Masturbation Debate Online Inkaboutit Reply 2

Masturbation Debate Online Inkaboutit Reply 2


Liberated Christian view of Sexuality and the Bible. God and sex. Christianity and sex. History of sexuality and Christianity. The proper context of sex in the Bible.

Bible Sexuality and Christianity

********Inkaboutit4u reply ********Masturbation is no more idolatry then eating food, or meeting any other basic need in life. Others try to tell us that we worship a tree because we have a Christmas tree in the house. This is the same faulty reasoning.

JTCL said:3) Masturbation in the long run increases lust in my opinion rather than relieves it as you believe.

********Inkaboutit4u reply ********If all you can think of is sexuality and then you masturbate your mind is clear and the stress removed. Just like if you have to go to the bathroom to urinate, but you resist, all you can think about is that you need to urinate. Then once you give in and meet that basic need to urinate, then your mind is clear and you can refocus on what you were doing. Masturbation only take a few minute, otherwise you thinking about sex can take hour of distraction. The longer you resist, the long you waste time thinking about sexual things, when you could be more concentrating on what you should be doing. I have learned over many years that the sooner I masturbate, the sooner my mind is cleared up and I can concentrate on the job I'm doing.

JTCL said:4) Masturbation almost always leads to fantasies. Sow a fantasy.. reap an act.

********Inkaboutit4u reply ********If you fantasy you are superman, do you become superman? All these web site talk about fantasies. Also remember you have many fantasies that you don't think are sinful. Just because you have faulty programming of the past does not mean what you think is always 100% correct




JTCL said:5) God will help you with sexual frustration if you ask him. Also God will forgive when you fall.

********Inkaboutit4u reply ********  God did help. He gave us masturbation to help. Just like God meet our other basic needs. A way of escape to help us overcome sexual sins.

JTCL said:6) I can not believe ministers that support masturbation. It is merely their own interpretation of scripture and it ignores 2,000 years of Church tradition.

********Inkaboutit4u reply ********You have not researched the history of masturbation and the church and Medical doctors. All the lies have been exposed. Check it out for yourself. Do you with eat fish on Friday. The Catholic Church did that for years. That was past down from the past. If the people of the past had faulty information then they would be pasting down faulty conclusions. Masturbation in this context is the massaging of your own gentiles, in private, not with other people. Gays also discourage solo sex, because they want to have sex with you, not solo. Just like prostitutes, if you have solo sex they make no money. Satan does not want you to have solo sex because he wants to tempt you to commit sexual sins. 1Cor 7:5

The Pleasure Bashers

********Inkaboutit4u reply ********Masturbation and the Bible. Masturbation for Good Health article which also goes into the history of the false traditional Christian teachings that have no biblical basis at: How masturbation got its bad rap. , Liberated Christians

A personal story about how MASTURBATION gave my life back to me. Also the theological Argument Against MASTURBATION--


I have seen this subject discussed in other Christian forums, and wanted to add something I thought was worth thinking about: Masturbation is having sex with yourself, and is like homosexual sex.

********Inkaboutit4u reply ********This person is way off base. Masturbation in this context is the massaging of your own gentiles, in private, not with other people. Gays also discourage solo sex, because they want to have sex with you, not solo. Just like prostitutes, if you have solo sex they make no money. Satan does not want you to have solo sex because he wants to tempt you to commit sexual sins. 1Cor 7:5

a sin, because it is idolatry - indulging self for no other purpose than self-gratification.

********Inkaboutit4u reply ********  This person forgets that almost everything they do everyday is for self gratification. Did they eat food today? Did they go to the toilet? Did they go to the store to buy something for them self? Did they take a shower? Hundreds of things everyday. Masturbation is meeting a basic need, just like meeting any other basic needs.

This is a study from the New Life ministry web site.

1. One of the main purposes of sex (male & female) is for companionship. (Specific = in a marriage relationship (Genesis 2:18). Masturbation does not promote companionship.

