Bible Sexual Freedom from God given to all but Church & Gov't take them away.

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  1. First, what both and myself first want to show is that the local church has false sexual teaching that is not from the Bible and that in the Bible times men had lot more sexual freedoms then the Church is teaching us.

Today They are still copying the old corrupt Catholic Church when they made sex a sin to make more money, and make up different sex term word definition to mislead the people. Church uses the same wrong sexual word term today to continue mislead the people and take away our God given sexual freedom, .

2.) second, As  Christians under the  Love of Love, in the Age of Grace, we have lot more sexual freedom then they did in the OT Bible times. Given  from God and Bible,  but NOT from the false sexual teaching church and USA Gov’t laws which include anti-public nudity, anti-public sexual freedom, anti-polygamy laws, anti-prostitution laws, and many other anti-sexual  and nudity laws which take away our nudity and sexual freedoms.

3.) Third, All the “women rights” of today. In the Bible,  women had little or no rights. In the Bible times Both married and single Men had God given sexual freedom to go to a prostitute when they wanted, also, could have girlfriends on the side, could marry many women all without the wife divorcing them for enjoying God given sexual freedoms. Ex 21:10

Not so today, because of false sexual teaching from the Local church. The local church encourage women to “separate” (leads to divorce)  from a man who enjoy his God given sexual freedom from God and  the Bible, until the husband “repents” and stops having God given sexual freedom and come back and obey his wife. Women are the “head “ of the home today, NOT the man as in the Bible days.

Conclusion, Do we have more sexual freedom today? May yes, maybe NO, because of the 3 items above.

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