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Thanks for visiting the website of the Liberated Christian Church Association.  We are an association made up of 316 churches meeting across the United States and Canada.   We exist to minister to local Liberated Christian groups and provide them with startup assistance, legal support, etc.

Please visit the links about to learn more about what Liberated Christian Churches are all about.

About Liberated Christianity...
Liberated Christianity is a movement that began in 1986 in New York City, New York.  Since that time, a dedicated group of liberated Christians have worked to break down barriers erected by the traditional, control-seeking church and offer a ministry that reaches out to a wide variety of people who have been disenfranchised by traditional Christian churches.    In May, 2008, there were 316 liberated Christian churches in our association.

What We Believe...

e believe in a higher power - God, creator, Jehovah.

We believe that Jesus Christ lived and died as an example to humankind and that through His death, we have a relationship with God.

We believe in respecting humanity and the world around us.

We believe in helping those who are less fortunate or in need.

We believe in that we are to enjoy that life that we have been given - spiritually, socially, and sexually.

What We Are Not...

We are NOT an anti-government cult.

We are NOT an elite group of snobs.

We are NOT a swinger's club or a sex club. 

Getting Involved

There are currently 316 independently chartered Liberated Christian Churches meeting across the United States and Canada.  If you are interested in finding a church in your area, please contact .  

Our association is always looking for people who are open to serving as a church leader or planter.  We have seven missionaries who have formal education in religion and church leadership and are invaluable in helping to start new groups.  We can provide legal and financial assistance to those who are interested in starting a liberated Christian ministry.

Contact Us


Mailing Address:
Association of Liberated Christian Churches
PO Box 7415
Brooklyn, NY  11211

Liberated Christian Church - Huntsville, Alabama

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A Place to Call Home

Huntsville Liberated Christian Church is a family-oriented ministry for open-minded Christian nudists.   

While we serve our community and the world around us, we welcome those who are interested in Liberated Christianity to be  a part of our fellowship by viewing the "Contact Us" link. 

Our resort and worship center are located just outside of Huntsville, Alabama.


Intimate Time...

  We ARE NOT a swinger's club or a sex club.  Sexuality is not the focus of liberated Christian churches.    However, sexuality is a part of our worship.  Those who find sexuality repulsive or are offended by openness will not be at home in a liberated Christian church fellowship.

We believe that the Creator loves sex and that sex can be not only enjoyable, but also an element of worship.  The intimate element of liberated worship is very personal.  Every person has a right to participate with others in the way that he or she chooses.   As long as those involved participate willingly, everyone is happy.  

In summary, the intimate time is a time of open enjoyment of a sexual nature.  This is not a sex party but a time of worship that employs human sexuality and pleasure.   

Protection/birth-control are optional but EVERYONE who is involved in the intimate time MUST have a quarterly blood test and commit to full health disclosure for the safety of our church family.



What We're All About...

  If you're not already a part of a liberated fellowship and are wondering what we're all about what we do, here is a bit of information for you! We're basically about loving each other and the world around us without harsh judgment or hate. Even though we are open to everyone who is of age and shares in our beliefs, we are a private organization and open to members and invited guests only.  

Our worship times are very laid-back, non-denominational, and consist of:

A Fellowship Time:  During this time, members and guests hang out together, listen to music, swim, play volleyball or basketball and generally enjoy each other's company.

A Praise/Worship Time: A time of awesome music with a small band.  Anyone who plays an instrument is encouraged to be part of the band. 

A Motivational/Inspirational Time:  Members who are comfortable with leading a discussion take turns leading this time.  We usually discuss a non-threatening, motivational topic with the purpose of helping us all to be better people and to contribute more to the world around us.  There is no "preaching" in liberated Christian churches.

A Prayer/Meditation Time:  We pray together for each other and the world around us.  Studies have proven that regular prayer/meditation time can help to lower blood pressure and contribute to better over-all health.

Intimate Time:  The element of worship that raises the most eyebrows when it comes to outsiders is the intimate time.   For more information about the intimate time, please click here.  This link is sexually suggestive.  If you may be offended, please click here instead.

Financial Information:  From a financial perspective, we are an organization owned by our members. We are NOT a tax-exempt organization.   In order to meet our financial obligations, we ask for the following dues from our members:

Singles - $25.00 per week
Couples - $45.00 per week

Currently, we meet on Sunday at 1PM for worship.  The resort is open until 10PM.

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