********Inkaboutit4u reply ********  This has nothing to do with masturbation. Going to the toilet does not promote companionship either. Eating food by yourself does not either. So is that a sin? This is meaningless and Faulty reasoning.

2. One primarily purpose for intimate sexual relations is multiplication (or reproduction (Genesis 1:28). Masturbation prohibits procreation.

********Inkaboutit4u reply ********  So what. Not getting married, also prohibits procreation. So was Paul sinning by not being married? Did you get married at puberty so you could get an early start? I masturbate 35 years and have 3 children. As do the other 90% of the population. This is just more faulty reasoning without thinking.

3. God made men and women with family role responsibilities (male and female). The husband was to be head of the home and care for the wife (Ephesians 5:23-26). (I Corinthians11:3). Masturbation says, "I am my own head."

********Inkaboutit4u reply ********  Again, nothing to do with masturbation. I'm married and have all the sex with my wife that she can handle and masturbation does the rest . This is just more faulty reasoning without thinking. He forgot to quota Eph 5:28, 29 love your own wife AS YOU LOVE YOUR OWN BODY: HE WHO LOVES HIS WIFE LOVES HIMSELF. 29 FOR NO ONE EVER HATED HIS OWN FLESH, BUT NOURISHES AND CHERISHES IT, ... If you don't know how to love your own body, how will you know how to love your wife's body? Love her body as you love your body. Masturbation is solo sex with your own hand. Husband and wife sex is, "look mom no hands" hands free sex. Hand free sex is more fun to me. Tell my wife not me.

4. Another purpose of sex (male & female) is to create an unique family unit (husband and wife). "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh" (Genesis 2:24). Masturbation is self-centered.

********Inkaboutit4u reply ********  I masturbate 35 years and have 3 children. As do the others of the population. This is just more faulty reasoning without thinking

5. An important purpose of intimate sexual relations is to give pleasure to the spouse (to bring gratification to the other). ...Defraud ye not one the other, except it be with consent for a time, that ye may give yourselves to fasting and prayer; and come together again, that Satan tempt you not for your incontinency" (I Corinthians 7:1-5). Masturbation brings self gratification.

********Inkaboutit4u reply ********  He forgot to mention that they got married at puberty (12-14 years old) and Paul is warning against sexual starvation , which the church is promoting or "Satan tempt you not for your incontinence" which support masturbation so Satan can't get a foothold. To masturbation and not meet your wife's needs is selfish and stupid. Love your wife is loving yourself. "Look mom no hands." Intercourse is masturbation without hands for both man and women. When your wife is missing then you have to make do with your hand or something else. Masturbation teaches you to be a better lover to your wife. People who are hung up with masturbation make poor lovers.

6. Masturbation does not promote the one flesh relationship between a husband and wife.

********Inkaboutit4u reply ********  Did Paul have one flesh relationship? Was he sinning? Intercourse is masturbation without hands for both man and women. When your wife is missing then you have to make do with your hand or something else. Masturbation teaches you to be a better lover to your wife. People who are hung up with masturbation make poor lovers.

7. Sexual desires for the opposite sex are natural. (Romans 1:26). Often masturbation and homosexuality or sodomy are linked.

********Inkaboutit4u reply ********  A lot of things are connected with homosexuality. They drive cars. Do you? They drink water. Do you? They do a lot of things that you do , so you may be gay also. I'm the farthest you can get from being a gay. I love women. More faulty reasoning without thinking. Guilt free and sin free Masturbation protects a Godly person from becoming gay. The church pushes people in the gay life style by take away the way of escape, masturbation. Because they pile on the masturbation guilt on them, so if they have to live with the same guilt as if doing the act , why not just do the act, its more fun. But when masturbation is fun and meets the need and is guilt less, why take the chance and get AIDS.

8. Any intimate sexual relations outside of marriage is a sin against oneself (self-destructive). "Flee fornication.

Masturbation seems to fit here.

see the 50 health benefits in masturbation with zero negatives.

