Pre-Marital Sex = "single sex" is NOT Sin and is NOT Fornication.

“Fornication” = “Sexual Immoral” is = to joining in to worship a pagan fertility Baal god. (NOT = "single sex" as many are wrongfully  told).

God and the Bible are very:   pro-nudity,   pro-sexual freedom, pro-swinging,    pro-sexual enjoyment for all.

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web site --Expose Wrong Sex Teaching With URLs

God is very: pro-nudity, pro-sexual freedom, pro-swinging, pro-sexual enjoyment for all.

Most all people assume what ever they are told about sex  in the Church is truth and truth from the Bible. Church's Sexual teaching is based on wrong "tradition of men" false teaching the Bible exposes the sexual lies and false sexual teachings, see below. 

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Fornication NOT = “single sex”,  Paul called “fornication” was only one meaning ,not ten, is the joining in with the pagan fertility god worship, compare 1Cor 10:8 with Nu 25: 1-9 Nu 31:18,35.

Adultery  is NOT sexual swingers, NOT wife swapping, NOT polygamy,  Ex 21: 10-11. Ex 21:4-6

Sexual Freedom  God gave sexual freedom to all at creation for all times  Gen 1, 2 Sam 12:8, SOS 6:8

Nudist God wants all creation to be nudist. Christians should all be nudist to reflex they are “NEW CREATION” Both Adam, Eve, Christians, are NEW CREATION IN CHRIST. Gen 1:31, Titus 1:15,

If Adam ate from “tree of (eternal) life” all humans would be nudist today per God’s desire & creation design. 2 Cor 5:17, Ro 14:20, 1Cor 10:23, Act 10:13

Law,  Christians are NOT under the Mosaic  laws, but under the law of Love only. Jas 2:12, Ro 7:4,Ro 13:9, Gal 5:14, 2Jn 1:6

Masturbation is NOT a sin.  Lev 15: 16-18 clearly, no sin offering required. NOT sin. NOT sin in whole Bible

Concubine and polygamy not sin. God clearly promoted both in the Bible. Du 25:5 Nu 31,

Incest  God clearly is very pro-incest at creation and Noah Ark. Gen 1:31 Lev 18 focus was pagan worshipers, today Christians are not under law Jas 2:12, Ro 7:4,Ro 13:9, Gal 5:14, 2Jn 1:6

Prostitution-Not a sin—Great women are Bible heroes were Prostitutes. Rehab, Jesus followers,

Pornography  Today Nude female, xxx photos & videos is NOT sin,  is not “Porno”graphy. In the Bible, “Porno”graphy was images and photos of pagan fertility god used in worship, of a pagan goddess. This was fornication.  1Cor 10:8 with Nu 25: 1-9 Nu 31:18,35.

God wants all humans to be nude with sexual freedom

Index Pre Marital Sex

Fornication. Define the correct definition of the Bible word  “fornication ”or “ sexual immoral == is joining in to worship a pagan fertility Baal god. (NOT = "single sex" as many are told).

Many are wrongly told that it means “single sex" before the “one man, one women” marriage,  is a sin.” This is  Totally Wrong and a wrong  definition.

Pre-Marital Sex is clearly NOT a sin in the Bible.

Many Godly men in the Bible had sex before and during and after the marriage of the “one male, one female” marriage, had  sex with other women other then their “one male, one female” married spouse. I clearly explain details, and explain the correct definition and show proof. Check for yourself.

Index Fornication Pages

Fornication Definition Expose Wrong Definition

Fornication or Sexual Immorality is NOT Single Sex

What Fornication is NOT What Adultery is NOT

Fornication is NOT Premarital Sex

Fornication Mistranslation by libchrist com

Swinging or Wife Swapping is NOT Adultery, NOT

 a sin at all.

Index Swinger Wifeswaping

Adultery.  Totally wrong definition. They teach the wrong and misleading definition for the Bible word “ Adultery “. They say it is sex after the  “one male, one female” marriage, that they have  sex with someone who is NOT their living “one male, one female” spouse, is a sin.   Totally Wrong Definition. Can easily prove it.

Index Adultery Affairs Marriage

Masturbation Is NOT a sin.

Lev 15:16-18 clearly describes masturbation actions and clearly shows NO sin offering is required at all, meaning, it is NOT a sin, This also includes sex fantasy that may go along with masturbation is NOT a sin, even under the very strict ceremonial Laws.

