Bonobos God Designed We Can Learn From

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How we can learn from God’s creation to see God’s

excellence and have a peaceful loving society for all.


Genesis1:31 “Then God looked over all he had made, and he saw that it was excellent in every way. …”


God’s excellent creation: 100% of it has open public

nudity and 100% open public sex with no shame and no

guilt. Gen 1:31 Undisputed fact


Acts 10:15 The voice spoke again, "If God says

something is acceptable, don't say it isn't."  16 The same

vision was repeated three times.


What did God see at creation? What is God's desire and God's design?We want to see God’s desire of nudity and sexuality by seeing it was excellent in every way from his creation. God designed 100% both humans and animals had a common factor of having open public nudity and open public sex with no shame or guilt.  When we see God designed nature everywhere we see they 100% of it has open public nudity and 100% open public sex with no shame and no guilt, God pure and holy design,  Look at this in Gen 1:31 God said it was “excellent in every way”. So we clearly see God’s excellent designed creation, with out any doubt,  that God is 100% pro-nudity and 100% pro-open public sex with no shame and no guilt.


This is a major fact. This is not open for debate. There is no question that God is 100% pro-public nudity and 100% pro-sex open public sex with no shame and no guilt. When something  is 100% it is very clear fact. If it was 50/50 then we would something to discuss, but it is not. 100% means end of discussion.


 This fact supersedes anything. Religious can lie and be misleading. People can lie. Even the Bible can be misunderstood and misleading, but this is clear and a fact about God 100%. If you read any religious or any Bible or any religious book that tells you any different then there is a misunderstanding in the Book or it is misused and taken out of context.  There is no misunderstanding God create 100% of his creation is open public 100% nudity and  100% open public sexuality in 100% of God creation, with no sham and no guilt of any kind,  then that is final.


 It is very clear in the Bible that very Godly men had sex with many women in and out of marriages and nothing wrong with it. Only thing they could not do, use sex to support the  worship of another idol god, and they could not violate another man property ownership right of his women with out permission from that man. A man could loan his wife to another man to have sex with. Ex 21:4.  Any other sex rules were made only to help prevent major conflict with other people. 




  Owned women were limited because men owned and totally controlled women. If a men told one of his owned women who he had control of,  to have sex with someone else and she refused,  this would have been  equal to a violation on her part as if he told her not to have sex  with anyone. Both violations, on the women’s part,  could bring major punishment from the man. A free women had sexual freedom, similar to  men sexual freedom.


Then some religious person will say because Adam was one man and Eve was one women, then that means marriage is only one man with one women only. This is 100% wrong conclusion. 100% Faulty thinking.  God’s creation clear proves this wrong 100%. Today 99.99 of God creation has 100% public nudity and most all have many sex partners and most animals started out like humans with one female and one male.  Humans are one of the few acceptions, because of human corrupt thinking causes by a confused thinking as a result of his guilt knowing he disobey God, his creator. Very few animals, if any,  have one sex partner for a life time. This clearly shows that we would also by God’s design human nature have many sex partners per God’s holy and pure design. Also the Bible backs this up. 1Sam 12:8 God told David that HE himself  would have given David as many women as he wanted to have sex with or own,  all he had to do is ask for more. Clearly shows God is pro-sex with  many sex partners. Solomon great wisdom from God owned 1000+ women and has sex with many others. (Solomon of Solomon) But Solomon did violate God’s rule about supporting some of his wives to worship their pagan idol god. Sex with many women was not the violation.


Only humans have wrong corrupt thinking,  not animals.

Titus 1:15


Animal never sinned, but  humans did. Animal’s thinking was not corrupted,  protected by language barrier. Only human thinking was corrupted.  Animals , God design, still have 100% open public nudity and 100% open public sexuality without shame or guilt. The only part of God’s excellent creation that does not,  is the corrupt confused  thinking humans. Because they corrupt there thinking by sinning against God. This corrupt confused thinking caused by disobedience to God,  and called open public nudity and open public sex impure, what God called pure and holy. It  still is pure in God’s eyes, human have wrong thinking. Human has confused corrupt thinking calling something a sin when it is not a sin.