********Inkaboutit4u reply ********  N/A. masturbation is not fornication. . More faulty reasoning without thinking.

9. We are to flee youthful lust (II Timothy 2:22). Masturbation is often tied to youthful lusts.

********Inkaboutit4u reply ********  Masturbation is for a life time starting at puberty and ending when you die. Just like all the other basic need we have daily that started at birth.

10. We are not to have control over our own body in marriage. Masturbation is having power over one's own body.

********Inkaboutit4u reply ********  This is incorrect thinking, to say something like that. Don't turn your brain off when you read the Bible. You missed the whole point of the verse. Does that mean that i can't get an erection without my wife? Did i lose that? Or does it mean when my wife want to have sex and put on hot pants and other sexy cloths, comes over and starts masturbation me with her hand or with something else, that this will cause an erection? Or if I want sex, I go to my wife and start masturbation her and kissing her and do things to turn her on and she enjoys it and gets turned on. Use your brain and think.

1. Most always people use pornography, a fetish (something pertaining to the opposite sex = example: underclothing), or mental imagery as an aid in masturbation. Yet, lusting with the eyes is committing adultery (Matthew 5:28). Also, we are to cast down vain imaginations and bring every thought captive to the obedience of Christ (II Corinthians 10:5). It is not uncommon that when a fetish is used in masturbation, that it may be required in marriage.

********Inkaboutit4u reply ********  These things are not required to masturbate. Not needed.  Tells the Christian man who is concern about lust free masturbation.

Most people take Matt. 5:28 out of context. Many misunderstand the setting of the sermon on the mount. Many turn there brain off and don't think. Talks about Matt 5:28

2. Sexual stimulation through masturbation before or during marriage may produce less gratification in the marriage relationship.

********Inkaboutit4u reply ********  Not true. The opposite is true. The wrong attitude about masturbation hurts marriage.

3. Sexual stimulation through masturbation may easily lead one to seek sexual gratification outside the marriage relation.

********Inkaboutit4u reply ********  Not true. The opposite is true. The wrong attitude about masturbation and sexual starvation greatly increases the temptation for people to go outside marriage to get their sexual needs meant.

4. If stimulation (masturbation) is someone's goal, why not have someone of the same sex stimulate you? Of course, the same sex stimulation is considered to be homosexuality! (Romans 1:26-27)

********Inkaboutit4u reply ********  These things are not required to masturbate. Not needed. To made masturbation a sin you have to add things to it. Is that what you mean.

5. Masturbation often becomes a substitute addiction replacing the natural sexual relations in marriage.

********Inkaboutit4u reply ********  Masturbation is not the problem, there are other problems. I always would rather have sex with my wife.


Sure would be a compromising position to be in when judgment day comes..."Oh, sorry Lord, had I known you were coming I would have been cleaning "my house" instead of doing this"...

********Inkaboutit4u reply ********  You assume masturbation is a sin. Wrong assumption cause faulty conclusions.

From: tbh62


I checked out some of the so called reasons why masturbation is not wrong that Samson2 quotes from and they are nothing but porn sites!!!

Of course they want you to think it's not wrong so that they can stay in business.

********Inkaboutit4u reply ********  RELY: Web sites at and the others are not porno sites and the Direct links are not porno sites. Check it out for yourself and let me know which ones you think are porno sites. I try hard to make sure that this does not happen

From: turkeydinner

To: Dear sword4him:

The immediate problem with masturbation, to me, is lust (which is definitely condemned by our Lord). So, if there is no lusting, is masturbation ok? (Actually, I have to wonder is masturbation still possible at this stage). I would say that it is questionable at best. It is a pale substitute for the real thing.

answers this clearly.

I am reminded of what Isaiah said in Is 55:2 - The point being, God's got the real thing, while Satan wants to peddle the phony stuff.

