Letter to your Pastor or Church Leaders

Dear Pastor,

You think your nudity and sexual teachings are correct and from the Bible. Just like the Jewish religious leader of Jesus time thought they were 100% spiritual and 100% right. But they were 100% opposite. 100% wrong. How in the world do you get religious leaders to see they are wrong and expose lies and see truth.

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Jesus failed to teach truth to any religious leaders of his time  and gave up and then intentionally   MISLEAD   them so they would   NOT  find truth. Mark 4:10 Luke 10:21  Similar to Pharaoh  in Egypt he harden his own heart in the beginning, (being stubborn) and then God harden Pharaoh’s heart so he would not give in to Moses request. Same type thing in Mark 4:10 Luke 10:21.


Your Sexual Teaching is NOT from the Bible, but is greatly taken out of correct context and from the False corrupt   CATHOLIC  Church   sexual teaching from the time they demanded indulgence money for sins. And from the pagan false satanic Muslim Teachings.


 I can prove it many ways,  from the Bible, from common sense, from Science , from creation, you follow and copy sinful, evil, rebellious  Adam and Eve thinking the more you follow evil Adam and Eve the more spiritual you think you are, and reject creator God’s nudity sexual plan for all creation.


Many ways your sexual teaching is wrong based on verses greatly misunderstood and taken out of Bible times and Bible culture setting context and Catholic  and   MUSLIM  false teaching. Catholic Nun dress just like Muslim people.


Your false sexual teachings are closer to Muslim sexual teaching, then the true Bible sexual teaching. I think of Muslim teaching as Satan teachings lies,  from Satan.


Religious create some kind of “whole-then-thou” contest. You make anti-nudity and anti-sexuality as a major measuring cup. So Satanic Muslim wins. Anti sex Jewish church maybe second. Evil corrupt false indulgence collecting Catholic Church maybe third  place. Pass down False sexual teaching from corrupt Catholic Church to the  “Protestant Church” is maybe forth. That is my guess.

Religious All based on evil satanic “spiritual pride” which fills the heart of people trying to be “holier then thou” contest,  Thinking they are “spiritual” in God’s eyes by following Evil Adam and Eve. When the opposite is true. Adam and Eve rejected God’s creation plan. Religious people do the same thing today, being instructed by their religious leaders to do so.


Remember as you see in the Bible,  God greatly condemns “holy then thou” type thinking people and praise the down and lowly, humble type thinking person who thinks they are the bad great sinners. Even Peter, one second he said that Jesus was the Son of the living God, and Jesus told him God taught him that and the very next statement out of Peter mouth, when Peter told Jesus that he would not let any harm come to Jesus, Jesus looked at Peter, and told him,  “get behind me Satan”. So any religious leader one second tell the truth and the next second tell a lie, misleading millions.


Even all the super religious Jewish leaders of Jesus time all thought they were very spiritual following their 1000 rules they had, Jesus said they were of Satan and Satan was their father. They thought the opposite. They thought Jesus was of the Devil and they were super spiritual. Like today most religious leader think they are 100% right and have stopped looking for truth because they think they have all truth already.

Jesus clearly said that these (non-pagan) prostitutes would be in heaven before any of those   “holier then thou” Jewish leaders. But of course all the Jewish leaders thought the opposite.


But most religious leaders think prostitutes are the “worst sinners of all. Wrong. Jesus said the opposite. The leaders were the worst sinners and the prostitutes going to heaven. Prostitutes are in Jesus lifeline. Similar to today. Religious leaders wrongly  think Prostitutes are going to hell because of “sex”, and are evil and they are “holier then thou “ thinking they are going to heaven. They think just like the Jewish leader of Jesus time. Prostitution and Polygamy was always legal when Jewish Hebrews ruled over Jewish Hebrews. Like King David and King Solomon.

Sexual women were used greatly to save the Jewish nation. (Abraham sexual gave Sister/Wife Sarah 2 different times to 2 different kings to save his life and he ended up getting his wife back and still kept all the things the kings gave to him as purchase of his wife Sarah. Rehab the prostitute  saved the 2 spies, greatly helping Jews to enter the promise land. Ruth sexual seduce Boaz, Esther won sex contest ending up saving the whole Jewish nation from total wipe out.)


