Guilt and Shame Why Feel Guilty

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Maybe you think you are some kind of sex maniac or have some kind of sex addiction or maybe addicted to porno.

I disagree. You are not, let me try to prove it to you.

Did you have a strong , out of control sex drive before puberty? Did you have a strong , out of control Porno addiction before puberty?If yes, then your puberty started much earlier then others. Most people who have these problems after puberty.

Your problem is more caused by the lack of understanding of your body, your sexuality, the Bible, God and Faults guilt.

In a few minutes I can help you understand and show you that you can totally control your sex cravings and your Porno cravings with very little effort. Even if you have hundreds of sex magazines in your home you will be able to say "No thanks"

This will help you to be more obedience to God and help you not to be tempted to fornicate or commit adultery acts or commit homosexual acts. Also, minimize lustful thinking in time. Also this may help you to be full of the joy of the Lord and Give God the Glory.

Let take a look at fault guilt.

If I tell you that you are sinning and you should feel ashamed and even quote Bible verses, then you may feel guilty. But if you see a misunderstanding and faulty thinking, then, you can see pass it and not feel guilty.

Follow this story maybe you can relate.

If you drink a gallon of water and then determine that you are not going to empty out your bladder. What would happen? Your bladder would gradually start filling up. You can’t stop it. 100% of normal health people after drinking a large amount of water will need to urinate. Now suppose the bladder becomes 120% full. It ready to burst. What happens to your body? What is going on in you mind? The only thing you can think of is to urinate and get your bladder emptied. You would be in great pain, under a lot of stress, you may start doing different physical things like wiggling your legs, girding your teeth and make funny faces, etc. The desperate need to urinate take total control of you. You are possess by your bladder. You become very impatience, and the pain increased. You don’t care about anything else other than to urinate to empty your bladder. You become an out of control urinator maniac.

Just an hour ago you heard a great sermon about if you are not in control of your body then you are sinning. By now you are totally out of control. More urine is entering your bladder. You are in great stress and pain and you can’t take it any more so you let lose and urinate 100% and wet your pants, but, it feels so good and great comfort your stress level went to zero and your mind is free no more need to think of the need to urinate no more pain.

You are in control again and if you want to think about urinating you can, but, you chose not to. But also you feel ashamed and guilty of lack of control , feeling stupid, and sorry for what you did. You must be a bad sinner unable to control your body. You feel like beating yourself upfor losing control and feeling like a bad sinner.

Now you are thirsty so you drink another gallon of water and this time you are determined that it will not happen again. But it happen all over again just like before. Totally out of control, impatience, only thinking of my own needs, wanting only for the pain and stress to go away, and again the great relief and joy and removal of stress when letting go 100% when the bladder got empty, but the shame and guilt

Then you drink another gallon of water, but this time it will be different. And everything repeated just as before. This was repeated over and over and over.

By now you are 100% convince there is no hope for you. You are the worst sinner in the world. Possessed by your bladder and now a urinator maniac. No discipline over your body or your mind, only thinking of your need to urinate, self centered and only thinking of your own need, everytime a lot of joy when I urinate and I empty out my 120% full bladder. Great stress relief. But the guilt and shame.

You stop going to church, stop reading your Bible, and think how could God love a urinator manic like me? The torment. Just before you ready to commit suicide you tell a friend. You tell him the whole story and explain how shameful you are and guilty and selfish and self seeking and thoughtless, impatience, you want it now , can’t control my own body,. You are fearful you are a urinator maniac, out of control and on your way to hell with no hope.

Then your friend tells you, that you only have a minor misunderstanding problem. You are not a urinator maniac. Urinating is common to 100% of all health people in the world. God designed your body to urinate. God has a great design. Give God the praise. The key to your urination problem is to when your bladder get about 50% full, don’t wait any longer just go to the bathroom and urinate. If you body makes more urine then just go to the bathroom more frequently when your bladder is only about 50% full each time. This will avoid all your problem. You are not a urinator maniac. Just pay more attention to your body and the first sign of a need to urinate go straight to the bathroom and urinate.

This is 100% normal and health. Don’t wait until you are 120% full and you can’t stand it and you are out of control. Learn how much time it takes to fill your bladder and urinate everytime at about 50% of that total time never let it get to 100% and your problem with disappear over night. You will be in total control for the rest of your life. If you want to be a urinator maniac just continuously drink water and stop going to the bathroom. You will become a urinator maniac just like the guy in the story.

Your body is always producing sexual fluid continuously, non-stop, day in and day out. Your sex bladder is filling up. When it gets to 120% full you start acting like the urinator maniac. You need a friend to let you know that you should empty out your tank at 50% level and not wait until it gets to 120% full. This started at puberty. Everyone one has a different production of fluid. Some are full in 5 hours, some in 10 hours some longer and some shorter. It may change from time to time, sometime it gets long and sometimes it gets shorter. Learn your body and your fill full tank time period and empty it at the 50% mark or so but don’t let it get to 100% level.

You will find you problem disappearing almost overnight.

You may notice there are times.( Doctor say about 5 times every night and different times during the day) that you will have a hard-on for no reason at all. You are not lusting . It just happens. Take advantage of the situation do not wait for later empty your tanks and don’t wait for 100% or 120% Some may need to empty every 4 hours, others every 8 hour others once a day others once a month and so on.

This idea is common to do with all your other appetites. You basically do this with them already.

If you never eat food, sooner or later, that is all you start thinking about it is only normal. You can lust over food but how you avoid it is to create a schedule or a routine of eating food. Same with water. Stop drinking any fluids and you will become a fluid maniac. Out of control.

Learn your body. When you get to the place that all you can think about is sex, then, maybe you tanks are 120% full.

Do a test - empty your sexual fluids by masturbation 3 times in 40 minutes and then you will see your sex drive goes to almost zero.

Sex is a gift from God to both singles and married. Always give God the glory when ever you empty your tanks. Your joy for the Lord will greatly increase and your stress will greatly decrease. You will find that you may masturbate more and lust less.

You will have less craving for porno because many times you will have natural hard-on. Take advantage of those times and you will find little need for porno. Porno is very attractive when you have full tank and less attractive on totally empty tanks.

If you praise and worship God after you empty your tanks you will find much less satanic influence because satan does not want you to praise and worship God. Satan enjoys fault guilt trips and wants to take your joy of the Lord away.

Give glory to God and enjoy being a 100% normal health male with a normal health God given sex drive. Stop beating up on yourself. Stop copping the urinator maniac. Do the 50% rule instead.


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