********Inkaboutit4u reply ********  This has nothing to say about masturbation at all. Just makes wrong man made assumptions.

From: inkaboutit -

********Inkaboutit4u reply ********  Samson2 was ban from responding to this forum. The best way to win a debate is to remove the other person in the debate so only one side is presented. This worked for Hitler. He had 38 political parties against him, so he killed most of the 38 leaders. If anyone disagrees, just get rid of them.

This is why some people are anti-masturbation, because of lies, faulty reasons, incorrect traditions, not getting all the facts, remove anyone who disagrees from the forums, misuse Bible verses, incorrect conclusions from Bible verses, and don't study the proper context of Bible verses.

Web sites at and the others are not porno sites and the Direct links are not porno sites. Check it out for yourself and let me know which ones you think are porno sites. I try hard to make sure that this does not happen.

I will reply to this forum on: if you would like to hear the other side of this issue.

From: tbh62

To: inkaboutit

The "direct links" may not be what you call porn sites, but you can definitely get there through those links. Sites such as wankers where there are stories such as "Masturbating: A 15 year old with an adult" "Watching Sis Masturbate" etc, etc... and jackinworld, all under the guise of "sex education".

********Inkaboutit4u reply ********  What you see below is the way I always have had it on the web site. I removed the link connection, but still left the address in case you wanted to do a copy and paste and check it out anyway. If you wander off my direct link you may find some porno. My purpose is not to promote porno, but to help Christians to do their own research without getting all the porno. The only way I can prevent any problems is to copy and paste all the linked sites into my web pages so there would be no outside links. But they have better layouts then what I am using.

The Bible and MASTURBATION.--This has a lot of good information, but I removed the link because it has 3 Nude male Paintings.

Why is MASTURBATION so Popular. Page 14 - 15 reasons.

Rub it for good health.(I removed the link)

This site has a lot of good information, but does have a very few nude pictures.



We are not anti-masturbation or anti-adultery or anti-gay or racist bigots as we have been called so many times

********Inkaboutit4u reply ********  You are not anti-masturbation? Thanks for being on my side.

Do we fall and struggle, of course. His word tells us we won't be perfect. But that doesn't give us free reign to use our bodies the way WE please and to continue

********Inkaboutit4u reply ********  Masturbation is not giving anyone free reign. Anymore then a back massage is.

in sin when we do fall, but to use it to the best of our ability in a way that pleases and honors and glorifies HIM.

Our bodies are made to be enjoyed between a married man and woman or in celibacy. God created sex and it is good when used in the way He created.

********Inkaboutit4u reply ********  Wrong man made assumption. Masturbation is natural, normal, and very healthy over 50 positive very healthy benefits. God gave the free gift of sexuality at puberty, not at marriage. In the N.T. they were married at puberty. Paul warns against sexual starvation.

Anything else is not His desire for His children and leads to a broken fellowship (though not a loss of salvation) with Him.

********Inkaboutit4u reply ********  Where does it say that masturbation will loose your fellowship with God? Again based on a man made assumption that masturbation is a sin.

Daveyboy44 -



********Inkaboutit4u reply ********  Another misuse of scripture, just for name calling purposes. Also taken out of context and not related to masturbation in any way.

HisLivingSacrifice -


Actually, I can pretty easily find sites that are about things most everyone here condemns (homosexuality, the "ask alice" site, wiccan stuff, etc.) just by using the link categories at the bottom of the page.

********Inkaboutit4u reply ********  Thanks for your help.

From: LARRY To: Angel

The only reference to masturbation I found was in Deuteronomy 23:9-14. It reads (Living Bible): "When you are at war, the men in the camps must stay away from all evil. Any man who becomes ceremonially defiled because of a seminal emission during the night must leave the camp, and stay outside until the evening; then he shall bathe himself and return at sunset." It goes on later to say "No prostitutes are permitted in Israel, either men or women; you must not bring to the Lord any offering from the earnings of a prostitute or a homosexual, for both are detestable to the Lord your God."