Today, Acts 10: 13-16, "God has made these things clean so don't call them 'unholy'!"  removes the word "unclean" and makes them all "clean" in God's eyes.  Not even a "clean up" is required today.

Many web pages looking at it from every angle. Also by many others  that clearly say it is NOT a sin, but 100% normal for all to enjoy.

An Email that I got from a 46 year old good Christian man, who has had major  Shame and Guilt problems his whole life over Masturbation enjoyment.

Masturbation is NOT a sin in the Bible, but is the Gift of God to all people to enjoy their whole life with NO shame and NO guilt.

Read his story and my reply to him,  HOW to overcome any shame or any guilt they may have. Many others have similar stories to tell.

Lots of FALSE man made shame and guilt trips based on lies and false "tradition of men" false teachings from the Bible, from medical people. I clearly expose the lies.

Index Masturbation Pages

Bible Sexual Freedom Bible has a lot of Bible Sexual Freedom God gave all creation, at creation, sexual freedom, including humans.

I Clearly explain the truth and expose the misleading, wrong, taken out of context, information many are told in the local Church about sexual freedom that God gave to all of creation at creation, including humans. I can prove it. 

Index Sexual Freedom Pages

See many more pages below

 Also read more about Sexual Freedom in Bible Examples:     

Nudity: NOT a sin.

God is very pro-nudity. Many religious leaders are anti-nudity. One pastor researched nudity in the Bible and became a nudist, but his Church's Association kicked him out, based on wrong Church sexual teachings, based on false, “tradition of men” teaching. I also have a list of 205 reasons supporting Nudity. Show off the God created nude body and NOT just man made clothes.

If "NEW CREATION" Adam and Eve ate from the "tree of (eternal) life", then all creation, including all humans,  would be 100% nude forever (heaven on earth)  per God's desire and God's creation design for all creation.

Jesus came to reverse what Adam and Eve did, "NEW CREATIONS"Christians are , "NEW CREATIONS" in Christ, same as Adam and Eve before the fall into sin. "NEW CREATIONS" Christians should all be nudist to reflex that we are ,
"NEW CREATIONS" Christians in Christ.

Index Nudity Naturism pages

Sexual Freedom: NOT a sin.

God is pro-sexual freedom. God given  Sexual freedom, God gave all creation at creation, including humans. Also support other places in the Bible with many examples of Godly men using their God given sexual freedom.

Index Sexual Freedom Pages

Polygamy: NOT a sin.

Church leaders bad mouth polygamy and call it a sin based on false, “tradition of men” teaching. They say any sex outside “one man,one women marriage is a sin. Totally wrong. God is pro-polygamy. This is part of the God given  Sexual freedom God gave all creation at creation. At times, God himself, force people to be polygamist. God rewards soldiers by given more women to the better soldiers. Nu 31  King David, “man after God’s own heart”, had over 25++ wives and concubines and “unlimited” virgin available to him. (2 Sam 12:8) King Solomon, “wisest man on earth with special God given wisdom”, had over 1000 wives and concubines and “unlimited” virgins available to him. (SOS 6:8) SOS is a marriage man, Solomon, with 140 wives and concubines try to get a single girl to marry him and have lots of nude dates and oral sex but they were not married because she is still a virgin at the end of SOS. Hebrew married women broke their hymen on their wedding day. (SOS 8:10)

Index Polygamy Marriage

Concubine: NOT a sin.

Religious leaders want to tell you that God is against concubines. Totally wrong. God is pro-concubines in the Bible. God rewards soldiers by giving more concubines to the better soldiers. (Nu 31) God gives priest who did not even fight in battle concubines. In Bible days Concubines could be brought at Debtor auctions.

Index Polygamy Marriage

Prostitution  NOT a sin.

Non-pagan non-fertility god non-worshiping prostitution, NOT a sin. But pagan fertility god worshiping prostitutes was a major, major sin and major violation against the first commandment which gave sexual freedom in the Bible a bad name. (Nu 25, 1 Cor 10:8)

Today  Religious leaders ignore the differences and want to make all prostitutes, and all sex outside the, “one man, one women” marriage to be a major sin. Totally wrong and NOT true at all. I can prove it. Just check it out. Expose the "tradition of Men" lies.

