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So the Mormon's with their many wives are justified..

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God clearly promote polygamy in the Bible. Do your own research online.  God gave all creation sexual freedom to have many sex partners over a life time given at creation by God. 2 sam 12:8, SOS 6:8, Nu 31, all the Godly men in the OT that had many wives and concubines are Godly examples, Deut 25:5, Gen 38:8 where God forces a brother to marry another brother wife to make babies with her is example of God forced polygamy.

All plants, all animals, all humans God built in instinct to have many sex partner over a life time. That is God’s creation design and God’s desire. Only Humans reject God’s creation design and God’s desire.

..makes since about the Roman law of one man one woman...same gender sex would still be fornication, right?.

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I expain the correct definition of fornication already. Fornication is the joining in with the pagan fertility worship of pagan god. Compare 1 Cor 10:8 and Nu 25: 1-9, Nu 31

Being gay in not fornication. Total man made tradition of men definitions not from the Bible at all.  When it comes to sexuality they violate every hermeneutic rules you can think of and take everything out of context to come up with their wrong sexual conclusions.

..How about masturbation?  Would that be fornication?

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Masturbation is clearly NOT fornication .  Again a totally lie.  Survey show  94% people masturbate and the others are just liars. Basic 100% normal people masturbate. So,   Do you really believe that creator God gave all human a normal health sex drive to send everyone to hell or to beg forgiven every time they enjoy their God given, God designed sex drive.  NO.

Common sense tells you that is a lie. God’s creation clearly show that is a lie.

 Also Lev 15:16-18 clearly describe masturbation and partner sex and both are clearly not a sin,  clearly,  no sin offering is required at all meaning it is clearly is not a sin. This is under the most strictest ceremonial rules of all the Bible,  no where else in all the Bible does it say masturbation is a sin, Nowhere.

They again take many verses totally out of context to back up the false teachings. If you think  masturbation is a sin then you also have to call all partner sex a sin per Lev 15:16-18. Both are not sin and do not require any sin offering at all. Masturbation and partner sex are both wonderful gifts from God for all to enjoy per God’s sexy creation.

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