation , but drugs, or alcohol or things that take control of your body and you are out of control.

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Positive Feedback emails from the reader of this web site. ( Names and email addresses removed).Will update this web site when I receive new emails.

From: J** Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 01:58:41 EST

I find this page refreshing.

I used to be so against masturbation, I spent so many years stressing over this issue feeling so much guilt and shame. I used to be so obsessed with this issue, I prayed, fasted, did cold showers and anything else I could think of to break free. I would have victory for a while but always seemed to end up falling at some point. I actually did go 15 months in 1994-95 without masturbating, but eventually fell. The first 2 to 3 months was hell, then it got easy to go without.

I could not figure out a way to stop for life and I had been struggling with this issue for 15 years by that time. I changed my opinion about a year ago. I just started to realize that it was so stupid to obsess over this issue. I honestly feel that God does understand and that it is an acceptable form of release.

From: M****** Jan-31 3:10 pm

God Bless You . You've got the courage of your convictions. I have felt this way for decades but it is only recently that I've felt strong enough to express my innermost thoughts and feelings. As you may well know I am Roman Catholic. The Church's position is contrary to mine, but that's ok. I know how I feel. Keep up the good work.

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Personal Stories about What Christian Women think about Masturbation.


...I am a 22 year old female that has been masturbating for quite a while now. I started when I was 12 years. I have been a born again Christian since the summer of 1992. After I became a Christian I started to feel deeply ashamed. The shame was so intense that I never told anyone about my behavior. But I continued to do it. I was afraid to tell my female Christians. Not because I didn't think I could trust them, but because I was afraid of how they would react. So I kept silent.

...A couple of days ago, I was talking with a close friend of mine. She's married and a very strong Christian. She is also not afraid to confront me when I need it. So I wanted to hear her opinion on the topic of masturbation. I asked her point blank if she thought masturbation is a sin. Much to my shock and amazement she told me that she didn't think it was. I was speechless. So I quested her about it.... I truly believe that in my situation I am not sinning when I masturbate. Here are some reasons why I say that.... ...The friend I mentioned earlier is married and she admits that she also masturbates. She has not denied her husband sexually in any way....

# 2

After reading the many posts and responses on this page I'm amazed at some of the narrow mindedness of some people.

First off, Is it better that a single person mb to relieve sexual tension or to go out and do the actual sin of having sex outside of the boundaries of marriage??

I was recently a youth/college worker within my church and I've seen youth struggle with their sexuality, as I have too as a single person.

God gave us a sex drive for a reason. He meant for us to enjoy sex to the fullest extent with the person we marry. But for some of us, we choose to pursue other areas of our life before we are ready to settle down and get married. And for others, we're just to young to get married...besides..why get married just so you can have sex, isn't that an even greater sin in itself?

...As far as I'm concerned, it is much better to mb then to go out and have sex. There is no scripture or even a hint in any passage in the Bible...where is the sin?...

People in the church spend far too much time trying to remove our God-given sexuality and making us feel guilty for things that aren't wrong.... You can argue about "our body the temple" and "defiling the marriage bed" but that does not prove that it is wrong....

...Masturbation is a way to stop us from actually defiling the marriage bed and I would much rather mb then to sin against God and my future husband by having sex outside of the marriage vows....


J... I am a 31 year old woman and I have masturbated since I was about 6 years old. There was a time in junior high when I was masturbating 3-4 times a day.... I came from a very strong Christian home. I told my generally loving parents about this when I was 13 years old and my father told me that I was a nymphomaniac and basically made me feel disgusting. So, after when I was 16 I began experimenting sexually because I figured that my father was right and that I would have no way of controlling myself....

Well, after a few years of unhappiness, I read a book by James Dobson which had some very understanding comments about masturbation. It totally changed me and helped me to realize that masturbation wasn't the sin,...

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More Personal Stories about What Christian Women think about Masturbation.

What if your spouse physically can't due to permanent injury or some such? Does this mean that the still able should never again attain "release"? If that is where God puts him, huh?

