About Myself Why I started this web site 15+ years ago.

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Let me give you some background about myself and why  I started my web page 15 + years ago.

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About 16 years ago I went online to a “Christian Forum” and just looked at what they were talking about “Masturbation” . Some of the people were doing a major condemnation about masturbation. I felt they were totally out of place and totally wrong. I learned that Some young people have even commit suicide over masturbation because of the man made shame and guilt put on masturbation. Masturbation NOT even a sin anywhere in the Bible. But is a wonderful gift From God for all to enjoy.

So I did major online research about “masturbation”  and went online to go up against these , anti-masturbation , condemning people who called themselves “Christians”.

I exposed all their misused Bible verses that were taken out of context and misunderstood. I explained from every angle I could,   to clearly understand “Masturbation” as being NOT a sin anywhere in the Bible and has over 50 health benefits. Masturbation is very good for you and is like a "fountain of youth". It is a wonderful Gift from God for all to enjoy. NOT a sin at all any where in the Bible.

Many times going on forums ,  after a 50 to 100 page debate, and I answered everyone concerns and every Bible verses , they brought up, then  they ran out of anything else to say to me, so instead of thanking me for explaining all the questions and all Bible verses that were misused, misunderstood,  and taken out of context,  they would just call me every bad name they could think of and then erase  everything I had written,  so no one else could read the debate. If they “won” the debate they would never erase it. But they Never won, because it is a lie that masturbation is a sin in the Bible. Truth is it is NOT a sin in the Bible.  Sometimes I would stop at the ¾ point of the debate, just so they would not erase everything I had said.

On one forum, the person had greatly condemned  any pro-masturbation comments and posts  and had a total of 114 posts. So I studied all 114 posts and used 10-15 pages of reply responding  to all 114 posts and every Bible verse and every idea he brought up and pointed out where he had taken the Bible verses out of context and misused, and misunderstood the Bible.

He had NO real come back to me, basically said “very interested” and then he shut down the whole web site forum completely. Again, NOT letting anyone else read my responds, so they would NOT  understand the truth and how people misuse and misunderstand the Bible on sexual terms and ideals and come up with wrong conclusion about Bible sexuality.

Many times in the debate, I would not know how to answer,  I just ask God,” I do not have an answer, I need you to give me the correct answer in correct context to get the correct understanding of that verse”, and “if I stand up for truth you promise me you will answer me and tell me the truth:”. God would give me the answer, when I was totally clueless what to say.

Also many verse in the past that I did not understand myself, God also showed me the answer to them. Many things on my web pages are found no where else, only on my web page, because I asked God for the answer and I feel he gave me the correct answer.

Some will say it may be from “Satan” or a “angel of light” type thing and NOT from God at all. But truth will be in harmony with the whole Bible and not create contradiction like the man made sexual word terms Bible dictionary definitions do. They do  NOT fit in the Bible and do create conflicts  all over the place. Truth can stand up to attack. Lies can not. Lies get expose by truth.

Because they all would erase all my 50 to 100 page debates I put some of them on my web site for you and all to see.

During my intense research on Masturbation,  I discover many other Bible sexual misunderstanding concerning polygamy, fornication, Adultery, Corinth pagan fertility god worship sex orgy, swinging,and a lot more and Bible verses taken out of context and misused .  I also read  all of http://libchrist.com  and it brought up many very good points.

 So I wanted to find out if it (http://libchrist.com) was really true in the Bible, So at that point I had 3 different Bible versions on audio tape. So using Bible audio tapes, mainly NIV and NLT (I already listen to the whole Bible on KJV on record player and audio tapes many times in the past) I went through the whole Bible ,every Bible verse, 6 times in 3 months about 8 to 10 hours daily, just to understand sexuality in the whole Bible, in true context, from beginning to end. After that many times I would go through the whole NT in a week. It only takes 48 hours. All this to keep everything in context with the whole Bible as a whole being fresh in my mind. Today I have the whole NLT Bible on  4 gig memory audio on my very small MP3 player and smart cell phone. Many times, if I have a question I will listen to the whole chapter and many time the whole Book, just to make sure I have correct context.

Every verse, I would  pray For God to show me truth, and ask God hundreds of questions about it. Lots of "why" questions and "if this, then, why that " questions, and so on. God answered hundreds of my questions. I got a new understanding  of Bible sexuality in the whole Bible as a whole, beginning to end ,every Bible verse, every Bible story,  in the whole Bible, in correct context.  It is very important to keep things in correct context, otherwise you get the wrong conclusions of what the Bible is real saying in correct context.

Most people will not do that. They just run and get  there concordance and dictionary and commentaries and  think they are God's answers, they are NOT God and may not be God’s answer but “tradition of men” answer instead, they are just people. They can be misleading, and easily take things out of context,  and apply personal  bias and corrupt the real meaning and intentionally misleading.