Look at ST. Paul when he was Saul he was 100% positive he was doing God’s work by killing Christians just like all the other Jewish leaders  thought, they even call Jesus the Devil. But those “holier then thou” religious leaders went to hell, but Paul, God had to Blind him just to get his attention, But Jesus tried hard to talk to the religious leaders but could not get them to understand truth. They were 100% sure they were right. Then in Mark 4:10 and Luke 10:21 God gave up on the “holier then thou” religious  leaders and their very close followers  and intentionally  MISLEADS  them so they would   NOT   find the truth lease they become saved.


Religious leaders  totally  misunderstand Mark 4:10 and Luke 10:21. These verses are very important to understand Jesus words in red. It is super important to understand WHO Jesus is talking to, HIS friends and HIS close followers  or HIS enemies the Jewish religious leaders and their followers, because he tells  the truth to HIS friend , but intentionally MISLEADS HIS enemies,  the religious leaders who think they are 100% right and Jesus and Jesus followers are wrong.

You have wrong sexual word definition that do  NOT even fit in the Bible and they create many contradictions.

You use wrong hermeneutics when you study nudity and sexuality in the Bible.  You think Nudity and sex is evil and bad then force your false ideal into the Bible. Opposite of proper hermeneutics.


**************    Your false nudity and false sexual teaching results in:****************


1.) cause high divorce rate in both the world (50% rate) and the church (35% rate). Swingers have a 5% divorce rate much lower rate.

2.) making women the head of the home, not the man.

3.) chase aways millions of people from Church and always from God.

4.) cause suicide,  people who are trying so hard to stop masturbation, wrongly thinking it is a sin,  they get super depressed and commit suicide. Have letter on my web pages.

5.) violate correct Hermeneutics.

6.) Greatly misuse the Bible by taking things out of proper context and use wrong misleading definitions for sexual words.

7.) greatly goes against God and God’s creation plan for all creation.

8.) put very heavy burdens on “New Creation” Christians living under Law of Love in the Age of Grace worst then the Pharisees did to Jews in Jesus time under the Age of the Law, . Jesus said “My yoke is EASY, my burden is light”,  you make it the opposite.

9.) marriage is copy of pagan Roman Empire and not after the Jewish marriage of polygamy. But the “New Creation” Christian should copy Adam and Eve before they sinned  with unlimited sex partners and open sexual freedom for both male and female, 100% nudity NO nudity or sexual shame. Jesus removed all shame.


Creation and God proves you wrong. God is very pro-nudity and pro-sex. It was God’s ideal to put Adam and Eve in Eden 100% Nude and have open public sex , with unlimited sex partners for all God’s creation over a life time with NO shame.


NO one was  married at creation. Todays “sinners marriage” started in Gen 3:16 as part of the punishment to Eve. Man still had unlimited sex partner over a life time, only Eve was limited by husband authority over her. SOS 6:8  2 Sam 12:8 and Gen 1-3  All animals and humans were created “one male, one female” at creation NO one is married. Today’s “sinner marriage” started after they sinned in Gen 3:16.

If Adam and Eve obey God and ate from the “tree of (Eternal) life”, all creation would be similar, including ALL HUMANS  100% nude, 100% open public sex, 100% unlimited sex partners over time, (sexual freedom for all creation from God at creation) 100%  NO marriage, (“heaven” on earth, Jesus said NO marriage in heaven, that would also be in “heaven” on earth for eternality) Adam and Eve were NOT married. Gen 1-3, SOS 6:8, 2 Sam 12:8

You say masturbation is a sin. Wrong! Masturbation is a wonderful gift from God to all humans to all enjoy. Lev 15: 16-18 describes masturbation action and even under the super strict Ceremonial Laws,  Masturbation and wet dreams and partner sex are NOT a sin at all. This also would include normal healthy sexual thoughts that go along with most all sexual pleasure activities. NO sin offering is required at all. Meaning it clearly is NOT a sin at all. NO where in all the Bible it is a sin. You take many Bible verses totally out of context to try and make masturbation a sin. It is NOT a sin. Evil sinful Satanic pagan Muslim have it a sin in their Satanic Muslim Books,  but it is NOT a sin in the Christian Bible. This is false pagan Muslim teaching, NOT Bible  teaching from Christian Bible. Act 10, 11 God call many other things that did require a sin offering NO longer a sin. The wash up needed back then is NO longer required.

