Book Sex in the Bible The Untold Truth by Evan Turner

Sex in the Bible The Untold Truth by Evan Turner

What is the Christian view of sex? What about God’s view?

Are you surprised to know that the two might not line up?

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Stepping away from religious tradition, Sex in the Bible compares scripture to scripture to find out exactly what God has to say about human sexuality—and what it reveals may shock you.

Providing a technical and thorough explanation of his findings, author Evan P. Turner begins his in-depth study by clearly defining what sin is, according to the Bible, so as to make evident what is not sin.

Is masturbation wrong?

What does God think of divorce?

Is it okay for single people to have sex?

Navigating these controversial questions, along with many more, the author points out key words and explains the significance of certain Hebrew and Greek terms to further elucidate what the Bible actually says about any given topic.

Though there are certainly forbidden acts, you will begin to see that God actually offers a surprising amount of freedom when it comes to sex.

Discover the life-giving truth about sex in this revolutionary study of the Bible.

Page 83 to 88   Point out the fornication is connected to pagan worship of fertility pagan idolatry god worship.  Concludes premarital sex is clearly not a sin. Premarital sex is NOT fornication.

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