 It is better to  go to God and ask for wisdom to understand the truth, in correct context instead. But to get the correct context may require a lot of research to understand the culture, who wrote it, why it was written, who is it written to, when was it written, what is going on where it was written , is it to Jesus friends or Jesus enemies etc.

Many things are included in understanding the true context. If you are missing one or some of these factors you may come up with the wrong conclusion. This is why some “traditions of men” ideas or rules were based on missing some of the factors and later on more information come out that was over looked before and may come up with a new conclusion based on the newly learn factors.

Sometimes  past corruption, corrupt sex word definition were created to intentionally mislead people and the lies  are now been expose by truth. At one point the Catholic Church wanted more money for the Church so they intentionally called sex a sin and got the people to paid indulgence money payment for sin they did and called sex a sin so they would pay more money. Totally corrupt, totally man made, totally a lie. And we still have many of  the same wrong sex definitions today, still misleading people thinking sex is a sin.

Why does every religion have their own set of  books,  so they promote their personal religion, I want truth from God and the Bible,  NOT from close minded man made religious based on "Traditions of men" religion that Jesus greatly condemned.

I tell you this as my background.

I strongly feel truth, and wisdom wins any debate. But most people do NOT do enough research to find the real  truth. Or take things out of context and misunderstand and come up with the wrong conclusion, thinking it is truth. Truth exposes lies. Lies can NOT stand up to truth in correct context. In my many online debates, I answer 100% of all Bible verses , given to me and explained  how they misuse and misunderstand the Bible in correct context as a whole Bible context.

I try to put it all on my web pages. Sorry, Yes I do repeat myself a lot,  but it just seems  like people are not reading or not understanding it and i don't know if they only read one page or part of one page or all by web site. I have hundreds of pages on my site. I try to answer every Bible verse and every idea any one may have about Bible sexuality during the Bible days.

“Fornication”, Most all people totally misunderstand the meaning of “fornication”.  They still have wrong definitions from the corrupt Catholic Church days, that do not even fit in the Bible. You say you use the Bible to get understanding and then you run off to your concordance and man made dictionary and mostly ignore the Bible in context. Why not first read every verse in correct context  with the word “fornication” in it for starters. I did and I put them all on my web site for you and others to read.

After I went through the whole Bible 6 times in 3 months.  I looks up and printed out every Bible verse that was related to Bible sex in any way. I looked up every sexual situation, every verse on “fornication”, every “adultery” verses, every and all verses related to sex in any possible way and studied the context of every verse. I study the context within  the chapter, within the Book and within the whole Bible. I study Bible culture at the time.

Remember, I have thousands  of hours the Christian radio listening, and looked at every Christian Video I can. Listen to That the world may know” 12 hour video series on Bible History from Focus on the Family, , many times, and many hundreds of hours on the Bible videos and audios .

Bible Words that are used a lot,  like “fornication” and “Adultery “can easily be define by the Bible itself, to get the correct definition. Easily Exposing the wrong Bible Dictionary definition.


Most Christians  have the wrong definition of Both words.  Bible Dictionaries definition do NOT fit in the Bible at all and create many contradictions and major conflicts in the Bible because they are wrong.

Fornication NOT equal prostitution.

When ever Jews rule over Jews, like King David or King Solomon,  there was always legal NON-cultic, NON-pagan NON-worshiper prostitution as the norm, as common place. Nothing wrong with NON-pagan NON-pagan temple NON-pagan non -worship prostitution. 100% ok . 100% ok in God’s eyes. 100% NOT a sin at all.

God has normal prostitutes in his life line. Clearly, God would NEVER have cultic pagan fertility pagan god worshiping prostitute in his life line. They were NON-pagan prostitutes, a major , major big different that many Christians  totally ignore and come up with wrong conclusions.

God Never would, because that is major, major evil and God got very angry at it. Compare 1 Cor 10:8 Paul used the “fornication” and Paul definition is in Nu 25:1-9 it refers to pagan, cultic, pagan fertility god worship prostitute seduce Christian men and women to joining in the pagan worship sex orgy to worship this pagan fertility god, one of Baal’s major gods they worshiped. And God had between 23,000 to 24,000 killed because of it.

This is  Paul’s definition of the word fornication. NOT prostitute, NOT pre-marital sex, NOT sex outside marriage of “one male, one female” marriage. Which are all over the Bible days.

Jewish father would take their 12 year boy, (become a adult at 12) to a local NON –pagan NON-worshiping  prostitute to become a “man”, a sexual man. Enter into manhood type of thing.

A prostitute was a “rented” sex partner, A married women was a “bought and paid in full” sex partner and you had to pay the daily upkeep.. That was the only major different as far a sex partner goes.

