Children Nudist 11 year old Child talks about Nudity

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A contributor to Steve Gough's 'Bulletin Board' 

I have been going nude at beaches etc., for many years. Just a few years back I was in a relationship with a woman who soon got to like being nude at the beach herself. We both had kids from previous marriages. One day she suggested a visit to the beach and to take the kids with us. We explained to the kids that we were going to a nudist beach and that they didn't have to come, or go nude if they did come. None of them declined. 

At the beach my partner and I stripped off, the kids kept their cossies on at first and played normally as kids do, taking no notice whatsoever of all the nude people around them. Then my partner?s 11 year old daughter came over to us and asked, "Is it all right if I take my clothes off?" 

Her mother said it was up to her. She did so and carried on playing normally, the other kids followed suit not long afterwards and all carried on playing as normally and very obviously without any concerns about being naked.

Later, I decided to walk down to the sea and Sarah (my partner's 11 yr old daughter) asked if she could come with me. As we walked the 100 yards or so to the waters edge, both naked, she asked me these questions: "This is really nice isn't it?" and, "There's nothing wrong with it is there?"; "Why do some people think it is wrong? I don't understand them!" 

I asked her, "Do you feel all right with it, are you embarrassed, uncomfortable or anything?" Her reply, "No, it's a really nice feeling!" Another question from me, "What about the fact that people can see you without any clothes on?" Her reply, "It doesn't bother me, nobody seems to take much notice anyway!" And a final question from me, "And what about you, don't you mind seeing people with no clothes on, especially all these grown ups on the beach, and me and your mum too?" Her response, "No! It doesn't bother me at all, I don't know what all the fuss is about, you don't notice it after a while." Quite enlightening I think, from an 11 year old!

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