Masturbation Compare Gods Gift VS Sin

Compares some of the characteristics of sin and of masturbation. Is   MASTURBATION a sin? Or a gift from God. Compare and find your own conclusion.



When you compare some of the characteristic of sin or what's bad for you and some of the benefits of   masturbation, a person would wonder why anyone would think that   masturbation (  MASTURBATION) by itself could be any kind of sin.

Compares some of the characteristics of sin and   masturbation. Is   MASTURBATION a sin?


Sin causes stress.---   MASTURBATION removes or reduces stress. Stress is a major killer in itself.

Sin is Bad for a nation. ---   MASTURBATION causes no harm to any nation.

Sexual sins and unsafe sex , sometimes leads to diseases and may lead to death. ---   MASTURBATION does not cause any disease and helps reduce the temptation to have unsafe sex.

Sin causes sadness. ---   MASTURBATION cause happiness because of the removal and release of the build up sexual stress tension safely.

Sin is pleasurable for a short season only, then causes some conflicts and consequences. ---   MASTURBATION is pleasurable for a lifetime with no conflicts or consequences. It has over 50 health benefits for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Starving sin is good, but starvation of   MASTURBATION would be bad.

Sin clouds the mind and thinking. ---   MASTURBATION clears the mind and bring back clear thinking.

Sin causes resentment toward God. ---   MASTURBATION cause praise and thanks giving to God for giving the wonder gift of sexuality and that He meets the need for release of the build up sexual stress tension safely and in an enjoyable way.

The lack of sexual release may lead to a blockage, causing harm and pain and possibly cancer to the body. --- Regular   MASTURBATION keeps the sexual fluids moving, preventing any blockage. Reduces the risk of cancer.

Build up of sexual fluids causes undo sexual tension stress, which causes a stronger temptation to commit fornication and adultery. --- Regular   MASTURBATION reduces the temptation to commit fornication and adultery.

Sexual starvation for sexual stress tension release cause a person to be thinking of sex all the time. --- Regular   MASTURBATION stops the starvation., helps to bring thinking under control again.

Resentment toward God for not having a marriage partner to meet the need for sexual release torment. --- God meets the sexual stress tension release needed with   MASTURBATION at puberty, when He gave sexuality as gift. Praise goes to God for giving fun and enjoyable Gifts and meeting our needs.

Resentment toward your spouse and God for marrying a person with a much lower sex drive, causing sexual starvation. ---   MASTURBATION helps reduce the resentment and reduce the sexual starvation by meeting the need for release of the build up sexual stress tension

Some sins cause emotional disorders. ----   MASTURBATION causes no emotional disorders. Research has shown   MASTURBATION and sex is very important for good mental health, for relaxation.

Some sins cause causes psychopathology problems.---- The lack of   MASTURBATION causes psychopathology problems.

Some sexual sins cause sexual problems in marriage.----   MASTURBATION is used in treatment programs of man and women to help solve problems in marriage with very encouraging results.

Drunkenness sin hurts your liver.----   MASTURBATION does good for your liver.

Smoking Tobacco sin hurts your lungs----   MASTURBATION is good to your lungs.

Food gluttony is fattening.----   MASTURBATION is not fattening but helps you burn up calories.

Some actions or sins are offensive.---- Solo   MASTURBATION is done in private not to offense any one

A Sex starved frustrated adult may cause Child abuse.----   MASTURBATION releases some of this stress build up and helps prevent child abuse.

Some times sex sins can lead to aids which hurts the immune system.----Research shows that   MASTURBATION is a booster of the immune system.

Some sins cause pain.---- Research shows that   MASTURBATION relieves pain. It releases endorphins, a natural pain reliever relaxes the whole body.

Some Sins reduces self confidence.---- Enjoyable   MASTURBATION is enjoy your self, making you feel good about yourself. (assume you understand the man made Guilt trip is from men and not God.)

Some sex sin cause a women to get pregnant out of wed lock.----   MASTURBATION gets no one pregnant.

Rape is sin.----   MASTURBATION reduces the temptation and helps prevent rape by removing some of the sexual stress tension build up.

Incest is a sin.----   MASTURBATION reduces the temptation and helps prevent incest by removing some of the sexual stress tension build up.

Lack of sexual release may cause violence's. ----   MASTURBATION helps prevent violence by removing some of the sexual stress tension build up.

Lack of sexual release cause a Bad Attitudes.----   MASTURBATION creates a better attitude and helps keep harmony in relationships.

Sin does not give a sense of well being in children.---- Research shows that children who   MASTURBATION have a higher sense of well being and desire for personal development.

Some Sins hurt Marriage.---- When partners   MASTURBATION before marriage, this improves sex in marriage.

Some sins make people sick.----   MASTURBATION makes you healthier in body, mind, soul, and spirit.

Some sins shorten life.---- Research shows that   MASTURBATION helps people live longer and happier.

Sin takes away the abundant life.----   MASTURBATION increases the abundant of life.

You ask forgiveness for sins.---- You give praise to God for His wonderful free gift of sexual enjoyment starting at puberty.

Sin has negative consequences.----   MASTURBATION has no negative consequences.

Some sins cause painful frustrations.----   MASTURBATION causes enjoyment, fun, and relaxation.

Some sins take away our peace.----   MASTURBATION causes peace of mind.

Fornication sin is against your own body.----   MASTURBATION makes your own body more healthy.

Sin may cause depression. ----   MASTURBATION cheers you up. Helps to bring you out of depression.

Sin may put stress on the heart.---- Research shows that   MASTURBATION reduces heart disease.

