Bible Ruth and Boaz having sex before marriage

Taken from , "Divine Sex" Book by Philo Thelos  page 25 -27

Ruth, seeking to offer herself to Boaz as his wife, is told by Naomi to go to his bed while he sleeps and “uncover his feet” and lie down until he awakes and tells her what to do, (Ruth. 3:7).

 The action Ruth is to take here is not merely to simply lay down at the
foot of his bed and put the end of the blanket over herself.


“Uncover the feet” was a well known euphemism in that culture for “expose the genitals.”


Moffatt translates the Hebrew words this

way: “uncovered his waist and lay down there.” She was advised to uncover Boaz’s genitals and lay down beside him.


When he awoke with his genitals uncovered and Ruth lying beside him, he did not have to guess what she wanted!


She was offering herself to him sexually, and he was willing! When she asked him to “spread your covering over me” she used a euphemism for sexual intercourse.


 This phrase arose because in sexual intercourse, a

woman lying on her back lays open her robe to the man. The man spreads his robe apart as he lies on top of her.


 Thus the phrase “cover with my robe (or skirt, or covering)” also came to refer to sexual intercourse.


Today if a man asks a woman, “will you go to bed with me” we know he is not asking for a place to sleep!

In the same way, in that Israelite culture when a man asked a woman if he could “cover you with my robe” he was asking for sex. 

So Ruth is unabashedly asking Boaz to copulate with her. He says “I will do




whatever you desire,” (vs. 11), which probably means that he had intercourse with her that night, for they indeed spent the night  together, (vs. 13, 14).

There is no need to be offended by such suggestions.
Firstly, the Biblical words themselves warrant such an explanation of the
Secondly, these people were not living under the heap of
purely human traditions and religious regulations that have been
handed down to us.

Thirdly, the action achieved its result;
Boaz accepted her sexual proposal, and they were married and became
the parents from whom eventually David and Solomon descended.
It is worthy of note that these two doubtless had sexual intercourse
before they were officially married. At any rate, there was nothing
shameful to these people about “naked” sex organs.
Such an approach by a woman to a man, while considering both
of them to be righteous people, is almost sacrilegious to most
religious people today.

Yet to Ruth, Boaz and Naomi, it was an
expression of a freedom and naturalness about sex that found
nothing dirty or unholy about it.

Our struggles arise from the
mistaken notion that our attitudes toward sex must necessarily be
the same as God’s attitudes.

In a culture where most of us are
reluctant to even talk about sex we cannot imagine that the godly
men and women of Scripture could be so free, unashamed and
natural about sex, regarding both its functions and its pleasures, as
the Bible shows them to be.
Sexual freedom and openness about it all was a hallmark of
these people. They shared none of our hang-ups and consequently
none of our false guilt.

To neither Naomi, Ruth nor Boaz would
Ruth’s behavior be “brazen” or offensive. Men and women have
sex. And men’s and women’s genitals are neither “holy” nor
Even in an age when we consider God’s Levitical Law to
be totally controlling of Israel’s behavior, such scenes as these are
played out time and again in Scripture with never a solitary hint
that God is displeased.

Given God’s demand for holiness, His care
to inform His people of all offenses against holiness and His primafacie
acceptance of nakedness; and given the Biblical depiction of
overt sexual advances of men and women toward each other with
never a correction from God,

our conclusion can only be that God
did not view exposure of one’s genitals to be either a spiritual crime
or “uncleanness.” Though one could not expose another’s
nakedness against their will, for purely personal satisfaction, (Hab.
2:15) one could do so in a situation like this, where the intent and
method honored the dignity and rights of the other person.
 Boaz actually thanked Ruth for showing such interest in his sexuality,
(Ruth 3:10).
In a more famous incident God’s demonstrates His acceptance
of human nakedness even when displayed before members of the
opposite sex.

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