God did not put fig leaves on nude man, that was 100% man’s ideal. Confused man did in his state of confusing and corrupt thinking. Why do we continue to follow man’s corrupt thinking and reject God pure holy thinking of open public nudity and open public sex with no shame and no guilt as God clearly designed us to be?


Titus 1: 15 Everything is pure to those whose hearts are pure. But nothing is pure to those who are corrupt and unbelieving, because their minds and consciences are defiled.


Even if something is 100% pure and holy to God,  if you

think to yourself it is a sin then to you alone it is a sin.

Rom 14


Romans 14 talks about food but it also applies to this also.


Romans 14:14” I know and am perfectly sure on the authority of the Lord Jesus that no food, in and of itself, is wrong to eat. But if someone believes it is wrong, then for that person it is wrong…. Blessed are those who do not condemn themselves by doing something they know is all right. 23 But if people have doubts about whether they should eat something, they shouldn't eat it. They would be condemned for not acting in faith before God. If you do anything you believe is not right, you are sinning.”


Roman 14 says if someone determines that something is a sin, then to him it is a sin. Just because one man thinks something is a sin to him,  does not mean it is a sin to anyone else.


 Adam and Eve went against God in two ways, they disobey by eating from the forbidden tree because of satan lies and sin and satan’s lies confused their thinking and in this confused state they hide their nude body in shame and had a overflow of guilt  because of lies of satan. There real shame and guilt was disobedience to God  not being nude or have open sex in public. This sin corrupt there thinking into wrong thinking.


Jesus, the second Adam,  reversed the first Adam’s sin.


Jesus, the second Adam,  came to reverse all what the first  Adam did wrong to give us pure minds again to see that what God make is pure including open public nudity and open public sexuality. Animals thinking did not get confused, did not get corrupt, and was not confuse by sin. Animals continues as before having no shame of open public nudity and no shame over open public sexuality.


Because others are determine to continue with confused corrupt thinking calling what is pure a sin. We need to have small groups so we can enjoy nudity and open sexuality in the groups so to not offend the corrupt thinking people. Corrupt thinking people can’t enjoy open public nudity or open public sexuality because they have confused corrupt thinking like Adam did.


 Christians because Christ reversed Adams sin and corrupt thinking make us pure thinking as Adam and Eve were before the fall. We should have no shame or guilt over public nudity or public open  sex. Titus 1:15 “to the pure all things are pure to the corrupt mind nothing is pure”.. Jesus has make us pure. Nudity and sex  is pure and sex is pure free from any shame or guilt. The shame and guilt is totally man make  and Satan lies of the past.



Bonobo Chimpanzee example fulfills God’s plan of love

and sexual freedom. With open public nudity and open

public sharing sex with others. Results in 0% divorce rate

without jealousy, strife, aggression results in a loving

peaceful society.


The Bonobo Chimpanzee is the closest God designed animal to the human make up. They live mostly on the ground in small groups.  They have lots of public nudity and public sexual freedom. All females have lot of sex with all males in open public with all to see with no shame and no guilt at all. They use sex to solve every problem you can think of. When they have stress they all start having sex. When 2 males want to fight, 2 females step in and start having sex with the 2 males to avoid a fight. When there is stress at feeding time they solve the stress problem by females start having sex with the males to release the stress. Because of all the free open sex they have great peace and great love and great harmony. This is a great example how God intended us humans to be Gen 1:31 that God said was very good. God intended lots of group sex to solve any stress problems that come up in our lives resulting in lots of love for all. This would fulfill all God commands. Love your neighbor as your self fulfill the whole law of God. Bonobo show that by letting sex solve any stress and all conflicts that come up. There thinking was never confused and corrupted by sin  calling things that a pure to be impure.