What about reading too much into the bible or over-interpreting. If God had wanted to forbid this act completely wouldn't He have said so plainly?

Instead He teaches us the correct spirit for us to take. It is wrong for me to do so because it takes away from my spouse. It is selfishness. But for the person who does it because their spouse no longer can, who is being hurt by his/her doing so?

It keeps the marriage together, keeps from involving others in our marriages (sexually) and somewhat lessens the pain/guilt that the unable spouse must feel. Or at least I would think it would.

It would be the selfish thing to get divorced and/or take a lover. Or to go completely without and get yourself all stressed out creating anger and resentment that will undoubtedly affect the unable spouse.

I just would like to see where in the bible it says that the act itself is against God. I'm not saying that it doesn't say so, I'm always missing stuff or not getting it in the Bible, but I haven't seen anything yet to convince me that masturbation is a sin in itself.

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Jackinworld conducted a survey among their readers. 12 Results indicated that the average frequency of masturbation drops from 11 per week at age 11, to 5 per week above age 35. There are wide fluctuations in frequency from individual to individual. 84% of respondents had started to masturbate at or before the age of 13. Afterwards, 89% felt happy and relaxed; 10% felt guilty; 1% felt nervous. Among the very religious readers who had surfed their site 2 months or less, the percentage who felt guilty was 19%. We have a hunch that religious instruction does not cut down on the numbers of youth who masturbate. It does not reduce the frequency of masturbation. It only makes more of them feel more guilty.

Currently, the general belief within the medical community is that masturbation is either harmless or beneficial. R. Jandl commented in an "Ask the Doctors" column that masturbation has a number of benefits:

it enables the playing out of pleasurable sexual fantasies

it releases sexual tension and often produces a pleasant, tranquil feeling

it helps a person become more comfortable with their own sexuality

it is an enjoyable experience when shared with a partner

it can curb impulses to have inappropriate sex with someone. 8

Other references list additional benefits associated with masturbation:

no one gets pregnant by masturbating.

sexually transmitted diseases are not transmitted during masturbation.

a person can learn about the sexual responses of their own body, and thus be better prepared for sexual activity with a partner at a later time

People may masturbate throughout their lifetime without any deleterious side effects.

Most sexuality and mental health professionals have concluded that such fantasies are normal and healthy; they are not harmful. Sexual attraction to other people is natural and, to a degree, automatic and unavoidable. Of course, if a person acts upon these fantasies inappropriately, then they can become sinful and even criminal.

Most liberal Christians probably ignore Matthew 5:28, just as they ignore passages requiring women to cover their hair in church, which ban polyester-cotton clothing, or which ban the eating of pork, shrimp, or a cheezeburger. They would not treat the fantasy aspect of masturbation as an item of concern.

A religious liberal would probably conclude that manual stimulation of the genitals is in no way sinful. fantasizing about a person who one is in love with or would like to be in love with: Fantasies are internal thoughts that bring pleasure and do not impact on anyone else. As noted above, they are harmless.

(optionally) experiencing an orgasm: An orgasm is a very intense, joyous, sensual experience. Physiologically, the closest experience to an orgasm is the act of sneezing. A religious liberal would probably conclude that an orgasm is a morally neutral, and very pleasant experience.

(in the case of a male) having an ejaculation of semen: The testicles produce semen at the rate of thousands of sperm a second.

Reservoirs near the prostate gland are continuously being refilled. Each ejaculation partially empties the chambers. But more sperm will arrive to refill them. If they are not emptied by masturbation or intercourse, they will automatically be voided during sleep in the form of nocturnal emissions. A religious liberal would probably conclude that an ejaculation is harmless.

Most liberal Christians would conclude that masturbation is a harmless activity, not particularly sinful, and one which generates considerable pleasure.

