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Here are some negative, one sided, videos by enemies of Children of God.

Remember that COG went  from 200 to 10,000 in just 3 years. Do you think 100% are going to be 100% happy. You never get 100% happy in any 10,000 group of people anywhere.

 Even in heaven itself. Even if God himself is the leader. In heaven 1/3 of the angels follow after Satan and was kicked out of heaven. Guess those 1/3 did not like God or did they just followed Satan’s lies.

Even after 1000 years in heaven,  God is going to release Satan again to see who Satan will be able to deceive and many will fall for Satan’s lies again and follow Satan.

So how can you expect a human leader is better then God himself?

COG lead by David Berg was very pro-nudity and pro-sexual freedom. Clearly in and from the Bible. Opposite what the sexual teaching of local church.  

Local Church will bad mouth the COG for NOT teaching  there wrong sexual teaching from wrong and false “Traditions of Men”,  NOT from the Bible, which does give all creation, nudity and  sexual freedom by God given at creation to all creation including humans.

But many humans reject God and God’s creation plan for all creation. Humans Reject God’s designed open public nudity and open sexual enjoyment as God gave to all creation at creation.

Humans replaced it with man made shame and man made guilt trips from Satan lies and Adam confused and sinful thinking. The Local church and Society copies sinful and confused Adam and Eve of rejecting God and God Creation design.

When Children of God members get out of the COG and are told by outsiders or local church members that nudity and sexual Freedom is evil,  then they believe them, and then believe COG is evil and turn against them and attack them. And of course many outsiders follow there lead.

Most news media is against anything religious. So they love to hear anything negative.

The church love to crucify anyone who they disagree with them. Burn them at the stake.

Most all people are not nudist and ashamed of their nude body.  Many have low sex drive and is against any sexual freedom and try to pass any law they can against sexual freedom for those enjoy sexuality.

Incest, As far as incest goes, I read an article say over 10 to 40 million people have done incest. I have hundreds of positive incest stories by others who wrote them in my Guest Books.

 Many saying incest sex is the best they ever had and greatly love incest. But if one person has anything negative to say about incest you find it on the front page of the newspaper or TV.

 If one person has incest in their past and commit suicide then they think all 40 million people who enjoy incest is going to commit suicide.

They chose to only see the negative and not the whole picture. They love one sided story and not both sides of the story.

Kinsey Report shows the opposite, they show that 75% were very positive and good and less then 25% was negative.

But the new media and TV focus on the 25% negative and totally ignore the 75% positive.


Everything God gave to all creation, at creation, is against the law today.  Humans reject God and God’s  creation design.


What do we learn about God from God’s creation?

 So in review of God desire and God's plan God’s design for 100% all creation is:

 All 100% creation including humans, be 100% open public nudist. all no acceptation.

All 100% creation including humans, be 100% open  public sex with no man made shame or guilt

All 100% creation including humans, be 100% have unlimited sex partners over a life time.

All 100% creation including humans, be 100% have no marriage on earth or in heaven for all creation.

All 100% creation including humans, be 100% incest to populate the earth.

Most important First couple is the “Ultimate Incest Couple” is Adam and Eve hand made from God.

Gen 1:31 NLT Then God looked over all he had made, and he saw that it was excellent in every

Today all these are against the Man made Law. Public nudity, public sex, unlimited sex partners, no marriages, incest, all against man made laws of today.

God wanted everyone to be public nudist, but you walk down a street in the USA nudity they will arrest you and put you in jail and fine you.

Same with all the rest. They will put you in jail.


Children of God.wmv

Children of God

Ricky Rodriguez is a very sad story. But remember it was after he left the COG and outsiders convinced him that nudity, sexual freedom and incest was evil. This cause man made shame and guilt trip along with satan lies. Satan is the “accuser of the brethren”, Satan is a liar.

Satan attack anyone who will believe his lies with shame and guilt trips. Satan was in control of Ricky Rodriguez, not God. Sex or incest did not make him kill people,  him and Satan lies did.

Millions have incest in their background and they don’t use it as an excuse to go and murder people and then blame everything that happens to them in their life on some long time ago incest experience.

What about the lies people are telling him. What about all the man made shame and guilt trip outsiders are telling him. He chooses to believe a lie from others and Satan. He chooses to become a murderer. He chose to reject God and obey Satan.

Some times kids of Good parents turn of bad. I know good parents try their best they can and their son grows and commits and crime and go to jail.Their other kid grow up just fine.

We love to blame others, but each person has to figure it out and chose for themselves and not blame others for the wrong they do. Satan lies are behind it. Drugs or listen to Satan music all the time. Satan lies.


Happy Photos of Ricky Rodriguez


Ricky Rodriguez part 1 of 5

Ricky Rodriguez part 2 of 5

Ricky Rodriguez part 3 of 5

Ricky Rodriguez part 4 of 5

Ricky Rodriguez part 5 of 5

Photos of Ricky Rodriguez


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