Bonobos male and female to get all the sex they need when ever wanted or needed with no shame or guilt trip at all. All male are loving toward all females and their offspring.


 Bonobo have difference groups and when a younger females reaches a certain age they exchange daughters with another group. Free loving sharing Sex, solves most all there problems they have. Any stress, any conflict, any problem they solve by females stepping in and having sex with the males. And when ever a female want sex many male will step up and meet her needs. As a result, they have a very loving peaceful society, free of any aggressions and free of stress and full of love and harmony and happiness.  The males all help raise all the offspring because they all think the offspring’s are theirs because they all had sex with all the females in the group.


In the beginning That is the way God designed us to live. God wanted sexual freedom in small groups for all female to meet all male sexual needs to create peace and harmony and remove stress and all aggressions by giving males and females all the sex they want similar to the Bonobos example. When the males get all the sex they need then they are able to be more loving to all the females and help take care of her offspring in harmony and peace and love with no stress and no fighting no murders.


 The Bonobo end up, with out even knowing it,  doing God’s second command love others,   using sex to solve all there problems and create love peace and harmony. They should be our example from God how it should be.


Why are Bonobo smarter and more loving then we humans. Answer is because mans mind got mixed up and confused and corrupt by sin to call things that are not sin to be sin. Open public nudity and open and public sex is not a sin at all. They never have been  to God and the rest of God creation, only  in the corrupt human thinking. Rom 14 if you think it is a sin to you then to you it is a sin. Only to you.


Acts 10:15 The voice spoke again, "If God says

something is acceptable, don't say it isn't."  16 The same

vision was repeated three times.


Even if something is 100% pure and holy to God,  if you

think to yourself it is a sin then to you alone it is a sin.

Rom 14


What if in small loving human groups all the females goal was to meet all male sex needs any time the male wanted sex and any time a male is under stress of any kind. The males then would ben over backward to be loving to females and all males thinking that her offspring are their offspring would be more loving to all offspring. No jealouy, no stress, total sexual fulfillment by all and result in greatly love and harmony for all fulfilling God command to love others. The Bible clearly says that the whole law of God is fulfilled if a Christian  loves another as themselves.  


Compare Bonobos to other chimpanzees and humans


Compare this to the other chimpanzees that live in the trees and try to have one male to one plus females and no one shares sex with anyone else (similar what humans do). They have no shame and no guilt in open public nudity and public sex,  but because they do not share sex partners they act like humans do,  who do not share their sex partners either.


They are always fighting to keep there females up in there own tree and they are always starving for more sex so they try to steal other males females. They fight over females.  They kill other males and male’s offspring and kill the babies of others. They kill other males and other animals. They abuse their females because they don’t get enough sexual enjoyment and blame the female so they abusing them because she is not meeting there sexual needs. They have lots of aggression. Lots of stress and as a results they don’t share there female with others but have major jealousy, anger, hate, and vengeance and great fear of losing the female they fight and kill and abuse female and kill babies all because of not sexually sharing  there female like the Bonobo do. Human do all this also. We need to learn from God creation the bonobos how to create a loving society as they have by sharing sex with all the females.


The major difference between Bonobo chimpanzees and the other chimpanzees,   is all female seek to meet all sexual needs of all males when ever they need it and when ever the male is stressed out about anything. The other Chimpanzees have the one male one female ideal and it causes major sex stress causing major conflicts leading to stealing, killings and lot of fighting and angry and disrespect and everything bad. Similar to humans who do not share females either.


What we can learn from God’s excellent creation Gen 1:31


Maybe God is trying to show us God’s design and using the God designed Bonobo to show us how to live in peace and love and harmony. Humans can learn from God creation to maybe get a hint of How God is thinking and how to live in peace and harmony.


