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Over the last 15 years I have received 1000’s of very positive loving incest stories in my Guest books. Here is one that was recently email to me at I will Share it with you.


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Emails to me::

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Jan 29 at 7:23 AM


I have had sexual relationships with 4 members of my family throughout my life.

It started when I lost my virginity to
my cousin when I was 17. Although my cousin is 5 years older than me, we were nearly always in each others company when we were growing up. We became very close, but nothing happened between us until she phoned me one day. Her husband was working away and she wanted to know if I fancied going over to see her. One thing led to another and we ended up in bed. I continued sleeping with my cousin for about 2 years.

After that I went to live with
my Aunt, who was 44 year's old. I went to live with her because she lived on own and had recently had her house broken into whilst she was asleep. She was having sleepless night's after that so she asked my mom if I would mind staying there until she felt that she could live by herself again. I had been living there for about 3 months when my aunt came into my bedroom one night, because she thought that I had left the bedroom light on. In actual fact, I had a copy of Playboy magazine in one hand and my c... In the other. My aunt walked over to the bed, took off her nightdress and got into bed with me. To cut a long story short, we ended up living together for just over23 year's until she died. We had a few comments from other members of the family but my mom gave us her full blessing.

After my aunt's death I moved back to live with
my mom. Again nothing happened until one night after I had had a shower. My mom had asked me to run a bath for her whilst I had my shower. It walked from the bathroom dressed in my birthday suit when my mom walked out of her bedroom dressed in her birthday suit. We both just stood there, looking at each other when my mom said that it looks like that you are pleased to see me. My c... was standing to attention, I couldn't hide it anywhere. She then asked me how long had it been since I last slept with a woman and I told her that it was over 12 months when I had been living with my Aunt, which was my mom's sister. She then said that we will have to do something about that. She then took hold of my c... and led me into her bedroom where we had sex. My mom was 69, but looked more like 59. She was a size 16 and had beautiful body. That night I slept in her bed all night and the following morning we made love again. We decided that we would carry on living together until one of us decided that we no longer wanted to do that. Neither of us said anything and we had a very happy sex life for the next 16 years.

 I am now back living with my cousin again and I have only recently been told that my cousins daughter is my daughter. In between all this I had a brief fling with one of my other cousins. I am now nearly 60 year's old and I have only had sex with someone in my family. I have never had sex with anyone else.


Hi Sender,  From

Thanks for you email and consensual incest story. Great story, and i would love to put it on my web site after i remove your name ,of course. I never put a incest story online without first  removing any personal names. Is that ok to add it to my web site?

To me incest should be the norm. Everyone should enjoy incest sex.
Most all thousands of  incest stories i get in my guest books, are all positive and very good experience.     God was very pro-incest at creation.      God created all animals and humans, one male and one female. So God holy and ordain plan,  by God was to populate the world using incest for all humans and all animals. 


But that changed with Adam and Eve’s  corrupt and confuse thinking that most people reject God's creation plan and obey evil sinful, corrupt thinking  Adam and Eve's plan instead. They still do today.


God's original plan of 100% public nudity and sexual freedom for all to have many sex partners over a life time and include  enjoy incest sex,  all with no shame and no guilt from man or God.

In college i had a very close  girlfriend who had sex with her father between 8 -12. But she was fearful to tell anyone ever her future husband , she explained that she had sex with her father between 8 - 12 and that her father went to jail for 1 year because of that.


This is way before i did all this research on sex and the Bible and research on incest. So i was very ignorance on incest and had the wrong church anti-sex thinking as my background. But even then her having sex with her father was no big deal to me at all. I told her its not a big deal in the least, if she had sex with her loving father. I told her that any husband more and likely would be more concern that she would want and enjoy  sex with him and if having sex with her loving father would reduce or effect any sexual enjoyment with him. She said, “ no it would Not,  she had a high sex drive and she enjoys  sex a lot.


 Her biggest concern with having sex with her father was how it would effect her furture husband thinking about her and her loving father. All i could think about was she was lucky because i wish i could have had sex with my mother or sister or cousin or anybody. But i did not, I missed out.  I still think that today.


I think People who greatly enjoy sex and have a strong sex drive would enjoy sex with a loving parent or loving sibling also.


But People who have a low sex drive and don’t enjoy sex that much, or are less physical, or have been brainwashed that incest sex or any sexual freedom is bad or wrong with a man made guilt and shame trip,  may not enjoy incest sex.

In marriage, Why do we treat each other like "owned property" or "slave" or "prisoner" to us sexually. If we love someone, shouldn't we  give them the gift of sexual freedom to have many sex partners for sexual enjoyment.  Why do we think that just because we marry someone that we would never enjoy sex with some one else?

Jesus said, ”Say NO vows.”

In heaven Jesus said there is NO marriage.

If Adam and Eve ate from the, “tree of (eternal) life” there would be NO marriages. It would have been “heaven” on earth with no marriages. One male, one female animals were not married,  and Adam and Eve was NOT  “married” at creation. The "cleaving to “women” NOT “wife" in Gen 2:23-24In Gen 3:16 was the first “sinner’s marriage”.

The affair rate in marriage is between 60% to 80% . So if it is that high , why don't we accept the fact , one or the other spouse is  more an likely going to have sex with some one else over a life time. But , when it happens the other spouse is in total shock, "How could this happen to me?" altitude. Then they become "holier-then-thou and kick the other spouse out of the house and become a “devil” and tread them like hell. It has not happen to me, but i have seen it happen so many times, over and over, inside my family relations, and out side of it and in the church.

With out any warning "" shut down my web site of over 12 years, with thousands of pages of info, all  because i let people write their positive incest stories in my guest book, problem was they had detail of the sexual enjoyment, too many details. I should have edited them or move them to an adult web site. But with no warning homestead just shut it down. I am still trying to rebuild it on .

O well i have gone on long enough, so get back to me about removing your name from the story and i put it on my web site so others can read it.


Thanks again for your story. It is a wonderful story. God Bless You with many blessings.


From: Sender      to:

Thank you for your reply. I do give you permission to delete my name from the email etc.

I fully agree with you regarding your views. My relationships have not affected me in any way. In three of my relationships, I have been totally in love with my Aunt . If it had been legal, we would have got married. We did discuss of going to another country where this would have been possible, but in the end we both thought that it would be a waste of money because it wouldn't be recognized over here.

 I have always been in love with my mom but never thought that I would spend 16 very happy year's as her lover. I always called her mom, even when I was being intimate.

My cousin is now my lover  and we will be together for the rest of our lives.

Keep up the good work.

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