You are taking Bible verses out of context. Anyone who put himself under the law looses the Grace of God and is under law and must obey the whole law. Read Galatians.

1) This is a special time of War. Special rules for a special time, Think about it, if you are a General and wanted your men to be mean and killers, to go into Battle, then starve them sexually and they will become raging Bulls ready to kill anyone. Ceremonially defilement was also a short period of time and a special occasion to follow special rules only during that time. Masturbation is not a sin and did not need a sin offering, only a minor clean up of water. Just like sex with your wife required the same clean up. (So is sex with your wife a sin?)Is a women's period a sin?

2) This is under the law, not grace. Even under the law masturbation is not a sin. Uncleanness means many things. In some cases it just means to wash up. Like wash your hands because they are dirty or wash up after you have sex with your wife or masturbate and maybe a little messy but a lot of fun. I think you also should clean up. When you research uncleanness you will find out that having sex with your wife is also unclean, as well as a women's period is much more unclean then masturbation and having sex with your wife.

3) Then are sins of the OT that have been reverses under Age of Grace. But masturbation was not a sin in

the OT and is not a sin in the N.T..and is not a sin now in the Age of Grace. Even clear cut sins in the OT are not sins today. We are under Grace with much liberty, not bondage. We are under the law of love, the new commandment Jesus gave us, which is repeated over and over again in the NT masturbation is never in the NT

I believe that your reasoning is valid. If you feel guilty after masturbating, then it is probably

that the Holy Spirit is convicting you of a sin. For those unsaved reading this, perhaps it's Satan telling you it's OK.

********Inkaboutit4u reply ********  Reasoning is invalid and out of context. Wrongly dividing the Word of God. Lacking understanding on the meaning of uncleanness, war, and ceremony rules. Faults Guilt from faulty facts and lies of the past.

This is something that many people deal with. It's still illegal to masturbate in the military - a self-discipline thing. Perhaps what makes masturbation a sexual sin is that it involves lust of someone else, even if the mental picture is someone who doesn't exist. Lust is an emotion, and we are not to be led by our emotions but by the Holy Spirit.

Are you led by the Spirit when you are hungry or are you led by your stomach? When your urine sack is full of urine are you led by the spirit or by your urine sack, the bladder?

********Inkaboutit4u reply ********  Who cares what rules the military has or not have. Military does not determine what is sin or not. Also, WAR is a special time and occasion. A lot of things you do and don't do during war.

As far as lust that is another subject and is not needed to masturbate. No more lust then a back massage.



Have you ever been in the act of masturbating and wondered if someone was watching you from Heaven or from another dimension? Someone probably is. And I think that the Holy Spirit who lives inside of us must have to look away when we submit to our lusts.

********Inkaboutit4u reply ********  When you go to the toilet who is watching you? Are you sinning? Do you fart in front of others? Is farting a sin? Do you have sex with your wife on the side walk or in front of others?

God did create sex and sex is a good thing within the confines of a marriage.

Also for masturbation. Most Bible talks about sex and how we are to relate to others. Love your wife as yourself. How do you love your wife , then love yourself the same way.( including sexual love)

God did not create sodomy or bestiality pretend sex (prostitution) or pedophilia (spelling?)however; and I don't think that even masturbation, as innocent as it appears, was part of His plan for us. These activities are purely erotic and do not involve the divinely blessed love of a married man and woman. It is something that many of us need freedom from and I've heard of many who have been delivered from this "need".

********Inkaboutit4u reply ********  Incorrect comparison. Masturbation is solo and the others sexual activities involve others. Also being "connected together" , masturbation you are not "connected together" with anyone.

I think that if you pray and ask God about it, His Spirit will be kind enough to let you know if it's OK. The next step is to ask Him to help you overcome the urges.

Also check out the facts and lies of the past. Man made Guilt. Ask God question like : does He meet our needs? Why did Jesus say my Yoke is easy?



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