Humans have failed to live in love and harmony, but the Bonobo live in peace and love and harmony. The Bible repeats over and over again that to love you neighbor as youself,  fulfills the whole law of God. The Bonobo has done that using sex freedom. God designed us similar to the Bonobo and put us in the Eden to have public nudity and open free public  sex with no sex rules only to meet each others needs including sexual and love needs. Bonobo clearly show that when all the female seek to meet all there males sexual needs that it results in a loving peaceful harmony society for all.


The other Chimpanzees and humans with this one man one female ideal (from the pagan Roman thinking) has proven the opposite. That one man, one women do not and can not meet all male sexual needs nor the female love and sexual needs and results in major stress and hatred and anger, sex and love starvation cause killing fighting murders and wars and a high divorce rate.


 Jn 10:10 said Satan (father of lies) came to kill, destroy, and murder, but I (Jesus) came to give life and give it more abundant.”


We Christians with one male, one female have a 35% divorce rate and have lots of unhappy marriages with unfulfilled love and sexual needs. We follow the pagan Roman marriage and not the Hebrew polygamy marriage. We still have to Adam corrupt thinking  that calls open public nudity and open public sex, impure,  what God said in Gen 1:31 is pure and excellent in every way,    we call it impure or a sin,  opposite of God. God ways are not man’s corrupt thinking. We continue to  follow Satan lies that he told Adam and Eve.


If we copied the Bonobos example, our sexual and love needs would be meant and the divorce rate would be 0% and everyone needs would be meant and the children’s need would also be meant. We would have no jealousy, no angry and remove stress fulfill needs just like the Bonobo has.


If human copy the Bonobo sexuality it would not be any sin at all. There would no violation of any male ownership rights and no violation of using sex as part of worshipping a ferity idol pagan god.  Continued corrupt thinking and Wrong Bible sexual teachings prevent this from happening.


Any one with Bible knowledge and proper research in proper context with an open mind will come up with similar conclusions. God has given us a lot of sexual flexible so we can make the law of love work in our lives also and have our needs meant at the same time.


Bonobo sexual freedoms have clearly proven it can work. Bonobos have a 0% divorce and have no jealous and have lots of sexual freedom and love and peace and harmony for all. God created them and has given them wisdom to make it work the way God wants it to work. Bonobo are swingers to the max.


Swingers with a much lower divorce rate shows us letting others meet our spouse sexual needs greatly improve life and create happier marriages. The more religious a person with anti-sex has the higher divorce rate. Even atheists have a 27% divorce rate lower then Christians.


  I think Bonobo are doing something major right and that Christians with a 35% divorce rate,  are doing things major wrong. Bonobo share their female sexually.  Humans and the other tree chimpanzee do not. But the human swingers do more  sexually sharing of females and there divorce is a lot lower. Bonobo go a big step farther by living in small groups and the female aggressively meant the male sexual needs a lot more then the swingers do and they have a 0% divorce rate with lots of sex and love for all in a group setting with public nudity and open  public sex with no shame and no guilt of any kind.  and    has a lot of research  about sex in the Bible days. The men who wrote these web sites have Christian Bible degrees but after major research of sex in the Bible in context with the culture of the Bible, they come up with major different ideals about what the Bible teaches about sexuality. Some pastors have gone back to the Bible and did there own research and have come up with the similar conclusions that we have a lot more sexual freedoms then what we have been taught..


I feel that by taking things out of proper culture and historical context, and by avoiding the sexy parts of the Bible, religious leaders have come up with the wrong conclusions about sexual freedoms that we can enjoy. By pre-programming people to get divorce if a spouse has sex outside of marriage causes a lot of divorces and cause a high divorce rate of 35%. They preprogram people to be jealous and angry, and mad.


The Swingers, on the other hand,  choose to encourage the spouse to enjoy sex with other partners outside of marriage and they choose not to be jealous, nor angry, nor mad. They choose to show love and understand that no one person can  meet all the needs of another person by themselves. So they let others help meet some of their spouse’s needs of sex and  love.

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