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Sin & Death in Mormon Country: A Latter-day Tragedy

By Mark A. Taylor*

On March 2, 1982, Kip Eliason, age 16, distraught and filled with self-hate over his inability to stop masturbating, committed suicide. Before asphyxiating himself, Kip left his father a note:

"Dear Dad,

"I love you more than what words can say. If it were possible, I would stay alive for only you, for I really only have you. But it isn't possible. I must first love myself, and I do not. The strange feeling of darkness and self-hate overpowers all my defenses. I must unfortunately yield to it. This turbulent feeling is only for a few to truly understand. I feel that you do not comprehend the immense feeling of serf-hatred I have. This is the only way I feel that I can relieve myself of these feelings now. Carry on with your life and be happy. I love you more than words can say.

"--Your son, Kip

Kip Eliason's five-year struggle to overcome masturbation started at age 11 when his grandmother persuaded him to join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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Masturbation naturally results in shame:

No, that isn't the case. Shame is a learned behavior and it is taught by the church and by parents who have been indoctrinated to the idea that masturbation is shameful. There is no holy spirit "convicting" people of their sins; we learn these feelings from others. Sex Without Guilt (1958) by Dr. Albert Ellis is a classic in this area of sexual feelings. People troubled by guilt or shame should have this volume by their bedside at all times.

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"Masturbation is a normal, natural activity throughout life," says Robert Pollack, a psychology professor at the University of Georgia. It may even contribute to mental health and not doing it may lead to psychosexual problems.

For men, masturbation or regular sex is good for the prostate and can prevent painful prostate blockage. For women it can help reduce cramping and for both men and women has been shown to have a healthy effect on the immune systems as well as reducing overall tension and helping emotions.

Masturbation is also an ever-renewable health resource. In fact, the people who start the earliest and do it the most often are the ones who do it longest into old age. So, as with all sexual activity, its "use it or lose it."

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Sin is pleasurable for a short season only, then causes some conflicts and consequences. --- M... is pleasurable for a lifetime with no conflicts or consequences. It has over 50 health benefits for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Sin causes stress.--- M... removes or reduces stress.

Sin clouds the mind and thinking. --- M... clears the mind and bring back clear thinking.

The lack of sexual release may lead to a blockage, causing harm and pain and possibly cancer to the body. --- Regular M... keeps the sexual fluids moving, preventing any blockage. Reduces the risk of cancer.

Build up of sexual fluids causes undo sexual tension stress, which causes a stronger temptation to commit fornication and adultery. --- Regular M... reduces the temptation to commit fornication and adultery.

Sexual starvation for sexual stress tension release cause a person to be thinking of sex all the time. --- Regular M... stops the starvation., helps to bring thinking under control again.

Resentment toward God for not having a marriage partner to meet the need for sexual release torment. --- God meets the sexual stress tension release needed with M... at puberty, when He gave sexuality as gift. Praise goes to God for giving fun and enjoyable Gifts and meeting our needs.

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Keep in context. Gal 5:19-26 The context is that they were arguing and fighting and not being loving at all, over the law, special over circumcision. Paul defines and spelled out what the sin nature is, as well as what are the actions of the fruits of the spirit. Basically how we treat each other.

Masturbation as well as other basic needs, like eating food, going to the toilet, taking a shower, put cloth on, do not meet the description of the fruits of the flesh or sinful nature. But do reflex the fruits of the spirit. Masturbation (emptying your sexual fluids) is no more Idolatry then eating food or going to the bathroom and emptying your bladder. Masturbation doesn't cause sorcery, hatred, strifes, jealousies, angers, contentions, disputes, schools of opinion, envyings, murders, drunkenness, revels.

Masturbation is loving yourself, (love your neighbor as you love yourself, love your wife as you love yourself) causes peace, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness by taking away the sexual starvation which is causing you to act like a raging bull in the first place. Masturbation is and brings self-control causing you to have more control over preventing fornication and adultery. Instead of peeling (urinating)in your pants you show and practice self control by going to the bathroom a head of time and empty your urine sack or bladder before it is overflowing so you don't lose self-control. Masturbation lets you empty your sexual fluid sacks before your become a out of control raging bull and you are greatly tempted to sin. Masturbation does not cause you to become conceited, provoking and envying of each other.