In Ex 21:4 a master loans one of his wives to one of hard working male servant as a “loaner sex partner”, as a job benefit. She would be a “loaner sex partner” from the boss or master. Remember what is the different between buying a wife or concubine verses renting one for money, or having one loaned to you because you work for the man?  both require a money payment and loan requires hard work which equals money..

Also look at Nu 31 where God also killed everyone, boys, men, all women,   who had Join in the pagan fertility god sex worship, but let 32,000 young virgin girls  live who did NOT join in the worship of the pagan fertility god worship. These were NON-Jewish, NON-Christian, “pagan” girl from a pagan families, taught pagan ideas, but they did not join in the pagan sex worship of the pagan fertility god , because they were still virgin as proof. This also greatly shows God promote polygamy, and these NON-Jewish became “concubine” and  because the better soldier would get many girls concubines  and remember most men would have many Jewish wives and non-jewish  concubine  from other battles or buy them at debtor market if they had the money to buy them, back home. This Show that God promoted both polygamy and concubines.

This was the same thing they were doing in Corinth over 2000 pagan fertility god worship prostitutes seduce Christian men (who understand they have sexual freedom from God, God gave all creation sexual freedom at creation) King David in 2 Sam 12:8 and king Solomon in SOS 6:8 clearly understood this as a fact) but the Corinth men  were misusing there God given sexual freedom same as Nu 25: 1-9 did per Paul definition, to join in the sex as part of the pagan worship of the pagan fertility god. One of Baals many gods.

All Bible Godly men  would have sex with prostitute anytime they wanted to. NO sin at all.

In the Bible example, Samson, a great man of God, a Jewish judge and strong man had sex with many NON-pagan NON- fertility non- pagan worshiping prostitutes, He was full of the holy spirit before and after, NO problem at all to God. NOT fornication.  He had lots of sex, no problem. But when he cut his hair that was a sin and the HOLY Spirit left him. NOThing wrong with paying a prostitute for sex.

Many others mention in the Bible, Jacob, and others this was a very common thing. This is a norm, NOT a sin. Most all men had sex with prostitute in the Bible days. That is why all the Jewish Christian men were having sex with prostitute in Corinth in the first place. But the problem was not sexual freedom, but the misuse of their God given sexual freedom, that God gave all creation at creation. Paul was pointing out the misuse of sexual freedom, by them joining with the sex orgy for the worship of a pagan fertility pagan god. Major violation of the first command in the Law of Love. To only worship one God and worship NO other pagan man made god.

In Corinth Paul’s suggested solution to help avoid the temptation because the had over 2000 single pagan prostitute in Corinth was to have at least one wife (the pagan Roman empire rules were to limit Jew to have only “one” wife and have sex every day to greatly reduce the temptation to join up with a pagan fertility god prostitute worshiper and join in the pagan worship of the pagan fertility go and violate the first command and that made Godvery angry in Nu 25: 1-9 when they did the same thing that Got God very angry and had 23,000 to 24,000 killed and had all them killed in Nu 31 accept for the ones that did not join in the sex orgy to worship the pagan fertility god.

In the NT times, during Roman rule, (Remember the Gospels times are still under the Age of Law like much of the OT, NOT Age of Grace. Age of Grace did not start until after Jesus death and resurrection)   In fear, that the Jews would populate too fast and over power them by numbers they Romans did not want the Jews to have polygamy, but when ever Jew rule over Jews they always promoted polygamy and prostitution as the norm. NOT sin at all.

Take a look at my web page,  I try very hard to prove my point in many different way I can.


From the Bible we learn that   Fornication NOT = prostitute, NOT = pre-marital sex, NOT = sex outside “one male, one female” marriage. NOT=to False Bible Dictionary definition, (Never changed from the Corrupt Catholic Church indulgence corrupt money stealing days.


Pre-marital sex is NOT a sin, NOT fornication


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Most all Christians are ignorance of the many pagan FERTILITY gods, both Jews and Christians were surround by all the Bible days.        http://inkaboutit4u.com/?p=Pagan_gods_of_the_Bible_Days

Most all sexual Bible word terms have wrong definitions and do not fit in the Bible at all and create conflicts.


Hard question to answer.



Adam and Eve at creation was NOT married. But were sex partner before the fall. First “sinners marriage” was at Gen 3:16. NO ONE was married at creation. If they ate from the “tree of (eternal) life” would be “heaven” on earth, 100% nudist for eternity and all would have many sex partner over eternity lots of sex but NO marriage similar to Bonoboes. Jesus said no marriage in heaven. NO marriage in “heaven “ on earth either.


Solomon was NOT married to the single young girl in SOS.  I can prove it clearly http://inkaboutit4u.com/?p=Bible_Song_Of_Solomon_They_Were_NOT_Married

Matt 5:28-31 totally taken out of context. NOT even for Christians, but only for Jesus enemies.

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