Sin may stress the body and may cause sickness. ---- Research shows improved levels of T cell in white blood cells which improves the effectiveness of the immune system. Sex acts like a first aid solution.

Sin can cause negative outlook.----   MASTURBATION and sex cause more positive outlook and more self reliant.

Some Sins cause other bad qualities to come out. ---- Research shows sexual satisfaction helps bring out the best qualities that we have.


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Research shows that the lack of sexual enjoyment or lack of sexual stress tension release can causes irritability, insomnia, psychosomatic disorders, depression, and even hopelessness leading to suicide.

Sin is not required.  masturbation is required

People who don't masturbate are less sensual. I have met some women who said that they have never had an orgasm. All of those women were firmly against   masturbation.

  masturbation is the art of turning yourself on, and if you can't turn yourself on, how can you expect someone else to do it? Orgasms are complex reactions that are different almost every time. People who don't explore the art of sexual ecstasy when alone will be less skilled at achieving sexual pleasure even when they are with someone else.

People who don't masturbate tend to be less relaxed during sex. If someone is unable to touch or stimulate their sensitive sex organs themselves, they will also be uptight when someone else touches them.

Also, if they are unpracticed at touching themselves, they will be helpless in instructing their partner on how they like to be touched. Finally even though the other partner is often of the opposite sex, people who can't touch themselves are often less skilled at touching others.

People who don't masturbate tend to find sex disgusting We are taught from a young age that sex and sex organs are gross and to be hidden. People who don't explore their sex organs through   masturbation, tend to hold-on to the fear and disgust about sex organs. By masturbating with a positive attitude, people come to accept themselves and their bodies which allows them to be more comfortable when they are naked with their partner.


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Evolution (or God )may have even designed us to be masturbators. Notice when you are standing where your hand falls if you hang it in front of you. Apes do it, dogs and cats do it, elephants do it and even porcupines have been observed doing it, probably very carefully. One reason we may be so programmed, paradoxically, is to increase our odds of producing offspring. Older sperm can lose their ability to swim well. A good masturbatory flush guarantees fresh, robust sperm for mating.




For men,   masturbation or regular sex is good for the prostate and can prevent painful prostate blockage. For women it can help reduce cramping and for both men and women has been shown to have a healthy effect on the immune systems as well as reducing overall tension and helping emotions.


Storing seminal fluids for long periods can also cause prostate congestion, which in turn can lead to urinary and ejaculatory pain. Regular ejaculations, either through   masturbation or intercourse, can help ward off this condition, also called nonspecific prostatitis and, for obvious reasons, "sailor's disease" and "priest's disease."

  masturbation is also an ever-renewable health resource. In fact, the people who start the earliest and do it the most often are the ones who do it longest into old age. So, as with all sexual activity, it's "use it or lose it."

Another potential concern is reliance on   masturbation for sexual pleasure to the exclusion of intimacy with another person. But in such cases,   masturbation is probably a symptom, not a cause, of larger psychological barriers to intimacy. Most people want relationships. But if you're scared of them, you might stick with   masturbation exclusively.


As one women said on the internet: "Sexual release is just as important as any kind of emotional release. Saying that you shouldn't masturbate is like saying that you shouldn't cry when you're upset or hurt, or that you should hold in anger and other emotions. I see no difference between sexual release and emotional release. Not releasing will only result in stress and health problems. And I know that I need no more stress in my life. I figure, if something helps a person relieve stress, clear their mind, and make them feel better (that doesn't hurt others, mind you), then more power to them."


Solo Ejaculations Maintain Healthy Prostate For Men


Solo Sex is Good For You: When you consider the health benefits, it makes sense that smart, sexy men would opt for lots of solo sex. First, erections are good for erections: Each time you have an erection, you recharge the penis with tissue-nourishing oxygen that ultimately keeps you going longer, stronger, This is even more vital for older men who have fewer nighttime erections to provide the oxygen replenishing.


Second, many urologists consider three or four ejaculations a week good medicine for the prostate, since each ejaculation empties the prostate of built-up secretions (kind of like the way a sneeze clears the nose). Throw in the psychological benefits you get from having orgasms and you've got an equation for sexual health. And it makes no difference whether you're having intercourse or masturbating--as far as your body's concerned, a climax is a climax.


--Men's Confidential


Harold Litten (author of The Joy of Solo Sex and More Joy...An Advanced Guide to Solo Sex) responds: The point of the above... is that brinkmanship, while lots of fun and harmless, doesn't empty the prostate and therefore isn't a good idea as a steady diet. That has been my suspicion all along and now I find additional confirmation. It comes from Ken Goldberg, M.D., in Volume II No. 4 of Prime Health and Fitness: "Finally, although I know this one will be tough to face, try to ejaculate regularly. Because the prostate provides some of the fluid in semen, ejaculation may help keep it well-drained. You can consider that a prescription."

One or two fully satisfying ejaculations a week should be sufficient--even fewer if your semen production is low. (Quoted from Celebrate The Self -- The Magazine of Solo Sex, Jan.- Feb. 1997. See our "Sources" section on this website for more information about this excellent magazine and how you can subscribe. They also publish Dr. Litton's great books mentioned above.)




Truth with set you free. Lies, keeps you in bondage and keeps you from liberties you should be enjoying. The past is full of lies concerning   masturbation and have cause faulty conclusions. In the past the Catholic Church made sexuality a sin so they could tax the people by making them pay money for their sins. They also made sex inside marriage a sin. These ideals have been past down to us. Lies have been exposed but man still hanging on to traditions, man made traditions and man made sins. Creating faults guilt and shame for being normal human beings. Truth will set you free to enjoy God's gifts, liberties, mercy, and loving grace.


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