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JTCL said:3) Masturbation in the long run increases lust in my opinion rather than relieves it as you believe.

If all you can think of is sexuality and then you masturbate your mind is clear and the stress removed. Just like if you have to go to the bathroom to urinate, but you resist, all you can think about is that you need to urinate. Then once you give in and meet that basic need to urinate, then your mind is clear and you can refocus on what you were doing. Masturbation only take a few minute, otherwise you thinking about sex can take hour of distraction. The longer you resist, the long you waste time thinking about sexual things, when you could be more concentrating on what you should be doing. I have learned over many years that the sooner I masturbate, the sooner my mind is cleared up and I can concentrate on the job I'm doing.

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Is the Church doing good to encourage sexual starvation?

Starvation causes people to do crazy things that they would not normally do.

Paul warns against sexual starvation in 1 Cor 7 . Remember in the NT day they would marry at puberty age (12-14 years old) and Paul warns not to go too long without sexual activity or you may be giving Satan a foothold in your life.

Many people mentioned in the O.T. that had many wives and concubines showed the lack of sexual starvation.

Marriage at puberty (12-14 years old) in the N.T. is to remove the dangerous sexual starvation threat.

It is clear that when a basic need is not meant, then, you are setting up a starvation condition. Basic needs like: food starvation, water starvation, sexual stress tension release starvation, Vitamin C starvation are bad for your health and may cause problems if starvation last for a long period of time.

Jesus said," My Yoke is easy" "the way of the wick is hard".

With out the regular release of the sexual stress tension buildup, it is much harder to avoid fornication, adultery, homosexuality, incest, and rape. . Because the church discourages masturbation they give no way of escape which causes great temptation to do harmful sexual sins.

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Joycelyn Elders is master of her domain

In a forthcoming book, the former surgeon general makes a case for the `M' word


Joycelyn Elders's eccentric pronouncements, the one that got her fired seemed like a fluke. Masturbation should be taught in schools, she suggested, just before President Clinton dismissed her as U.S. surgeon general in 1994...

...Yet Elders believes the practice can be a useful weapon against disease and unwanted pregnancies. She points out that a million teenagers--1 in 9 young women ages 15 to 19--become pregnant every year. If those same teens and their boyfriends realized that masturbation was OK, she argues, they would be less likely to seek sexual partners. With one quarter of all new HIV infections in the United States occurring in youngsters between 13 and 20, Elders maintains that more awareness about masturbation will also help stem the spread of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. "Masturbation has never given anyone a disease; it's never gotten anyone pregnant,"...

But most sex researchers--not just Elders--agree that masturbation is a normal, healthy part of a person's sexuality and that treating it otherwise can lead to sexual dysfunction....

...Children who are punished for masturbation and other sex play, they say, learn to view sex as evil. As adults, these children may suffer from sexual desire disorders, which affect an estimated 1 in 5 Americans. "Ninety percent of men masturbate, 80 percent of women, and the rest lie," says Elders, a pediatric endocrinologist at the University of Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock. "We are trying to get rid of the myths and lies."

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If God did not want us to masturbate, it would have been the 11th commandment! I do not see any of the things some churches say about quitting masturbation in the Bible. Why would someone write these restrictive rules?...

...Masturbation is not something a normal guy can just easily quit. Few men have been successful at quitting. Even among priests themselves, there is masturbation. People have been known to suffer a great deal from trying to quit. The male body was designed to ejaculate on a regular basis. Funk and Wagnall's Family Medical Guide says that regular release of semen is important for a healthy prostate.

...Being greatful for a male body and the sexual sensations that go along with it brings in a whole new realm of spiritual experience. We are acknowledging it as gift and expressing thanks for it. It is no longer a selfish, self-gratifying , secretive act. When we are greatful for something, it includes another entity besides ourself because there is the fact that we are greatful to someone for it. Grateful to whom? God.