You say polygamy is wrong. God is very pro-polygamy in the Bible. Num 31 giving 32,000 young girl to the Jewish men as sex partners, created much polygamy. 2 Sam 12:8 God gave David all his many wives. Many wives was a great blessing and reward from God. SOS 6:8 with his 140 wives and concubine and unlimited single women available to Solomon and all men God give all creation unlimited sex partners over a life time. Egypt Empire  and Roman Empire limited it for the Jews.

You say Polygamy stop because of the NT  or Jesus time. Wrong! The only reason they had much less polygamy in the NT vs the OT times is because the pagan Roman Empire forced it. They did not want Jews to have polygamy in fear they would over populate and over power them. Jesus lived under the Age of the Law same as in the OT times where they had a lot of polygamy. Age of the Law did not end until the Rising of Jesus from the grave where he proved he was God in the flesh.

 Also if a Jewish brothers die the other brothers take on addition wives would cause polygamy.

 Ex 21:10 when a man takes another wife then he must meant the sexual needs of the first wife or she can go free.

 Ex.21:4 so to make sure all their many wives gets all their sexual needs meant a master can sexually loan out his wives to his servants, NOT a sin, NOT fornication, NOT adultery.

 You have the wrong definition of the word fornication. It is NOT “single sex”. NOT at all. Look up the 35 times fornicator or fornication is used (or read my web page) and almost never does it mean “single sex”. St Paul defines the word fornication in 1 Cor 10:8 where he used fornication and the description in Paul references in NU 25:1-9 which clearly shows the meaning to be joining in the worship of pagan fertility god sex orgiy, one of Baal pagan’s gods. They worship this pagan fertility god as the creator of sex and sexual pleasure and reproduction and were told if they worship this pagan fertility god they would get the promise of great fertile farm crops and more fertile animals and more children cause lot more income. Per Paul this is fornication. NOT single sex. God gave sexual freedom to all at creation,  But not to be used to join in the sex worship of a man made pagan fertility god one of Baal’s many man made pagan gods.


You have wrong  definition for the word Adultery.  You define it as “one man, one women” marriage. Wrong! God is very pro-sexual freedom for 100% creation including humans. I have already shown God is very pro-polygamy in the Bible. Ex 31 , 2 Sam 12:8, SOS 6:8,  I have already shown loaning your wives to another man is NOT adultery. Ex 21:4,  Ex 21:10,  Men has unlimited sex partner from God at creation. 2 Sam 12:8, SOS 6:8 and creation Gen 1-3,  God built in programed, built in instincts,  all creation to have many sex partners over a life time for both plants, animals and humans, all creation given sexual freedom from God at creation.


In Bible days fathers and husbands had authority over their owned women sexuality. This stared at Gen 3:16.     Lot was going to let a gang of guys have sex with his 2 daughters would not have been a sin. He had the authority to do so.


Church wrongly  encourage divorce if husband gets second girlfriend/wives. Do Ex 21:10 instead.


Better yet,-- “New Creation” Christian both man and wives have sexual freedom like Adam and Eve would have before they sinned. Or at minimum Ex 21:10 men have many wives with no divorces.


You have wrong understanding of the word Lust. Matt 5:28-31 is to Jesus enemies NOT to Jesus friends, intentionally misleading his enemies. Read Mark 4:10 and Luke 10:21 Most all of the Sermon on the Mount top is to Jesus enemies, Mainly only the first 17 verses to his 12 disciples, then enemies showed up to listen in, and then Jesus talked at them, and NOT to Jesus Friends. Jesus does NOT love his enemies he intentionally MISLEADS  them so they DO NOT GET SAVED  and sends them to hell. Is misleading them and sending a person to hell, loving them??? Mark 4:10, Luke 10:21


This is a short summary of your false sexual teachings taken from Satanic Muslims anti-nudity and anti-sex teaching and False anti-nudity and false anti-sex Catholic Church teachings of  indulgence money when they wrongly declare sex to be a sin so they could get more money, same wrong false sex word definitions are still being used today and the same false sexual teaching still being taught today and passed down to the Protestants today.


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