PROSTITUTION From the Book Divine Sex

PROSTITUTION From the Book Divine Sex

Prostitution in the Bible Godrules Net

Many Others that are Pro-Sexual Freedom from their personal Bible research also Expose the lies from false "Traditions of Men" false Man made sexual teaching that is  not even in the Bible. 

Many Others Web sites and Books and Articles that also discover that the Bible is pro-sexual freedom or pro-nudity from their personal research. Check it out for yourself. Expose lies learn truth and pass it on to others.

Index Others Pro Sexual Freedom Research

Incest. Clearly NOT a sin at creation.

God made all animals and humans, "one male, one female". God's design requires incest to popular the earth per God's desire. One article I read said there were over 10 million having incest or sex with one or more family members. Another  article I read said 40 million.  I have hundreds of incest positive stories written in my guest books, over the last ten years, and will be putting them on my web pages for all to freely read as told to me. At Creation God was very pro-incest and greatly promoted incest. I can prove it.

Ultimate-Incest-Couple of all times.  No other incest couple comes close to this Ultimate Incest couple.


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Lies put you in Bondage, taking away Your Freedoms

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 Truth will set you free, giving back Freedom

web site --Expose Wrong Sex Teaching With URLs

Exposed Religion Sexual Words Lies and great misunderstands ,God is very: pro-nudity, pro-sexual freedom, pro-swinging, pro-sexual enjoyment for all.

Exposed Government lies,takes away your freedoms daily.

 There are many lies that need to be Exposed.

Religion Sexual Word Terms Lies Exposed

I can prove that God is very pro-nudist, pro-sexual freedom, pro-swinging or wife-swapping, pro-masturbation, pro-polygamy, pro-sexual enjoyment , pro-incest at creation. People have the man made nudity and sexual hang ups, not God, God made sexual enjoyment for all to greatly enjoy.

Lies and misunderstandings based on false “tradition of men” lies,  past down for generations. Most all sexual Bible word terms (fornication, adultery, lust, flesh and others)  are misleading and have wrong man made  definitions that are not true and cause misunderstanding , Bible conflicts, Bible contradictions, and create false man made shame and guilt trips for billions. Most people are real ignorance of this.

Religious leaders  say any sex outside “one man, one women" marriage is a sin. Totally wrong. Totally based on false, man made “Traditions of Men” teachings, making up wrong sex word definitions that do not even fit or harmonize  in the Bible, creating contradictions, false conclusions, and major shame and guilt trips for billions. Correct definitions do harmonize in the whole Bible. 

Expose Wrong Sex Teaching With URLs

Fornication Definition Expose Wrong Definition

Pre Marital Sex NOT a Sin Debate

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from  Christian Pastor and author of Divine Sex page 155:

Be sure to buy and read the Book
, "Divine Sex"    Also you can read it online at : FREE DOWNLOAD ALSO.

"Don’t go to your preacher and ask him if this statement is true.Preachers are honest but blind about some things just like the rest of us.

 In sexual matters especially, religious leaders have much to gain by NOT questioning the status quo and many will NOTeven seriously consider any alternate viewpoint on any sexual matter. 

They have been trained by their mentors, pressured by their peers, and threatened by their financial insecurity to give nothing but the “majority report” on sexual issues. 

So if you want to be confident that you are getting close to objective Bible truth, look for yourself.

 You will be amazed, even flabbergasted at what you find when you look for yourself, with eyes that want to see what is in the Bible. 

You may even be angry at what has been kept from you by those who were responsible to tell you “just the truth ma’am,” but who, for many reasons, could not even find the truth for themselves. "

above statement  is from: 
Christian Pastor and Author of The book "Divine Sex" page 155:


Others that Are Pro-Sexual Freedom from their own personal Bible research

Mine and Many Others Web sites and Books and Articles that also discover that the Bible is pro-sexual freedom or pro-nudity from their own personal Bible research.

Index Others Pro Sexual Freedom Research

 Religion Sexual Word Terms Lies Exposed

Most all Bible Sexual Definitions are wrong and misleading and taken out of context. I can prove it. Check for yourself.

Religious leaders  say any sex outside “one man, one women marriage is a sin. Totally wrong. Totally based on false, “Traditions of Men” teachings, making up wrong sex words definitions that do not even fit or harmonize  in the Bible, creating contradictions, false conclusions, and major shame and guilt trips for billions. Correct definitions do harmonize in the whole Bible.


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