Gnostic Lies Gets Into Churches Thinking

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The false Gnostic ideal that sex was a sin or evil was forced into the Christian thinking and is kept there by taking the Bible verses taken  out of context.

By just reading a Bible verse for face value without explaining the proper context you can make it say something else, other then the true meaning and purpose.

Knowing the author's sexual biases, the culture, and who they are speaking to, where they are, why is it being said, are all-important to find the true meaning of the text. You can proof false ideas by taking verses out of context.

God designed sexuality and said it was very good. To say sex is bad is a major contradiction to God and his design. We are under one law, the law of Love. The law of love fulfills the whole law.

Adam and Eve were under basically the same law of love that we are. What rules and laws did Adam and Eve have? Adam and Eve were a new creation of God. We are new creation in Christ.

Old things are passed away all things become new. In Christ we are 100% pure. Titus 1:15 "to the pure all things are pure... to the unbeliever all things are impure." In Christ we are alive, a "new creation", as Adam was a "new creation". We have one law, "the law of love", as Adam had basicly one law, "the law of love". Did God give Adam a long list of laws, or rules, or a long list of sex rules?

Many people want to put Christians under heavy burden of a long list of rules and laws. Christians only have one law, the law of love.

In the Gospels a lot of Jesus words were to people trusting in the law to get them to heaven. Many times he would "one up" them. He would increase the laws or rule or burden, ex. "You have to be prefect to get to heaven", but to the believer "you are 100% pure in Christ alone".

 "Blessed are you..." But people misunderstand that and read Jesus words and put a heavy burden on themselves as if they were the unbeliever trusting in the law alone, that he was talking to.

The Sermon on the Mount is greatly misunderstood for that reason. Some of it (after Mt. 5:17 for ex.) was spoken to unbelievers not to Christians.

 It is a "one upmanship" where Jesus "one up" them because they thought they were ok trusting in the law alone to get them to heaven. Jesus doesn't not want Christians going around pucking out their eyes or cutting off their hands. Is that the plan of salvation? Do we earn our salvation? Are Christians in danger of hell?

That verse is a major contradiction to the plan of salvation. If preachers demand to misusing the context , then they will have to change their plan of salvation to have us cut off our hands and puck out our eyes. This verse is only to unbelievers who are trusting in their own works to get them to heaven and not for the Christians at all. Mt 5:28 is also not for Christians for the same reason.

Also the church has the wrong definition for adultery and lust.

Sexual “desire” is not evil, it is part of God's design. Mt 5:28, the way the church teaches it, is a major contradiction to God's sexual design. (check my web pages)


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