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By topper

I was about 12 ...when everyone left the home I took off my pants and held my penis real tight and began to "pull it", as they say. Wow! it kind of scared me but felt terribly good. I felt I was a mortal sinner after I came and had to confess...unfortunately, this began a serious disturbance in my conscience as a Catholic altar boy...I so much wish in retrospect I had had a therapist or older male to help me sort out my feelings and not condemn myself.

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How Much Masturbation is too Much?

Masturbation is only an addiction if it is getting in the way of your other daily activities such as work, school, hobbies, or friends. Even guys that masturbate a lot (multiple times per day) are usually able to quit long enough to carry out everything else they need to get done in their lives.

Just because you masturbate everyday or more than once a day does not necessarily mean that you are an addict. If your masturbation time is just time that would normally be wasted for things like watching TV, sitting around doing nothing, watching cars go by, or trying to fall asleep, then you probably have nothing to worry about. On the other hand, if you are isolating yourself from everyone all the time or failing to meet your daily responsibilities then you may want to cut down.

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Masturbation fundamentally healthy practice, not sinful

Evan Majors Opinion Columnist

Starting as young as infancy, we undergo a process of self-discovery as natural as birth itself, only to learn that the physical expression of masturbation is wrong. In a society drenched in sex, perhaps the most personally relevant aspect of our own sexuality is considered a mortal sin.

- Clarence Lloyd

Everyone has heard the myths about masturbation. Those who do it will go blind, their palms will grow large amounts of hair, it will make them go insane, and the biggest myth of all: masturbation is a sinful and selfish act....

During childhood most people were told masturbation was harmful not only to their bodies but their minds....

...But despite this newfound practice, I was soon confronted with the aftereffects of my gratifying actions, which would last for years. That effect was tremendous guilt....

...According to author W.R. Miller, in "Sex Knowledge and Attitude Test," 97 percent of males and 78 percent of females masturbate. So why is everyone still so afraid to admit it? For centuries Western culture has discussed sex as a negative act....

...In a time of AIDS, high rates of teen-age pregnancy and the growing number of individuals who are contracting infectious sexual diseases, it seems only natural to talk about masturbation as an alternative. Future generations of kids need to be aware of all options in regard to sex. Parents and educators cannot shield kids from what they will eventually discover on their own.

Masturbation is healthy and loads of fun! Practicing masturbation can relieve tension after a stressful day. It can be a temporary cure for loneliness on a Friday night. It is safe, and it is a way to find out what makes us feel good. For men it is also helpful in developing ejaculatory control and in dealing with erection problems...

...Despite the rhetoric, masturbation is a healthy way to explore our bodies and discover on our own, or with a partner, in privacy what satisfies our sexual cravings. Let's make healthy decisions regarding our bodies, not decisions based on falsehoods, ignorance and fear.

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[This very sincere letter was received from a reader. First he complimented the Confidential Biography website, then went on to tell his secret story. I had no idea what I was in for when I first read it.]

I am past 70 years of age and have had a life-long session with masturbation. All of it very personal, confidential and carefully hidden! Therefore, I was very emotionally gripped by your candidness and detailed explanation of your feelings in Confidential Biography. Never did I think that I would be privy to such an account, and find that I wasn't such a "bad, no-good kid" after all. I have never shared my secret with anyone - not even my wife, to whom I was married for 17 years. She died of an unexpected illness at age 38. She and I were the same age.

..."That's the end! I have warned you time after time about playing with yourself, and what it would cause! Now, it MUST be stopped, and stopped for good, before you can ever go to school. Go out to the kitchen and bring me the big butcher-knife! This is the last time! I AM GOING TO CUT THAT THING OFF!! That is the only way that you will be able to quit that nasty game, so, to save your life, it will HAVE TO BE CUT OFF!"


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--Columnist Ann Landers, in response to a letter discussing sex in the 90s (1993)

"The sex drive is the strongest human drive after hunger. There must be an outlet. I am recommending self-gratification or mutual masturbation, whatever it takes to release the sexual energy. . . . I do not want to hear from clergymen telling me it's a sin. The sin is making people feel guilty about responding to this fundamental human drive."


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