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Is masturbation a sin? It is very clear that masturbation is very healthy and a gift of God. Just like sexuality is a gift of God. The same sexual: lust, fantasies, thoughts, are use in both. NOT any 40+ Bible writers or Jesus called masturbation a sin.

Well, contrary to most of the posts here, I don't think masturbation is

sinful at all. (2 "From: Felix Theonugraha" - 17 Feb 99)


Grant wrote in message

>is masturbation sinful?

well, contrary to most of the posts here, I don't think masturbation is

sinful at all.  Think about it this way, why would God give us pleasure from

sexual things if it's a sin.  That's rather cruel of him, don't you think?

That is not the case.  God intend for sex to be the most powerful thing

human kind has.  God intended sex to be the thing that gives life.  It is a

very powerful, and pleasurable thing.  Masturbation, I believe, is a method

to experience this pleasure when one is not ready yet to give life to

another human being, and cannot take responsibility for that human being.

There is a point in which masturbation becomes a sin, and that is when

masturbation becomes addictive, that the thought of it occupies your mind to

the point that you cannot do anything else.  However, if that is not the

case, I don't think it's a sin, and I'll explain that later.  Another way

that masturbation is a sin is if we use graphical materials, porno magazine,

movies, etc, to masturbate.


The following is what I learned from the book "20 Hot Potatoes Christians

are afraid to touch"  I don't have the book w/ me, so I'm just saying what I

learned from it.


A lot of people has cited Biblical references to show that masturbation is

wrong.  One of the popular one is the citation of one guy in the Old

Testament who chooses to "spill his seeds (semen) onto the ground" and God

was angry and the guy was not able to give life anymore.  Many people point

to this as a support that masturbation is wrong.  This is not true, because

the guy was actually having sexual intercourse when he decide to pull out

prematurely and spill his semen onto the ground.  I'm sorry I refer to him

as "the guy" and am not citing Biblical references...but it's 3:23 in the

morning and I'm ready to sleep...I'll give them to you later.


Another Bible passage that people refer to is Jesus's teaching that say that

if we have lust after a woman in our mind, then we have committed adultery.

I must admit this is a play on word, but I believe that when Jesus said

lust, he means that we have decided we want the girl we are lusting for, and

proceeded to approach her, and have sex with her.  With this, it is really

easy to see why once we decided in our mind, we have committed adultery,

because once we decide, we will carry out.  However, such is not the case in

masturbation..or at least i hope not.  If you picture someone in your mind,

or imagine something while masturbating, then proceed to carry out your

imagination, then yes, masturbation is a sin.  however, Jesus himself said

that we will have temptation in this world.  If we are tempted to commit

adultery with such and such and get aroused, and masturbated, but we do not

carry out our thoughts, then we have not sin.  Jesus himself was tempted by

Satan, and because he did not give in, he did not sin.


As you can see, I'm still a little rough on the support for the issue, but

I'm learning more and more about it, and I definitely would say that

masturbation is not a sin.


2 "From: Felix Theonugraha" - 17 Feb 99



Masturbation and sex are a gifts of God. Masturbation and sexual lust is not evil lust, it is God designed human nature. Evil lust is hurtful and harmful to humans. Masturbation is healthy. Masturbation is good. Masturbation is God designed. Masturbation is good for you. Masturbation is for everyone to enjoy.

The Liberated Christian and Masturbation, the Bible and Sex.

God made us and our human nature, including our sexuality and said it was very good, accept for the "sin principal part", which is: unforgiving, selfish, greedy, unloving, bitter, hatred, unkind, no mercy, conceited, provoking one another, envying one another, idolatry, sorcery, hatreds, strife, jealousy, outbursts of anger, selfish ambitions, envy, drunkenness, witchcraft, wrath, strife, murders, lies etc.

The spirit “of love” wars against the flesh,  "sin principal" part of us.

Is Masturbation a sin?  Clearly NOT!!!   It is clearly not a sin in the Bible!!


Major Research on Sexuality in the Bible and the Liberated Christian. God made sexuality, both animal and human. He said it was very good. Only part of human nature is evil is the "sin principal part", not our sexuality or our nude human body.

The Cause for a great deal of the sexual negativity in our culture. When did sex became bad?

Who, when, and How Sex Was Made A Sin??

The false Gnostic ideal that sex was a sin or evil was forced into the Christian thinking and is kept there by taking the Bible verses out of context.



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