Benefits of Sexual Enjoyment

Benefits of Sex. Sex You Up!

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Sex is more than just fun, it's profoundly important in maintaining physical and emotional well-being. Science has uncovered several ways in which regular sexual activity confers health benefits. For example:

Women who have sex at least once a week have higher levels of estrogen than women who make love less often.

Muscle contractions during orgasm push blood away from the pelvic region, returning it to general circulation.

Having sex increases the desire for more sex by boosting levels of the hormone, dopamine.

As a mild form of exercise, sex can make modest improvement in muscle tone and cardiovascular stamina over time.

Sex increases alertness and heightens the senses by stimulating the nervous system.

People with active sex lives are less hostile, less anxious, and less likely to blame others for problems compared to those not experiencing regular sex.

If parents have a good sex life, their children tend to have healthy attitudes about their bodies.

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