Fornication wrong definition many reasons

They say Fornication = porneo = sexual immoral = single sex = premarital sex,

Bible say Fornicator do not go to heaven..

Common sense tells you that is wrong definition.

So now think why would someone not be able to go to heaven or go to hell for eternally.

Pagan worshipers worshiping pagan gods , they clearly would not go to heaven. 

But Godly men in the Bible had lots of sexual freedom and lots of sex partners.

SOS greatly praise sexual enjoyment with a married man Solomon with 80 wives and 60 concubines (SOS 6:8) and seduce a single girl to marry him and be his 141  sex partner. 

They are not married because she is still a virgin per SOS 8:10. Jewish married women had sex in the middle of their wedding day to proof they were vaginal virgin and their hymen breaks and blood the bed sheets that are given to the parent as proof they sold a virgin daughter.

Today wrong definitions of both adultery and fornication would say Solomon did adultery over 1000 times and that he is an fornicator. Bible say fornicator go to hell.

The Bible never called Solomon an adulterer and not a fornicator no where in the Bible. This proves today definition is wrong.

Paul clearly defines fornication as the joining in with the pagan worship of a pagan fertility god compare 1 Cor 10:8 and Nu 25:1-9 and Nu 31 where God had killed 23,000 to 24,000 Israelite for joining in with the  worship of a pagan fertility god. 

Then in Nu 31 he had killed all people who join in with the pagan worship of the pagan fertility god but gave 16,000 very young pagan girls to priest and 16,000 pagan young girls to the 12,000 soldiers as reward for fighting.

These 32,000 non-Jewish girls would become their concubines. They could have sex with them if they desired. This also would clearly cause polygamy and multiple sex partners for the priest and soldiers, a reward from God himself.

God clearly is very pro-sexual pleasure with many sex partners and pro-polygamy and pro-concubines.

God clearly shows his great angry for people who join in with the pagan fertility god worship major violation of first and most important commandment.

This be clearly shows the correct meaning for fornication and why fornicators go to hell .

But at the same time shows God is pro-polygamy and pro-sexual pleasure with many sex partners. You can also prove this in other parts of the Bible.

Ex 21:10, Where a man marries a 2nd wife and he is require to meet the SEXUAL NEEDS of the first wife. If he does not,  she is free to leave,  without paying him any money.  

Clearly this show God thinks sexual needs are very important.  Also proves God supports polygamy, part of God giving sexual freedom to all at creation.

Ex 21:4, Where a master loans one of his wives to his servant to meet the servant 's sexual needs as a loaner wife acting like a wife but is only a loaner sex partner. This both support polygamy and loan your wife to meet another man sexual needs is NOT adultery or NOT  fornication of any kind. The servant is single having sex with married women, NOT a sin at all.

Also it answers the question, "who owns the Children that the servant makes with the loaner wife," the master owns the Children because his wife make the Children as a loaner sex partner .

So when a Christian loans his wife to a friend to meet his sexual needs and the wife get pregnant by him,  whose child is it? Ex 21 :4  verse answers that question.

Married women sex with a single guy clearly is NOT fornication and NOT adultery. This support sexual swingers swapping wife sex partners with other men.

Per today WRONG DEFINITIONS this would be called both adultery and fornication. Clearly it is NOT. Proves they have the WRONG Definition of sexual words in the Bible.

The whole book of SOS,

In Creation you clearly see God created all creation 100% nudist, and 100% creation is very pro-sex with build in instinct to desire many sex partners by all creations.

If Adam ate from "tree of (eternal ) life" all creation would be nudist for all eternally including all humans per God's desire, per God's design, per God's creation plan.

NO one would be married, because in heaven no marriage per Jesus.  Lots of sex but no marriages.

Today wrong definition of fornication would say everyone would be doing fornication forever, all "single sex". Clearly they have the wrong definition for fornication. They would not go to hell,  because this would have been heaven on earth.

It clearly is NOT single sex at all. Clearly NOT "premarital sex" at all.

Apr 18 at 8:00 PM reply******I greatly disagree with Dictionary definition for fornication. "Tradition of Men " definition.

Fornication is NOT single sex, but is pagan fertility god worship.

Common sense tells you that it is wrong. Their wrong fornication definition creates many contradictions.

It creates a new plan of salvation, Jesus plus anti-sexual freedom to go to heaven. Fornicator do not go to heaven. God clearly is very pro-sex and sexual pleasure, he invented both. People do not go to hell just because God gave a high sex drive.

Lev 15: 16-18 clearly show masturbation and partner sex is NOT even a sin because NO sin offering is required at all,  meaning it clearly is NOT any sin under the most strictest ceremonial laws in the whole Bible. It is not a sin anywhere else in the whole Bible. All other verses are not talking about  masturbation at all,  and are taken out of context.

It create millions of divorces and create lot of fear, worry, and confusion.

Their wrong definition would wrongly send over 80% of Godly men in the Bible to hell.

Their wrong fornication definition chases away million from going to Church. It chases away Godly Christians from going to Church.

[b]It made over 75% Young Christians feel that they failed as a Godly Christian.

[b]Dictionary reflexes how a word is being used , but may not be correct. Hundreds of years ago the Catholic Church using corrupt indulgence money to get money for their major building programs of the time, corruptly declaring sex to be a sin, so they could get more money

[url] [/url]

They came up with these wrong Bible sexual word term definitions that we still have today.

These wrong definitions passed down for many generations become "tradition of Men" teachings. When you try to apply these wrong definitions in the Bible they do not fit. 

The Bible, itself, defines fornication correctly and exposes these wrong "tradition of Men" dictionary definitions. Compare 1 Cor 10:8 to Nu 25: 1-9, Nu 31 

St. Paul defines fornication correctly in 1 Cor 10:8 referring back to Nu 25: 1-9, which defines fornication. This definition will fit in all 39+ verses where fornication is used in the Bible.

The correct definition is: the joining in with the worship of a pagan fertility god, one of Baal's many gods of the Bible times to get a promise of good farm crops (make more money farming). 

The bait pagans used to get both Hebrews and Christians, was to have a sex orgy to worship the pagan fertility god. 

Both singles and married joined in with this pagan fertility god worship.

God gave all creation, including all plant, all animals, all humans, sexual freedom at creation, the Hebrews knew this. (2 Sam 12:8, SOS 6:cool SOS 6:8

So Satan and pagans took advantage of this God given sexual freedom given by God at creation, to use it as bait to get them to join in the worship of this pagan fertility god.

God got very angry because of the worship of a pagan fertility god worship was a super major violation of both the Hebrew's first commandment and violation of the Christian's Law of Love. 

This super major violation could send people to hell because it violated the most important command from God.
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