Book Divine Sex Table Of Contents Pages 1 to 65 Pages 66 - 193 Pages 194 to 260 Pages 194 to 260

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Book Divine Sex Table Of Contents


Foreword page i

Introduction page xi

Chapter One, What Makes A Thing “Sinful?” page 1

Sin defined by Scripture page 3

Missing the mark page 6

Principles that control personal liberty page 9

How can this be right if everyone thinks it is wrong? page 18

The nature and purpose of law page 19

Chapter Two, Naked and Unashamed page 22

Comments from other authors page 22

Observations and conclusions page 36

Women and “modest apparel” page 51

Chapter Three, Polygamy, Monogamy, Concubinage page 54

Polygamy in Scripture page 54

Monogamy page 64

Concubinage page 77

Chapter Four, God’s Erotic Poetry –

The Song Of Solomon page 81

Chapter Five, Adultery page 92

Scripture references to adultery page 94

Comments and observations page 99

Notes on Romans 7:1-4 relating to “adultery” page 116

The “Open Marriage” page 119

Chapter Six, Lust of the Eyes page 124

Scripture references page 126

What exactly is “pornography?” page 134

Chapter Seven, Fornication page 149

Sex and single people page 155

Multiple Sex Partners page 163

Can one person love more than one other person? page 169

Is sexual enjoyment adverse to holiness? page 171

Chapter Eight, Fornication part 2 page 178

Scripture references page 178

Comments and observations page 183

Chapter Nine, Prostitution page 191

Definitions page 191

Scripture references page 192

Comments from other authors page 200

Chapter Ten, Forbidden Sex Practices page 205

Incest page 205

Rape page 207

Bestiality page 207

Certain forms of homosexuality page 208

Chapter Eleven, The Unchanging Nature of God page 216

A crucial principle page 221

Sex and Christian liberty page 225

Liberty is not license page 228

Liberty operates in love page 229

The necessity of experiencing freedom page 230

Chapter Twelve, Sex and Holiness page 238

Definitions page 240

Scripture references page 242

Comments from other authors page 244

The issue of purity page 246

What “defiles” a person? page 247

The ultimate deciding factor page 250

Everything God created is inherently good page 251

Nothing is inherently unclean page 255

Are sex and holiness incompatible? page 264

Chapter Thirteen, The Law of Love and Sex Issues page 275

Sex and vulnerability page 282


The Non-Negotiables of Bible Study/Research page 283

What are the authors against; what are they for? page 291

What is the true meaning of the original words? page 293

What is the literary context of those words? page 296

What is the cultural/historical context? page 298

What geographical elements might be important in

understanding the text? page 300

What social customs are important in understanding

this text? page 301

Does the passage truly speak to our present situation? page 301

Finding The Historical Context page 303

Do I have the courage to stand alone if necessary? page 304

Other Books By This Author page 306

A Selected Bibliography page 307


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